Intern Resume Examples-Know More

In this article, we will discuss the topic of intern resume examples. We will see some intern resume examples, and I will share some tips and tricks to help you write the best resume for interns. It will help you to get good internships. You will learn what skills are required to apply for the Internship. Also, we will review some online internship platforms. 

Intern Resume Examples

What exactly is an internship?

An internship is an expert studying possibility that gives meaningful, realistic experience to the college students for their professional interest. An internship permits students to discover and decorate their profession by studying new skills. It helps employers introduce new thoughts and electricity into the office, domesticate talent, or even assemble a pipeline for future full-time employees. A quality internship:

  • Consist of a part-time or full-time work timetable that consists of no more than 25% clerical or administrative duties
  • It also provides a work experience/ task description for the resume
  • It helps to increase the benefits of learning.
  • It provides a stipend for work to college students. It makes them independent.

Why do companies hire interns?

  • Ease the workload of an everyday personnel
  • Enable personnel to pay attention to higher-stage tasks.
  • Meet short-term staffing needs.
  • Utilise a cost-effective employment strategy.
  • Getting admission to almost all university students who can fill staffing needs
  • Complete specific projects.
  • Prepare for workforce
  • Inject enthusiasm and an easy mind into your organisation.
  • Give university students appropriate learning opportunities.
  • Take advantage of the tech and social media knowledge of college students

Why internships?

  • To get real-world work experience and contribute meaningfully to the organization.
  • To have an advantage, enjoy, and abilities in a specific field
  • To broaden expert contacts.
  • To increase the publicity of the company and top management 
  • To obtain an orientation from the employer for which they may be interning. 

How to make a resume if I have no experience?

People with no experience need not worry. Here, I am sharing some tips that may help you. Take a note of them:

  1. Make a specific statement: This is essential because you need to be aware of what you may do for the enterprise, not what the enterprise can do for you. A resume statement describes who you are professionally in a sentence and serves as the number one impact you deliver to a hiring supervisor to trap them to continue reading.
  1. Select a resume layout: A chronological resume layout lists a candidate’s works of art in reverse-chronological order. A practical resume layout specializes in highlighting the candidate’s talents and achievements. While a realistic resume layout may be appealing to job seekers who have little interest in their work, most employers prefer a chronological or hybrid resume layout. Whatever resume layout you decide to use, ensure that it stays constant at some point in the task resume.
  1. Pay close attention to technical details: When revising your resume, make sure that there are no punctuation, grammatical, spelling, or distinguishing errors that will make your resume appear unprofessional.
  1. Take inventory of your achievements and activities: Make a list of the whole thing you’ve got carried out that is probably beneficial on a resume. Different issues are probably applicable to unique jobs you are looking for, so keep a comprehensive list and choose the most relevant from it to include in your resume when you ship it out.
  1. Concentrate on your education and abilities: Instead of a work experience part, it is ideal to emphasize the education section on your resume to demonstrate the talents you’ve developed. What information will be relevant to the hiring company? What did you do in school? What did you examine that organized you for this job? It is simple if you are a university graduate with specialized expertise. However, even an excessive faculty graduate can speak about their electives and applicable coursework, why they chose to take them, and what they gained from the class.
  1. Previous work experience: Obtaining paid and unpaid university internships are one of the most effective you’ve got towards the phrase “revel in required.” They not only provide you with real-world work experience, but they also allow you to network and develop connections that may lead to a career later on. You can utilize an assignment you have undertaken during your college. 
  1. Include any extracurricular or volunteer activities that you participate in: When surveyed, the majority of employers say that they take volunteer roles listed on your resume, inclusive of being a soup kitchen volunteer, into interest alongside paid artwork revel. As a result, any volunteer work that highlights your abilities or in which you discover a modern-day cap potential must be on your resume.
  1. Never include any of the following elements: While there are many things you should remember to include in your resume, there are some things you should not include because they waste space, do not inform the company of what is relevant, or may harm your brand. This listing should not be confined to wonderful employment references, writing samples, and pics of yourself. Do not upload these statistics to your resume unless an enterprise or recruiter asks you to offer them. “[email protected]” may also have sounded wonderful when you were younger. However, it is no longer the proper message to ship to potential employers. It is easy to create a free, professional-searching email deal with your job-seeking sports with systems like Gmail.
  1. Keywords: Most employers use some form of applicant tracking machine to test and type resumes. It may also appear unfair. It is far from the fact of cutting-edge hiring. To fight this, you may need to include a list of key phrases on your resume. The best place to discover those key phrases is inside the task advertisement itself or advertisements for comparable jobs. If that is the case, you will want to sneak them in along with your accomplishments.
  1. Tailor your resume to each internship you apply for: The most crucial issue to keep in mind while growing an excellent resume is to customize it for every assignment to which you apply. Different assignment postings have one of every type of keyword, one of every type of assignment obligation listed, and so on. Appealing to each employer’s needs and assignment requirements is the method for getting your software program located and, with a piece of good fortune, landing your first assignment.

An internship resume template

John Messy

Software Developer

Personal Info

Phone: 614-670-8073

Email: [email protected]


An energetic laptop technology expert with established abilities in Java and app design, seeking to paint me as tough and clever as an intern at Google created eCommerce websites with 100% consumer satisfaction, updated a cellular internet site with 50,000 month-to-month customers three days in advance of the deadline.


Freelance Software Developer Projects



  • I built an online store that sells stylish switchplates. PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were all used, including the customer database.
  • I created a CAD project that uses Facebook profile photographs to create 3D-printed action characters. The project was uploaded on the Deelip blog, complete with colour images.
  •’s mobile site has been updated to comply with Google’s mobile-first criteria. Each page was passed with an average of two mistakes.
  • “moby” is a GitHub project. TCP support for memory. Linux now includes the kernel. The log output format has been improved, and Windows device compatibility has been introduced.

Previous Positions: Software Developer



  • The online store for a local sporting goods retailer has been tested
  • Upgrades were performed to bring the eCommerce site up to date with the most recent Apache distribution
  • Developed a consumer ordering website for a local florist store.
  • Purchased new computer gear for the florist’s computer system. As a result, they were 45 percent better off.


John Carroll University, B.S. in Computer Science


  • I pursued a passion for programming and took classes in software development.
  • My mobile computing podcast has been downloaded 1,800 times.

Additional Activities

  • I led a coding challenge at HackOHI/O 2018.
  • President, Way2Go gaming club, raised attendance by 120%.
  • See my programming portfolio at

Hard Skills: Programming and Coding, eCommerce, Webapp Design, Java, C++, C#, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery

Soft Skills: Leadership, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving

Which social media profiles should you include in your resume?

  • It is a no-brainer to always include LinkedIn. If you are an expert or aspiring expert, you have to be on LinkedIn, and your resume must be included in your LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn implies that you are knowledgeable, up-to-date, and understand branding. Because marketing is used in practically every field these days, you will have an advantage if you can demonstrate that you understand personal branding. However, there is a catch. 
  • Simply having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. It should be optimized. It implies that, at the very least, your profile should include a quality (and professional) photo, a well-written LinkedIn summary, and a full work experience section! 
  • Aside from LinkedIn, the next excellent branding device that makes the maximum sense to encompass on a resume is Twitter. since you can display a large number of hobbies and attributes via your feed.
  • Twitter is a superb personal-branding device and an awesome profile to incorporate into your process software. It can inform a story. You could proportion your sense of humor, interests, and what is vital to you.
  • If you have a Twitter profile, be positive that it is public and active and that it is going to your followers, too. It means that you are sharing your dynamic, exciting self through your tweets and no longer a spotlight reel of your customer support court cases or any excessive or distinctly arguable hobbies.

What are the top five things to include in a resume?

  1. Keywords from the job description: Many employers utilize a software monitoring system to test and rate your CV before they even see it. The ATS searches for precise key phrases within the activity description to set up your suitability for the role. When drafting your resume, consist of the key phrase that seems to occur most often within the activity description. Do not simply reproduce and paste those words, instead, use them throughout your resume. If you want help finding famous and applicable phrases in an activity description, use unfastened phrases and word frequency gear, including Online-Text’s Analyzer.
  1. A formal title: Make your task dreams come true on your resume by identifying an expert on the pinnacle that spells out what kind of task role you are seeking. For example, you would possibly put Senior Accounting Professional or Marketing & Sales Associate properly under your touch records and above your professional narrative (additionally referred to as an expert summary) to allow the hiring supervisor to recognize this is precisely what you are looking for.
  1. Credentials and Certifications: Do you hold a certification or advanced qualification that is useful in your sector of work, such as an MBA? If so, experts advise including it after your call on the pinnacle of your resume. They additionally say that you do not want to incorporate the acronym into your undergraduate diploma or certification. It truly is no longer applicable to your cutting-edge task goals. Of course, you have to encompass statistics approximately those credentials withinside the expert improvement and schooling phase of your resume.
  1. Websites of interest: Any websites that contribute to your modern personal brand are significant, relevant, and ought to be listed near the top of your resume. TopResume’s professional recommendation professional advises grouping those URLs together along with your contact information. It is not always restricted to growing your LinkedIn profile. You could additionally incorporate hyperlinks to a non-public weblog or online portfolio. When choosing which websites to incorporate into your resume, ensure everyone is up to date and benefits from your non-public logo. For example, you should not write on your blog about your favorite musician if you are looking for a process in operations.
  1. Numbers on your resume: Metrics are vital for helping the professional achievements you list in your resume; they show employers the whole scope of your bandwidth and simply whether or not you can efficiently lead a group and make contributions to the boom of the business. For example, in place of mentioning in your resume that you “helped develop sales,” strive for this: “Grew sales by 200% to $1 million in three hundred and sixty-five days.” So, take the time to check your resume with a fine-tooth comb and ensure those factors are included. 

What are the major mistakes that other applicants make that lead to the rejection of their application?

  • #1: Incorrect information submitted
  • When writing a resume, the maximum human sense is tempted to magnify matters a bit. Submitting wrong data might also assist you to win that interview, but it will cause extreme trouble down the line. If you begin the job, your manager will examine your capabilities quite speedily and decide whether or not your resume has been falsified.
  • Do not overlook the reality that pretty much the whole thing you are saying on your resume may be established via the means of a former employer. While maximum recruiters are not going to go through the process, an overly-exaggerated resume can also reason some suspicions.
  • It is a higher concept to paste information and consist of as much applicable data as possible. While it may appear quite unimpressive to you, the enjoyment that you have already got ought to turn you into a pleasant candidate for the position.

# 2: Failing to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes

  • When drafting a resume, people with the most human experience are tempted to exaggerate subjects. While submitting information with incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes can lead to rejection of your application.
  • If you begin the job, your manager will take a look at your capabilities quite unexpectedly and decide whether or not or now no longer your resume has been falsified.
  • Do not forget about the fact that quite a lot you are announcing for your resume can be mounted through the approach of a former employer.
  • It is better to check grammatical and spelling mistakes before applying for internships at least 4-5 times. It may seem pretty unimpressive to you but the level that you already have likely turn you into a high-quality candidate for the position.
  • #3: Using a one-size-fits-all strategy
  • If you are applying for multiple internships at an identical time, you can be tempted to create a one-size-fits-all resume. This technique can save time but is more likely to land your process programs in the trash. Employers anticipate your resume to be tailor-made to their precise manner of opening.
  • When you operate a commonplace, one-size-fits-all resume, you are leaving out critical information that can apply to the particular role and is essential to keep you away from the process-seeking black hole. Even if you are applying for jobs in the same industry and niche, you may be able to tailor your resume.
  • Always take a close look at the process advert before filing your process application. You can also begin with a commonplace document, but you will want to alter it. 
  • Answer all of the questions about your candidacy that an ability agency may have. Tweak your expert precis to focus on your applicable qualifications. 
  • The pleasant way to face it is to talk at once to the recruiter. If you are seeking to deal with many recruiters at the same time, you will probably fail.

#4 Not including relevant skills

  • Some people, however, will take it a step further and try to preserve the record by keeping it short and focused. They will most effectively be listing experiences they’ve enjoyed without supplying any applicable extra talents.
  • The talents segment is the only one that frequently receives abuse in resumes. People encompass all forms of data that could or won’t apply to the respective position. The talents section should contribute to the resume’s greatness. Often, it allows recruiters to determine, among numerous certified applicants, who all have the most important paintings to enjoy.
  • It is the primary reason why you should consider including something in the resume’s talents section. Once again, the secret is to make the data concise and focused. List the skills that are relevant to the position that you have acquired at previous jobs.
  • You can also take into account including an explanatory sentence or estimating the relevance of every ability and the way it makes you a better candidate for the location.

#5 Focusing on heavy formatting

  • Playing with formatting options is lots of fun, and many humans go overboard. They suppose that funky fonts, bullet points, numbered lists will be uploaded to the general feel of the resume.
  • Good formatting ought to be all about increasing the clarity of your resume. It must be functional. A well-formatted resume allows a hectic recruiter to quickly go through the file and pick out the most crucial statistics within the blink of an eye.
  • While a generic, uninteresting resume template is not always a bad choice, you ought to refrain from going loopy with the formatting equipment of your textual content processing program. Examine resume samples online to get a better idea of the special styles. Choose the one thing you want the most and cling to the stylistic concept without borrowing many different factors from opportunity templates.
  • When writing a resume, you ought to be cognizant of your skills, who you are, and what makes you an amazing candidate. If you are authentic, you take note of details, and you already know how to write a sturdy expert summary, the possibilities are that your resume will land you the achievement that you deserve.

Top 10 Internship Websites to Help You Get Started



An internship is an expert studying possibility that gives meaningful, realistic experience to the college students for their professional interest. It also provides a work experience/ task description for the resume. It helps to increase the benefits of learning. People with no experience need not worry. I shared some tips that may help you. We have already discussed what mistakes you have to avoid while writing. 

Finally, I hope you have received all of the answers to your questions about internship resumes.


What can you get from an internship?

Internships assist college students to research expert smooth competencies including communication, punctuality, time management. These qualities can be crucial for success in a sport or university, and they are well-known among employers. 

What aspects of the Internship appeals to you the most?

Goals. An awesome internship will offer you the know-how and capabilities you want to reach your preferred career. The most excellent internship tales are those that prepare students for the work they want to pursue once they graduate from college.

What are the benefits of being an intern?

Many businesses complain that there are just a few applicants with exceptional smooth skills. One of the most important characteristics that businesses look for in interns and employees is leadership ability. Having an unbiased employee also gives Management and the Leadership team the confidence that you have what it takes to succeed in the market.

What is the best way to characterize an internship that you enjoy?

You have to be capable of describing an internship in some minutes. Use action-orientated and high-quality language. In just a few minutes, you will be in a position to speak approximately about your internship. 30 Seconds – Concentrate on your major takeaway from the enjoy, and it would affect you professionally and as you’re making destiny profession decisions.

Intern Resume Examples-Know More

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