Hot Topic Jewelry Return Policy

Buying a product is easy but having to return it for unusual circumstances might seem like a headache. A lot of people don’t even claim refunds or exchanges because they think it’s too much work. However, every store has its return policy and not all are complicated. What are the hot topic jewelry return policy? know more about it into this article.

Hot Topic Jewelry Return Policy

The Hot Topic is a hot destination for the young generation to buy pop culture-inspired clothes accessories music and jewelry. The Hot Topic store is a heaven for people who loves to follow the trend. The Hot Topic merchandise theme is based on hardcore punk, rock music culture because the store focuses on thriving the best for the young generation. From skinny jeans to bondage pants to spiky chokers the store has a large collection for everything. But do have a decent return policy?

After all Hot Topic is a pricy brand and things can go south if you don’t check the product while buying or the size is just not right. Don’t worry we have sorted it all. Here is everything you need to know about the Hot Topic return policy.

Condition & procedure for returning the product:

If you are returning the product to a local store, you must carry your original receipt. The merchandise you are returning must be in a good condition, unused, and resalable.

  • You can return a product after 30 days of its purchase.
  • If the product is defective the refund is done within 90 days.
  • If you do not have an original copy of the invoice, the hot topic issues a gift card that credits at a current selling price.
  • Bulk purchases are non-refundable. A purchase consisting of more than 4-5 products will not be refunded.

Merchandise exception:

Below mentioned is a list of merch that cannot be refunded after the purchase.

Product nameRefund Policy
Beauty: makeup/ fragranceNon-refundable
Body jewelryNon-refundable
Candy or consumable productNon- refundable
Gift cardNo returns
Halloween costumesCostumes are final purchases hence, cannot be returned.
Electronics Non-refundable if opened
Intimates Non-refundable

The hot topic does not avail any returns on jewelry. If you still want to return your hot topic jewelry purchase you can visit your nearest hot topic store with a copy of the invoice. Make sure the product is not used or non-resaleable. 

Hot Topic Online Return Policy:

if you have ordered any product online you can return the product via mail. Following is the procedure on how to return a mech via mail.

  • Fill out the hot topic self-serve return form from their website.
  • Get your package ready with a shipping label.
  • Take your parcel to any UPS store.
  • Make sure you are returning the product in resalable condition or else they might refuse to refund.
  • The processing of the credit begins once the parcel reaches the Hot Topic personnel.

Hot Topic International Return:

The international returns are not much different from the general US procedure. However, if your package is lost or damaged while shipping the company is not responsible hence, no return is available on lost & damaged parcels. To return your international package.

  • Fill out the form on their website, self-return form.
  • If possible, pack your parcel in its original packing, affix your return form with the package.
  • Make sure to attach a copy of the invoice which is your receipt. Without an invoice, your product will not be refunded. 
  • Drop your package to your nearest international courier.
  • To get a hold on your refund opt for the parcel tracking option.
  • Once your package reaches the hot topic Wearhouse the process of refund begins which takes up to 1-2 weeks and 3-7 business days to be debited in your account.
  • There will be no returns on shipping surcharge.

Hot Topic Return Policy:

The Hot Topic return policy activates as soon as the product arrives at the store. To get the money reimbursed in your account might take 3-7 business days in the US and up to 14 days on international returns.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1.  Can I return the product after 30 days?

If you are returning via mail. No, the policy adheres within 30 days of return. If you have bought the product from the store and due to any unavoidable situation, you were not able to return the product then you might want to have a quick walk to your nearest store.

Q2. Can I exchange my Hot Topic parcel? 

No, they do not have any exchange policy. However, if you wish for a return, you can contact them on their website.

Q3. Can I return the shoes from Hot Topic?

Yes, shoes are refundable. Follow the return procedure via mail.

Q4. All Hot Topic products have the same return policy?

No, the procedure is different for all the topics. 

Q5. I have lost my invoice. How to claim a refund?

If by any chance, you have lost your receipt you can contact the Hot Topic customer service on their website and they will contact you.

Hot Topic Jewelry Return Policy

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