Amazon Operations Manager Interview Questions

The interviews are always the most difficult part of any recruitment process. Its difficulty level increases depending upon the reputation of the company and the responsibility of the job position. Let us learn about “Amazon Operations Manager Interview Questions”

Amazon Operations Manager Interview Questions

Getting the opportunity of giving an interview for Amazon Operations Manager Interview, Questions Are asked & it’s is a task which not only requires knowledge and experience but also proper preparation and practice. It is never a good option to take interviews lightly, whatever the educational qualification you have. Therefore refer to these questions and answers before going for an interview for the post of operation manager at Amazon. 

What Does The Operation Manager At Amazon Do? 

The operation manager at amazon is a very responsible job. The company finds the best candidate who fulfills all the requirements and educational qualifications. 

Operation managers at amazon are expected to perform the following roles – 

Lead and motivate the large team and coordinate with other managers at the workplace. 

Collecting data timely to update operations on an hourly basis, reduce cost per unit and provide efficient customer service. 

Work with other managers on subjects like staffing, scheduling, planning, etc. 

Make continuous improvements and provide the best customer service.

Common Amazon Operations Manager Interview Questions

When applying for the post of operation manager, for the application the interview is always the most difficult part of the recruitment process. And when the interview is with a company like an amazon, then the task becomes even more difficult. Hence, it is important to prepare and practice well for the interview.  

For your interview preparation, the following is the list of 10 important questions with the sample answers that an interviewer may ask in an operation manager interview at amazon. 

Why Do You Want To Work As An Operation Manager At Amazon? 

This is the most common question for any type of job interview. Try to answer both parts of this question. The first part is ‘why is the operation manager?’ and the second part is ‘why amazon?’ 

Sample answer: “I want to work as the operation manager as I possess all the qualities and skills for the said role. I’m a good communicator and can handle the pressure of the post. I keep boldness to make decisions and implement them. I also have experience of years as an operation manager at different organizations. 

Secondly, answering the question of why I want to work with Amazon? Amazon is a reputed firm in the market. Here I can sharpen my skills and knowledge and grow in my career. Such a growing  company like amazon can give me crucial experience and job satisfaction.”

How Have You Imagined Your Job As An Operation Manager? 

This question is asked to know how much you know about the roles and responsibilities of the particular position. 

Sample answer: “A normal day as an operation manager includes responsibilities like managing subordinates, coordinating with other managers, leading the team, achieving productivity targets, collecting data to complete operational work, reducing cost per unit, etc.”

What Are The Most Basic Skills And Qualities Of An Operation Manager? 

This question is asked to know your understanding of the job position. Answer this question keeping in mind the qualities you possess. 

Sample answer: “An operation manager should be able to manipulate data and information effectively then come out with the best decision. He/She should be a good communicator who can effectively connect with subordinates and influence them. 

Additionally one should be able to handle pressure, take decisions in difficult situations, and build strong relations with other teams and senior managers.”

As an operation manager, you will have to work with other managers also. How you will contribute to this team and make a unique place of yours. 

This question is asked to know the ability of a job seeker to work with a team and coordinate with other superiors. While answering this question shows your willingness to collaborate with other teams and contribute your knowledge for the growth of the company. 

Sample answer: “The job of operation manager asks for huge dedication to connect and coordinate with a large team and heads of other teams. In my previous organization, I had the experience of working with a large team, so I can efficiently handle my subordinates and direct their efforts towards achieving the group goal on time. As an operation manager, it becomes important to constantly connect with other teams and their managers. To achieve the organizational goal I’ll connect, coordinate, collaborate and understand my colleagues.”

How Can You Motivate Colleagues And Subordinates At Work? 

This question is asked to judge your leadership skills. You need to properly explain how you can connect with your subordinates, solve their problems and keep them motivated. 

Sample answer: “As an operation manager, I’ll remain constantly in touch with my colleagues and subordinates. As a manager, I’ll make them believe in themselves and give them the freedom to share their problems. There are different ways to keep people motivated, which method you choose depends on the type of person you are dealing with. Job satisfaction, praise for work, aiding in a task, emotional support, and ensuing growth are the ways through which I’ll motivate my colleagues and subordinates.”

How Will You Make Good Relations With Your Subordinates Team And Lead Them?

This question is asked more about your leadership skills. As the job of operation managers has so many responsibilities of connections and working efficiently with a large team, leadership skills are required to be tested. 

Sample answer: “As an operation manager I’ll be expected to lead a large team. To maintain healthy relations with my team I’ll start my job by communicating with them. I’ll try to know their strengths, weaknesses, and expectations. I’ll constantly connect with them to aid in their task, help in resolving issues. With time I’ll also give them the freedom to share their workplace, professional and personal problems with me. To take the team efficiently it is important to win their trust and this will be my priority. With all this, I’ll never sacrifice discipline and timely completion of tasks.”

What would you do if your best friend comes drunk at the office?  Will you be able to fire him/her for breaching the rules? 

This question is asked to check how you follow your ethics and towards the principles of the organization. While answering this question you have to assure them that in any situation you will not sacrifice the discipline of the organization. 

Sample answer: “For me, discipline is the topmost priority. Whoever breaks the rules or goes against the discipline is punished whether it is a friend or someone else. 

Therefore I’ll take the same action as I would have taken if the mistake was done by any other employee. So I’ll fire my friend for going against workplace discipline. 

How can you solve operations problems at amazon?  Do you have any previous experience regarding this? 

This question is asked to know how much you are aware of your job and work. Try to satisfy the interviewer with the skills you possess. 

Sample answer: “In case of any operational issue, I don’t make decisions in haste. I first prefer to check all the background details of the situation we have. Data analysis and information analysis are very crucial. After making all the studies critically, I try to find out the most efficient way to come out of the problem. 

The work doesn’t end at this step. After finding the solution it is equally important to implement it properly. For implementing any change or correction, proper coordination with employees is necessary. With my communication skills and coordination, I try to make the best use of human resources. Also with the study, we made I try that the same problem does not arise again.”

What Is Your Style Of Working As An Operation Manager? 

Sample answer: “My style of working as an operation manager is fair and firm. I want my subordinates to work with their best efforts. Therefore if you chose me as your operation manager, first of all, I’ll ensure that the staff should be well aware of the work standards. I’ll emphasize setting higher standards. With firmness in my work, I will also support and help staff in their tasks. I’ll ensure that the staff feels free to connect with me. Timely achievement of the target with utmost efficiency will be my topmost priority.”

How Do You Build Trustworthy Relations With People? 

Big companies like amazon highly value trust. This is one of the behavioral questions interviewers at amazon ask to operation manager applicants.

Sample answer: “Actions speak more than words. Therefore, I build trust by performance. Honest and transparent behavior with people and sticking to my words is my way of building trustworthy relations with people. At the workplace , trustful relations become important with colleagues and subordinates, because if they won’t trust me, they won’t believe in my plans and policies and will not coordinate me with their full efforts in achieving the task.

Some Important Tips 

Rehearse your answer before going. 

Research about the policies and principles of amazon. 

Revise the basics. 

Do a basis study of finance accounting. 

Be specific and to the point. 

Also, prepare for –

  1. Tell us something about yourself.

This is the most common question for the interview. But do not take it lightly. This is the question where you can create a positive impression of yourself in front of the interviewer from the very beginning. Add all your skills, qualifications, experiences, and other job-related qualities effectively in your answer. 

Also, prepare for the answer well before going for the interview. It will boost your confidence and your chances of forgetting an answer on the d day reduces.”

  1. What do you know about Amazon? 

Companies ask this question to know how much you searched about them and how serious you are about working with them. Therefore go with perpetration for your amazon interview. Stay well prepared with the history, organizational structure, objectives, and major policies of Amazon. 

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

At Amazon, the interviewer also asks you behavioral questions. Be confident while answering these questions. Always try to relate your strengths and weaknesses to the position you have applied for. Impress your interviewer with your strengths and assure him/her that you are the perfect candidate for this role. You can also tell weaknesses that are positive in some sense. For example – “My weakness is my perfectionism and my competitive nature.”

  1. What are your salary 


Never stay numb or say I don’t know the answer to this question. Always be specific. Based on your experience and knowledge do proper research before going for an interview about the expected salary of an operation manager at amazon. In answer, give a range between which you expect your salary for the job. You can also add that you are ready for negotiation. 

  1. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

While answering this question focus more on the skill development, learning, growth, and experience you would earn with this job. Do not focus much on monetary benefits and other perks. But be definite to answer this question. Prepare the answer to this question before the interview. It is also a very general interview question. 


Now we have learnt “Amazon Operations Manager Interview Questions”, The Amazon operation manager questions are not difficult but are tricky. You can crack the interview with your skills, knowledge, confidence, and preparation. It’s never a good option to go for an interview unprepared. Therefore if your amazon operation manager interview is due after some days then prepare these questions to get your dream job position. 

  1. What is the expected salary of an operation manager at amazon?

Answer: The salary of an operation manager ranges from $70,000 to $220,000. On average, an operation manager at amazon earns $146,253 including a bonus of $41,222.

  1. How difficult is the Amazon Operations Manager Interview Questions? 

Answer: According to the difficulty level of amazon operation manager interview is an average rating of 3.5/5.

Amazon Operations Manager Interview Questions

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