I Don’t Want to Work – How to Address the feeling?

I Don’t Want to Work

“We don’t live to work, We work to live!” Yes, you read it right. We work hard simply because we want to have a better life. We work so we can fulfill our dreams, owning possessions on stuff that we desire, traveling around the world experiencing other cultures, climbing different mountains to taste fresh air and swimming vast oceans tanning our skin and enjoying sunlight. All these symbolized being successful and living life to the fullest. But does it really matter? Do we really need to work the hardest while sacrificing the most? 

Why things will not turn out as what you expected?

It would be so easy to live if things work perfectly as planned. But life is very complicated and complex as we all know it. Many hardships, tribulations and trials are part of our daily lives and we have no choice but to face it bravely. We cannot foresee our future thus we rely on our present selves to be a better version of ourselves so we can secure our future. But what happens when life becomes a little disappointing? How do you face your challenges when life is not fair with you? 

It’s always frustrating when you don’t obtain what you desperately wanted. It makes you feel stuck, unhappy and sometimes struggling on living. This leads people to lose interest and give up on their dreams while questioning their existence. You did your best in finishing your studies, dreaming of getting the job you’ve always wanted and living your dream life. But life knocks you out and destroys your grand plan. You finished your studies and didn’t get the job you’ve always wanted because of trials along the way which make you think some of your goals are simply beyond your reach. 

I don’t want to work? Is something wrong with me?

No there’s nothing wrong with you, in fact many people feel the same way. Most people lack motivation to find a job and sometimes are afraid to have responsibility for others. Others don’t have faith in their own skill set and are afraid of being rejected. Some people really don’t want to serve others, they don’t want someone bossing them around and would like to take control of their own time. This is fine, if you belong in the privilege class in the society. You care less about having a job thinking why you would be a drudge to work when your family can provide your own needs or when you simply are satisfied with what you have right now.

While most of these things happened in the early stage of their adulthood, Majority of those people just want to take a break from this cycle and try to rethink their thoughts and decisions made in life. This is not new. There’s always a time in our life where we are bound to experience this kind of thing. You lose hope and doubt about the principles and values you hold while trying to connect your string of thoughts hoping it can make you whole again.  

How should I deal with the feeling of I don’t want to work?

Everyone blooms when their time has come. You must not be confused and lose interest. Continue striving even when things don’t work according to your expectations. Instead of focusing on confusion into a negativity, you should lead yourself into positivity. You should let yourself experience failure and not be afraid of taking risks on everything. You should always look on the brighter side and think of the things you’ll achieve if you keep on believing. Don’t let negativity swallow you up and drag everything down. Remember to breathe and start recalling those good old days and think on what to do for you to improve. It’s okay to take a break, but don’t sulk with it. Everythings happens for a reason and you should take it positively thinking something good can be gained from it. Here are few strategies on how to deal with work fatigues or lack of interest;

Take a deep breath. Change your mindset.

Take a deep breath. Restart your thinking. Change your mindset and find love on what you’re currently doing. Don’t think of it as a bane on your existence instead take it as a challenge and persevere. Keep on trying until you change the way your mind works. Don’t rash your decisions to avoid regrets in life. Always think that there’s no greater success without failure.

Love yourself. Take care of it.

Always take good care of yourself. Reward it. Allow yourself to enjoy things without worrying. After a long day of working, spend time with your family and friends and do something fun. Life is so short to not enjoy the things you really wanted. By doing this, you help yourself release some stress even for just a day. 

Have patience. Do not Hurry.

Always think about your future. You have your own timing to be successful,you should have patience and do not hurry. Life is too short to live at a fast pace. Don’t envy others for living their dreams at the early stage. Always remind yourself that we have different paths to take in order to become successful. Learn to endure and have a positive attitude towards it. Sooner or later, your hardwork will be rewarded. 

Why is having work important?

Having work is like a daily routine non-stop. You drag yourself out of bed early in the morning to prepare for your work and go home late to take a little rest day after day. You repeat this hellish cycle everyday with only one or two days to take a break and spend little time for yourself nor your family. But even though it’s kind of tiring doing the same stuff everyday, we should work if we need to, especially for those who need to make a living. 

Zig Ziglar said, “The most practical, beautiful, workable philosophy in the world won’t work if you won’t.” Always put that on your mind that in order to have success, you must put your effort, time, and devote yourself. You must put yourself into work for you to grow. Work is very essential and has a big impact on our lives. With the help of work, we can grow and direct ourselves into the right path while improving and making it better. Here are the things we can gain for having work;

Work shapes who you are as a person

Working gives you a sense of identity as a person. It helps us grow as an individual and makes us proud of our worth. When you’re employed, it makes you independent and allows you to treasure personal achievements. You will be responsible in every role you do and decisions you made everyday. You will be proud of yourself for all the contributions you will make to your workplace.

It makes you feel good.

Working does wonders for your health and wellbeing. It makes you feel good by improving your physical and mental health. It gives you purpose in life which boosts your self-esteem and confidence to yourself. 

You can learn new skills.

Not everything taught in schools end up being helpful in the real-world. Some of it is outdated due to fast paced changes in day to day living especially involving technology. Working at a workplace will improve and hone your skill set. In real world situations, increasing your skill set while working helps you grow as a person and gaining more knowledge. Moreover, it opens doors for other work opportunities or can be also used for future promotions. It also helps you become aware of the latest trends in your industry.

Increase your connection.

Work gives you opportunity to increase your social interactions thus making you meet people you may otherwise come across outside of work and later on become friends. Working with them increases your confidence and social skills which makes you love what you are doing and avoid boredom. 

You will become financially stable.

Making a living becomes easier if you are financially stable. You can realize your dreams little by little. You can provide your loved ones their needs and wants without worrying. You will become wise enough on spending your money knowing it’s from your own hard work and not from the others. You will learn to treasure everything you will own in the future and put values on it. If you are good at saving money you are stress free. You must differentiate your wants and needs and quit spending on something that you don’t need. You must justify it so that you can save money for yourself. People who are good at saving money are also debt free. It is also a good idea that you apply for lifetime investments for you to enjoy life that you’ve worked hard for in the future.

What happens if I don’t have interest in working?

Not everyone enjoys working. Some people just don’t have any interest and just don’t want to do anything. Some are afraid to commit and others lose hope due to the struggles they experience while searching for one. Others are just tired of being dictated on someone’s terms. Majority of us tend to work because we want to earn a living but for others it’s not the case. Others seem fine with it and tend to neglect it. But what will you miss if you have no interest in working? Here are some of the causes why some people don’t engage in working.

Dependent to others

Why should I work when my parents can provide my needs? People in privilege class have this kind of mindset especially teenagers. They tend to boost their luxurious life while getting support from their family and friends. People in this class spend money without thinking how hard it would be to earn those.

Lack of Interest

Some people feel like doing nothing and you just want to relax and sleep. They are not attentive enough to do anything. Their mind is like end or stagnant. Lack of motivation is the common cause of this, you need to be motivated and inspired so that you can work well. 


Common trait that people own. They don’t want to use their energy or exert some effort. They just want to relax and enjoy the idleness of doing nothing. They tend to make false promises to themselves that they will change but still forget it and don’t feel like keeping it.

If you don’t have work, you don’t have any income. This is the very disadvantage of not having a job. No income can be very stressful physically and financially. You keep passing the opportunities that may happen to your career. You are like lifeless, you don’t know what will happen to your future like you don’t have any plan. It’s not a case for those who can rely on their rich family nor friends but what about for those less privileged individuals? Do they keep on dreaming while doing nothing? Do they want to become a burden to others? For those privileged individuals, what happens when your world turns upside down and they can’t afford to support you? What will you do?

I don’t want to work but am I ready to get a job?

Afraid of being rejected is one of the main causes why many people do not have interest in working. You must overcome your fears because later on it will become your strength. You must identify your fears and seek help to your friends or love ones. Be open minded on their suggestions and accept changes. Asking for some advice especially for those experienced individuals can help you ease and feel motivated. Stop worrying what would happen in the future and face your reality. Going to work must be a little bit daunting and scary but you must adapt and be flexible in order to cope up in this world’s constant change. Feeling anxious, insecure and scared are all valid but you must always remember to surpass it and never doubt yourself. You must believe in yourself and always think positively. Chill out! And let go all your tension to your body and focus on your goals. For you to be ready, below are some of the traits you must possess.

Be Motivated

We need to motivate ourselves in order to find a job. Job is like the basic element that a person needs in order to survive. Finding job is not easy but if you have perseverance and patience you can have the job of your dream. Be optimistic and a positive thinker. Never get discouraged and lose hope when things don’t go as you planned. Always remember that you need to take every little step and in order for you to achieve and become successful in life. You must motivate yourself and never doubt your capabilities because no one understands yourself except you. Always find a way to get things through without regrets. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

Be Committed

Commitment is like a deep connection to something or someone. Commitment to work is having a bound on reaching a goal on a certain task. You are committed to finishing your job and having an enthusiasm inclined on what you are doing. You do everything 100% on the extent of your capabilities. Never doubt your work and always trust your instincts. People who are committed to their jobs are a great asset to the company.

 Be Productive

Working means you have to be devoted 8am until 6pm in the evening. You are enthusiastic to finish the task that you are assigned for. You should have a positive outlook of your contributions to the company and be confident in giving all of your best. Avoid idle chats and unnecessary tasks unrelated to your role on your job, always finish what you have started and be consistent in every work you do. When things turn out as what you have expected, always remember to reward yourself for doing a good job and be happy.

Have Self Esteem

You need to boost yourself and improve more. You must not take negative feedback and criticism seriously instead take it as a lesson to do better on what you are doing. You must learn from your mistakes especially if your boss corrects you. Having low self esteem will affect your everyday life, work, mental health and it will become hard for you to cope up with other people. Be responsible enough on your actions or what you are doing and help other people who are struggling at work. Engage yourself by working to conquer your fear. 

How do I get myself a Job?

There are many ways that you could get yourself a job. Although finding a job itself seems challenging, there are different ways and preparation to do in order to find one effectively and efficiently.  It’s vital to know what attitude you should possess in order to land on your dream jobs. Help yourself so that you would not be behind on what’s happening. Don’t waste your time on something that doesn’t really matter in this world.

1. Prepare yourself

Looking for a job is never easy so a preparation must be made in order to get it. You should evaluate yourself on what are your strengths and weaknesses. Learn what skills set you possess and what trait you should improve. Prepare your mindset and make it career-ready. Identify what types of environment you can strive on and what type of projects where you can fully utilize your strengths. Develop your understanding of the world of careers and discover where to fit and how to shape it. Always remember that being prepared and knowing where to go and what to achieve is better than doing nothing.

2. Be Patient

Be patient when finding the job of your dreams. Learn to increase your patience and make it firm. Being patient can help you set and achieve your goals in the future. Having long patience can help you build longer relationships, gain important skills, and help you survive challenges in your life. Having the ability to endure when things are not aligned with your expectations open doors to new opportunities and a better quality of life. 

3. Don’t settle until you find a job listing

It’s frustrating when you have been giving it your all and still can’t find a suitable job that aligns your skill set. Despite your best efforts, opportunity doesn’t knock on your door. It must be depressing when you can’t settle but don’t be discouraged and lose hope, there’s still many options available for you to be successful. Sometimes, it’s good to take a break and make some few adjustments to your skill sets. Learn from what you have experienced and come back with a better approach. Try to learn some relevant skills in order to increase your skill set and have a better chance of getting hired. Change your mindset to always stay positive and never be disheartened. Everything will be possible if you keep on believing.

4. Be friendly and increase social interaction

Talk to your family and friends who work in industries you’re interested in and would like to explore. Take advantage of asking them around about any job related vacancies or trends. Gather enough knowledge while doing interaction and be positive. This can give you an edge than other job seekers because someone can directly recommend you.  Companies prefer hiring individuals that their trusted employees vouch for them to hire. Staff referral is one of the most common hiring methods employers used for recruitment.

Work helps you contribute to the community giving contributions to the economy and making it stronger. Having work is fundamental for your personal and social growth. It is essential for enhancing your usefulness and belonging to society. Work also provides your financial means for your day to day living. Work makes you a productive citizen that helps your community. This is how important work is, so better get a job and improve yourself. 

I Don’t Want to Work – How to Address the feeling?

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