How to Write a Job Application Email?

Whenever you are on the lookout for jobs, you may encounter many instances where you need to write a Job Application Email instead of just mailing your CV.  A brief and detailed job application boosts your chances of getting the job compared to when you simply drop an email with a CV.

How to Write a Job Application Email?

A candidate writes a Job Application Email to apply for various jobs. Many recruiters ask the candidates to drop their resumes via email instead of asking them to come for an interview. This process helps them filter out candidates based on their email or resume so that the hiring process can become smoother.

What is a Job Application Email?

A  Job Application Email is a brief cover letter format for email where you have to mention why you are interested in a particular role, your skills, and working experiences, and also justify why you are a good fit for the job. In the end, a candidate attaches their documents such as CV or resume, etc. The recruiter decides to check your resume and takes a call on your profile based on your application email.

When to write a Job Application Email?

Generally, one should write a Job Application Email when a recruiter asks to drop your resume via email. Simply sending your resume can confuse the recruiter, and they might not even check it. Hence, write a brief email introducing yourself and why you are suitable for a position to boost your chances of getting an interview call. You can also write a Job Application Email when:

  • The recruiters do not specify the application process
  • The company’s website asks you to apply through email
  • If you are applying after a job fair

Sometimes companies ask you to fill a form online on their website to apply. Hence, do check the application process before you write your Job Application Email.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

How to write a Job Application Email

A good application email can fetch you an interview call. So, make sure that you write professionally and comprehensively.

1. Start with your subject line

The hiring manager will consider reading your email only if your subject line mentions the purpose of your email. Therefore, your subject line should be straightforward. If possible, make it catchy so that your application email stands out among others.

For example-  ‘Lara Smith- Digital Marketing position’

2.  A humble salutation

If possible, try to find out the name of the person you are writing to. If not then, start your email with a respectful salutation like ‘Dear Hiring Manager.’ The person reading your email will have a good impression of you. So, remember to address your recruiter amiably. 

3. Start with your introduction

The first paragraph in your email should be your introduction. Make your first impression by introducing yourself, and also mention how you came to know about the job opening. Your introduction should be concise and cheerful. Don’t introduce yourself mechanically but try to be catchy.

For example- Another day and another chance. Hello, this is [YOUR NAME], and I like to [ A hobby related to your job] and then mention how you know about this position.

A good introduction can easily make you stand out, and the chances are high that the hiring manager will remember you.

4. A comprehensive email body

Your email should be brief but detailed. So, try to write at least three short paragraphs and explain about yourself. First, introduce yourself and then mention your qualifications and experiences, if you have any, why you are interested in the job, and close your email justifying why you will be a suitable candidate for this role.

5. Attach all the relevant documents

After writing your email, attach all the relevant documents, which include your CV,  letter of recommendation [If you have any], experience letter, training certifications, and proof of your educational qualification. When you provide all the documents, the process of selection becomes easier for the hiring manager, and it increases your chances of getting an interview call.

6. A Thank You at the end

Show that you are grateful for this opportunity by writing sincerely or thanking you at the end. This shows your attitude towards the company and the position you are applying for.

7. Close your email with a signature

Close your email with your name, email ID, and phone number. If possible, attach the link to your Linkedin Id as well. Try to provide your digital email signature to make it easier for the recruiter to contact you.

8. Reevaluate before you hit send

Check your email for spelling errors and grammar mistakes before you click the send button. We always end up with some errors when we write for the first time. So, reevaluate yourself and think about how you feel after reading your application email if you were the hiring manager. Re-checking is a necessary process when you are writing to your potential employer.

Some tips to boost your chances for an interview

  • Research: Always run a quick search about the company and the key people before writing your application email. If possible, try to connect with your employer via Linkedin before writing your application. A connection can give you an edge over other candidates.
  • Use a professional email ID: Make sure your email ID includes your name, don’t use an email id you created to play some online game. Make sure your email ID is professional before applying.
  • Send your email on time: Remember to send your email during office hours. According to research, people are 46% more likely to read emails in the morning. So, send your email in the morning during office hours.
  • Follow-up for more: If you did not get a reply from the recruiter, follow up on your email after a week. You should follow up at least twice before you give up.

Format of a job application Email

A professional email follows a formal format. A job application email consists of a simple writing format. You can write in any layout as long as it is formal. Here is one to help you.

To: Recruiter’s email address
Subject: [Candidate’s name]- Application for [Job Title]
Dear Hiring Manager,
1st Paragraph [Introduce yourself, and mention how you know about this position]
2nd Paragraph [Mention your qualification, and why you want this job]
3rd Paragraph [Justify yourself as a suitable candidate for the role]
Thanking you
[Name][Electronic Email Address][Linkedin profile][Phone number]

Sample Emails for Job Application

Sample-1 [ If you are applying as a fresher]

Subject: Amelia Heard- Research assistant application
Dear Hiring Manager,
I saw your job posting for a Chemistry research assistant on your portal. I am interested in working for this position. I meet your required qualifications, and I think I’ll be a suitable candidate for this position.
I have recently completed my graduation in Chemical engineering from ABC University and have been an intern at XYZ Inc. in the research and development wing. I have published four papers on Inorganic chemistry and its impact on the environment, and others.
I love chemistry as a discipline and want to contribute to breakthrough research. With my experience and qualification, I can contribute as a research assistant.
I am attaching my CV, experience certificate as an intern, and link to my research papers. I would be happy to talk to you more about this job profile. It will be a pleasure to hear back from you.
[Amelia heard][Email address][Phone number]

Sample-2 [ If you are an experienced candidate ]

Subject: Robert Williams- Senior Web-developer position
Dear Hiring Manager,
I came to know about this job opening through your website. I am interested in applying for this position as I have the relevant skills and qualifications. Your company is regarded highly in the field of web development, and it will be a pleasure to be a part of your organization.
I graduated in Computer Science from ABC University in the year 20xx. I have five years of working experience as a web developer in the AZ Corps. I am well versed with HTML, CSS, and javascript and have vast experience.
I am looking for a change of place and to gain new experience and also develop myself as an individual. Below is my CV and sample work if you want to review it. I would love to hear back from you.
My sincere thanks for going through the mail.
[Robert williams][Email address][Phone number]

Sample-3 [ For someone going through a career shift ]

Subject: Noah Miller – Digital marketeer Position.
Dear Hiring Manager,
Hope you are having a good day! I came to know about this position through a job posting on Glassdoor. I am interested in pursuing a digital marketing career and would love to be a part of your organization.
I started my career as a computer engineer with XY firm. I was a fine writer, and one of my friends asked me to write for her blog, and that’s how I came to know about digital marketing. Since then, digital marketing has been a side hustle, and I want to make it my full-time job.
I have taken a digital marketing course on Udemy and have worked for as a part-time marketer for two years. Below are my Google Adsense certificates, my CV, and my work sample. Kindly review them to get to know me better. I will be waiting to hear from you.
Thank you very much.
[Noah Miller][Email address][phone number]

Sample-4 [ If you have come to know about the job opening from a friend ]

Subject: Josh Martin- Experienced Bookkeeper seeks the position of accountant.
Dear Hiring Manager,
I am glad to apply as an accountant at your firm. I came to know about this job opening through my friend Kyla Simpson who works as a software engineer at your firm.
I have three years of working experience as a bookkeeper at ABC Inc. I have recently pursued a diploma in Auditing and Accounting from XYZ university. I am looking forward to growing myself and my skills to achieve my ambition and contribute through my work.
Below are my CV and qualification documents. Kindly go through them to know more about my professional qualifications. Hope to hear from you soon.
I appreciate your time. Thank you.
[Josh Martin][Email address][Phone number]

Sample -5 [ If you are applying after a brief contact on a job site]

Subject: Mia Buffay- Analytics consultant position
Dear Hiring Manager/[Name with Mr./Mrs./Ms. If you know]
I recently reached out to you on XYZ, and we had a discussion about job opportunities at your firm, and you advised me to email you regarding the same.
I have graduated with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Statistics from XYZ University. I have one year of working experience as a data scientist at ABC firm. I am looking forward to growing myself as a data scientist and working on bigger projects to gain more experience. I am attaching my CV and qualifications for your consideration. I would love to work with your organization and contribute through my work. It will be a pleasure to hear back soon.
Thank you again!
[Mia Buffay][Email address][Phone number]
What not to write in a Job application Email
  • Avoid vague subject lines
  • Do not sound desperate for the job
  • Do not lie about a job experience or skill
  • Do not send it during official holidays or after closing hours
  • Avoid being too friendly
  • Do not attach too many documents. Your CV and experience letter are enough.
To conclude:

A Job Application Email can be your lucky chance to get a job which can open up many doors of opportunities for you. Hence before you write your application email, research the company, the job profile, check your qualifications, review your resume or CV. Check your email for errors once you finish and follow a professional format. Remember, when you write a Job Application Email, you are creating an opportunity for yourself.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is it necessary to attach a Cover letter and CV both?

A. No. Your CV is enough for the employer to know about you. So, don’t attach too many documents.

2. Where can I find information about the Hiring Manager?

A. You may refer to LinkedIn to know about a company’s Hiring Manager. Try typing the company’s name, and you can view the employees, search for Hiring Manager and try to connect.

How to Write a Job Application Email?

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