How to Type Square Root Symbol in Word or Excel?

Square Root Symbol and How to Type in Word or Excel

The square root symbol is frequently used in maths equations, and there are quite a few ways to add the symbol in word or excel. We will discuss how to type Square Root symbol. A mathematical symbol, the square root, is used for calculating the square root of any number or expression. The modern keyboards are limited in space and keys for the mathematical symbols. Therefore, the square root symbol could be added in word or excel through keyboard shortcuts or through other options like inserting through equations, doing a copy-paste, or using symbol dialog. The methods are explained in detail in the steps given below:

Steps to Type Square Root Symbol in a Word

  • Step 1: Using Keyboard to Add Square Root Symbol

The keyboards are designed to have various characters, but they cannot input all symbols, so platforms like word or excel have certain character codes to insert the desired symbol. The Alt code is designed for symbols and the square root symbol “Press Alt+251/221A or Alt+X.

  • To add the symbol, press the Alt key and then press 251 and release the alt key.  
  • If this code doesn’t work, other codes could be tried:
    • Press Alt code and then press 221A
    • Press Alt plus X to add the symbol
  • Step 2: Insert Using Symbol Dialog in Word

This method is easy to use and could be used in Office word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or even WPS Office.

To insert the square root symbol follow the steps given below:

  • The top bar of a word has many options. Next to a home, you will find the insert dialog box.
  • Click on the insert and look for the symbol option.
  • Click on the symbol option, and you would find many symbols and choose the square root symbol.
  • If you can’t find the square root symbol in the small list click on more symbols and a bigger detailed list will appear.
  • Step 3: Insert Using Equation

If you are working on Microsoft Word, maths symbols and equations could be added easily using the equation in the document. It is an easy step to add the equation, so follow the steps below:

  • There are two ways to add the square root symbol through the equation:
    • Click on the insert option of the top bar menu
    • You will find the equation open and click on it, and a dialog box will appear as shown below:
  • In this dialog box, type \sqrt and press the spacebar, and the symbol will appear.
  • The second way is to
    • Press Alt+= and this code will add the equation dialog in the word document
    • You can either type the same command ‘\sqrt’ or find the symbol on the menu appearing on top, as shown in the screenshot.
  • Step 3: Copy and Paste
    • If you still can’t type the square root symbol, the easiest way is to copy and paste the symbol anywhere you want.
    • You can always copy-paste the symbol, irrespective of your device’s software or the type of document you are working on.
    •  √  : You can copy this symbol and paste it into your work.

Steps to Write Square Root Symbol in Excel:

  • Step 1: Using Keyboard Shortcut
    • Using the keyboard shortcut works well for both excel and a word file.
    • Inserting a square root symbol in excel using only the keyboard doesn’t require any additional steps.
    • You need to hold the Alt button and press 251 (Alt+251).
    • Once you release the Alt button, the symbol will appear.
    • There is no need to change the symbol font or any other changes when using the Alt command.
  • Step 2: Using the Symbol Font
    • In the top bar menu of the home, click on the font
    • In the font list, you will find ‘symbol,’ click on it and enter Ö.
  • Once you enter this character the symbol will appear.
  • Step 3: Using the Formula
    • The square root symbol can be added using a formula in the excel sheet.
    • The excel sheet has a “UNICHAR” function, meaning that each character or symbol is assigned a numeric value.
    • You will find fx and a box in front of it on the top bar menu, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • You need to enter the following code: “UNICHAR(8730)
  • For example if you want the square root of 8 you can type: UNICHAR(8730)&8
  • Step 4: Insert Using Symbol Dialog Box
    • Like Microsoft word, excel also has an option to add various symbols, and to add the square root symbol through the symbol dialog box, follow the steps given below:
    • Open the INSERT tab> Click on Symbols with a ribbon symbol icon
    • Once the symbol dialog opens, choose mathematical operators and find the square root symbol by scrolling down
  • If you cannot find the square root symbol in the Symbol dialog box, click on the character box given at the end of the symbol dialog box.
  • Choose Unicode(hex) in the from section and enter 221A in the character box and press enter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will these methods work for Mac? The Symbol dialog box is present in both word and excel and works on windows pc and Mac. Still, if these feature doesn’t work for your Mac, you can press Option+V on the keyboard. The last option would be to copy the symbol given above and paste it directly into your file.

  2. How do you type square root on a keyboard? The keyboard doesn’t have a square root option, but both the word and excel files have specific codes for each symbol and character. To add a square root in the word or excel, press ‘Alt+251’ together, and as soon as you release Alt, the symbol will appear.

  3. How to type numbers with the square root symbol? If you are working on an excel sheet, all you need to do is type ‘UNICHAR(8730)&___’. In the space after & you can write any number whose root you want to calculate. For example, if you want the root of 24, you will type: UNICHAR(8730)&24

If you are working on a word file, you can insert the symbol and once the symbol appears you can just start typing the number with it.

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How to Type Square Root Symbol in Word or Excel?

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