How To Insert a Check Box In MS Word (With Pictures)?


HOW TO INSERT A CHECK BOX IN MS WORD (WITH PICTURES): create document or to-do list, which means the checkboxes can be utilized as per your choice.

Gone are the days when we used a notepad to jot down things…now, the first thing that pops up in our minds is, of course, MS Word. Microsoft’s word-processing software is accepted by people worldwide, where we can create articles, notes, tables, reports, and whatnot. One of MS Word’s applications is that we can easily make customized checklists and to-do lists for our day-to-day references. Turning a document into a checklist always has added benefits. Checklists enable us to organize things, verify them and also make our document simple yet informative. We use checklists while packing things for travel to ensure the completion of daily tasks, business reports, etc. Coming back to the question, many of us have doubts about how to insert checkboxes or tick marks into our documents to make them more interactive. Well, the time has come for us to clear that doubt. Today we will teach you how to insert a check box☒ into your Word document. We have mentioned two ways to insert a check box, one – using the developer tool in Word for an interactive document and two – using the simple bullets option for a printed document. So let us begin!

How To Insert A Checkbox Using The Developer Tool?

This method is used to create an interactive document or to-do list, which means the checkboxes can be utilized as per your choice. Here, you can check as well as remove the checkmark whenever you want. It is usually preferred when you target a soft copy, such as sharing the copy among others to know their response.

Follow the given steps to insert checkbox using the developer tool: 

  1. Type the required text for your list. Here, we have provided a sample text for your easy perusal.
  1. Now, go to the File menu and select the ‘options’ tab. A menu window appears.
  1. On the left side of the menu window, click on the ‘Customize ribbon’ option. A set of options with checkered boxes will be displayed on the right.
  1. To the right side of the window, you will see the ‘Developer’ option. Check the box corresponding to it and then click ok.
  1. A new Developer tab appears on the ribbon. Select it. A variety of options will be displayed below, such as the code tab, add-ins tab, controls tab, XML tab, project tab, and template tab. You will see a checkbox icon in the lower middle of the ‘Controls’ tab.
  1. Place the cursor before the word/text you want to insert the checkbox and click on the above-mentioned checkbox icon. You will see an empty box appear on the required position. Continue the same with the rest of the text.


  1. You can click on the respective boxes to checkmark it. A cross mark will appear on the box. If you want to deselect, click again, and the cross mark disappears

Ta da! Now we have learned how to insert checkboxes using the developer tool. Moving on…

How To Insert A Checkbox Using Bullets (For Printed Documents)

 This method can be used if you are creating printed documents where you will tick the boxes manually once you get the hardcopy of the document. This is the easiest method and is preferred by most people.

Follow the given steps to insert checkbox using bullets: 

  1. Type the required text as before.
  2. Click and drag from the starting of the text where you want to include the checkboxes to the ending to select the whole text.
  1. Now from the Paragraph tab above, click on the dotted bullets icon as shown below.
  1. A drop-down menu appears. Select the ‘Define new bullet’ option.
  1. From the pop-up menu click on the symbols option and select ‘ Wingdings 2 ‘ from the fonts option.
  1. Choose the box icon from the list of symbols and proceed by clicking ok.

There you are! Your selected text is prefixed by checker boxes that you can check after printing the document using a pen. Easy right? If you follow the above-given steps, you can easily insert checkboxes in your document or to-do list. As we discussed before, checklists are useful in making your content catchy, informative, and even error-free. Using checkboxes in a checklist enables us to jot down important information. We have at least once used a checklist while, say, during travel or for business purposes. This feature of MS Word, hence to create a digital checklist, is advantageous and may come in handy whenever or wherever we are. Now you know how to insert checkboxes in your word document. So why wait? Convert your boring articles into appealing checklists by adding the checkboxes following the steps we have given you. 

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How To Insert a Check Box In MS Word (With Pictures)?

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