How To Type Ohm Symbol in Word/Excel (AKA Omega Symbol)

The symbol Ω (ohm or omega) is the twenty-fourth and last of the Greek alphabet. In physics, it is used as the SI unit of resistance, whereas in mathematics, it is used to denote the end or limit of a set theory. In the Greek number system, omega was used to denote 800.


Now the question arises, “How to enter an omega/ohm symbol in Word or Excel?”

There are many ways by which this can be done. Out of them, I’ll be discussing a few in this article. Using these simple methods, one can easily insert the symbol omega whenever and wherever needed. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

ALT codes: Point to note: Alt code for Ω (omega) is 234.

Every character has a unique alt code allotted to it, by the use of which we can easily insert these characters as per our need. 

  1. Press the num lock key to activate the numeric keypad. If the laptop does not have a numeric keypad use the fn key +num lock key.
  2. Now start pressing the alt key and enter the alt code simultaneously for the omega symbol (that is 234).
  3. Let go of the alt key and you will have your omega symbol inserted in the document.

 My personal favorite, just ‘copy and paste’:

This is one of the most convenient methods, for we all are quite familiar with copy and paste controls. So if there is any difficulty in inserting any symbol, character, or any other miscellaneous sign, then worry not, my friend, for it won’t take more than a few seconds to copy the symbol and paste it wherever needed.

  1. Copy the symbol omega from here by either using the copy option in the form drop-down menu that appears after clicking the right button of the touchpad or by using Ctrl + C.
  1. Take the cursor wherever you want to insert the symbol. Click on the right button of your touchpad again and simply select “paste” from the drop-down menu or press Ctrl + V.

And there you have your symbol inserted!

Insert Option:

1. Start by opening a word page or an excel sheet.

2. Then click on the insert option mentioned in the top left section of the page as one of the headings.

  1. After this select the option “symbol” from the taskbar bar.
  1. Now if the symbol omega appears in the dialogue box well well good, your job is done. Simply select the symbol and click it. If the appropriate symbol does not appear then go to ‘more symbols’ and select the desired one from the list and insert it.

In Excel, a similar procedure is followed. Select the option ‘symbols’ and then choose the desired character from the list.

And with this, you will have your symbol successfully inserted into your document!

Shortcuts Are Not Always A Wrong Cut!

This is because we shall use shortcuts to ease the process of inserting omega symbols according to our needs.

There are several shortcuts available at this date within the jurisdiction of windows. However, some of them are only accessible in word documents. For example, we have already discussed the ‘alt key’ method by using code 234. However, now the method I am about to share, this shortcut is only applicable to word documents.

1. Place the cursor at the point where you intend to insert the symbol.

2. Now press 2126 on the numeric part of your keyboard.

3. After this, press alt+x.

Your omega will be inserted as per your need in your word document.

There is a shortcut present exclusively for mac too.

You have to carry the cursor to the desired location where you intend to insert the symbol. Now press on your mac keyboard ‘option + Z’ together. With this, your omega will be inserted as per your need.


By using this method, you can easily insert the symbol of your choice by simply playing with the computer’s autocorrect feature. As we already know, the autocorrect feature corrects any mistake implicitly without user intervention. But have you ever wondered how the computer knows what we intend to type? Since the computer is not a psychic, it is well equipped with a predefined format where all the possible mistakes regarding a particularly accurate word are already fed in.

Because of this, if we write which, it automatically changes to which.

Using this feature, we can fool the computer into inserting the symbols that we need every time we intentionally write a particular wrong word. In other words, if we feed in the computer that the word ‘ohm’ is a wrong interpretation of the symbol Ω, every time we write ohm, it will automatically convert it to Ω.

1. First, click on the symbols dialogue box and select more characters. 

2. From there, select the omega symbol and click the option autocorrect present in the bottom left corner of the box.

3. And now select the option ‘replace text as you type.’

4. Type the word ‘ohm’ and the symbol ‘Ω.’

5. Finally, click ‘add’ and then ‘ok.’

Every time you type ‘ohm,’ the computer will convert it to ‘Ω.’

With this, we have come to the end of this article. I hope the methods and steps will guide you to easily insert omega or any other character in the desired location.

How To Type Ohm Symbol in Word/Excel (AKA Omega Symbol)

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