How To Respond To Good Luck?

The world that we live in is very fast-paced and all of us are busy achieving our goals, exploring places, finding new people, working for our livelihood, and chasing our passion with determination. But in our daily life how often is it that we stop to compliment each other or just try to make someone’s day better with an encouraging wish whether for an important office meeting or some major event in their life? How many times do we get encouraging wishes from people closest to us?  Here we will see about How To Respond To Good Luck.

How To Respond To Good Luck?

How To Respond To Good Luck?

The answer is not that often but a few people who do care for us or just know us sometimes reach out and wish us a bit of simple good luck to show support for our endeavors. Knowing how to respond to the statement will help you to tell them that you are grateful for their support and appreciation of their wish for you. 

Down below are ways a person can respond when someone says good luck to them and not freeze like a deer in the headlight.

Response to someone wishing you good luck 

Now the response to a stroke of good luck can be very different, suppose your boss or a colleague wishes you good luck you wouldn’t respond with a statement that may seem too personal and crosses professional boundaries, those responses are only for people who are close to you such as a family member or spouse or partner in a relationship. It is important to know which response is the most appropriate in a different environment and with different people. All the ways you can respond to someone saying good luck to you are given below. The responses are also written in a way that you would when or where to use them.

Responses when a friend wishes you good luck

Friends are the people in your life that have been through the high and lows of your life just as you were and nothing make good friends happier than encouraging their friend for something that will help them succeed. It is very important to acknowledge the good luck that a friend wishes you and it would show that you appreciate their care for you and appreciate them being in your life. Some ways to a friend’s “Good luck”:

  1. “Thank you so much for the encouragement, I needed to hear it” 

You can use this response whenever a friend wishes you before some major events. This helps them know that their words of encouragement helped you calm down and that you are grateful for them supporting you.

  1. “Thanks, friend, now I feel more confident and I will do my best today”

This response is very straightforward and acknowledges that your friend wishing you good luck has made you feel at ease and that you will try to do your very best and wouldn’t let them down.

  1. “ I’m so glad to hear that man, I feel a little better already thanks”

Listening to words of encouragement from our loved ones puts our anxiety at rest and this is what this statement will let the other person know how deeply grateful you are for their wishes. 

Responses whenever your partner wishes you good luck

When you are in a relationship, your partner wants to see you succeed and they try to show their support through their words and try to be there for you in good and bad times of your life. Down below are some of the ways you can return the favor and let them know how much you appreciate their words of encouragement.

  1. “with you wishing me luck, I will do my best”

A cute little response with a hint of flirting, let’s your partner know that their wish means a lot to you and that you feel much better with their support and feel ready for whatever event you were worried about.

  1. “No matter what happens I know you will always be by my side, and be there to support me as I would do you”

This little response can be interpreted in two ways, first, it can tell your partner how much you appreciate their support and know that no matter what happens they will be there to there cheering you on. 

The second way it can be interpreted can be is that it tells your partner that you will be there to always to support them as they will for you.

Response to good luck when said by a family member

Any person has their family as their biggest support system from the time they were born till the time they grow old, they are always there for you. Family support is one thing that cannot be matched. Getting good luck wishes from family members fills you with confidence and since they want the best for you, you can rest assured that it’s always a genuine wish. Down below are some responses to let your family how much their support means to you.

  1. “I am so grateful to have you in my life, it is your support that keeps me going”

This response will help you to tell your family how much you appreciate their presence in your life and that their support encourages you to keep trying to do better. This also shows how much love you have for them.

  1. “Although I hate our family, that wish seems genuine and I hope everything will turn out to be great”

Now, this response is light-hearted and funny, and a little bittersweet. This shows that you believe that your family’s wish is good luck for you and that it helps you to do your best and that you know that they always want what’s best for you and genuinely hope you do well.

  1. “I feel truly lucky and cared for by you and I hope to make you guys proud”

This response can be used when your family wishes you good luck before a big event. By using this response you show the love you have for your family and how appreciative you are for the way they treat and care for you. 

This also shows that you want to make them feel proud of your efforts and that you won’t let them down or their support go to waste. 


Getting a wish of good luck for something important is common and of course, it has the most common response of thank you especially when it is said in the most insincere way but when it is said in a genuine sense it requires a much more appreciative and heartfelt response. This is why this article contains all the ways that you can respond to good luck. 

Feel free to use any of the responses to show genuine support and appreciation to the people who matter to you the most and who take out the time to wish you luck.

How To Respond To Good Luck?

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