It is a universal fact that people get anxious or nervous before interviews. People often tend to jumble up between options about imprinting an awesome first impression during their same. This is a major problem, especially among the freshers. So, while finding solutions to the same, they tend to get even more confused and tensed. The question: “Are you currently employed?” seems to be a common question during interviews. Yet, there seems to be no standard answer for the same. so, how to respond to ARE YOU CURRENTLY EMPLOYED?.

An answer to this is like the turning point of your entire conversation. This might either make or break your possibility of getting the job. It is very important to keep certain points in mind while answering this question. Here are a few steps which will give you a head start in your preparation:

  1. Start from a Yes or No
  2. Make it authentic
  3. Keep it nice and short
  4. Be specific about your experience and the brand(s) which you worked for
  5. Try to be convincing, but avoid overestimating

Apart from these steps, there are several other things to do and not to while responding to the question. Thus, it is also essential to know about the Do’s and Dont’s while answering the same. Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

What to do

  • If you are employed, provide the exact role and responsibilities of your job 
  • Give a brief account of your entire experience in the company that you are currently working
  • Always be optimistic about your working experience in the past
  • If you are unemployed, state a solid reason. Why?
  • Be prompt and clear

What not to do

  • NEVER lie about your employment status
  • Do not give bad feedbacks about a company in which you have worked before, no matter what
  • Avoid vague comments such as: ‘No, I am unemployed because I was not ready to work.’
  • Do not copy responses from the internet.
  • Try not to exaggerate your experience. Rather, stick to a short yet crisp answer.
  • Try not to hesitate or pause in between while speaking.

Everyone starts somewhere. 

Employees, especially the freshers, have a common concern about their inadequate experience in the work field. They are anxious while answering this question and either end up lying or present vague statements. On this note, yes, of course, it is preferable to have prior working experience in the field of concern, yet not all companies look for experienced employees. Especially, the companies which provide internships are always in search of fresh talent.

And if you believe that you can surface the employer’s needs and help them grow, that’s enough! Indeed, that is enough to give you a good head start in your career. So, always state the truth.

Confidence is the key.

Be confident about your answer. As much importance as your employment status holds the confidence that you portray matters the same. The clarity that you have about your goals and objectives will help the employer know you better as a professional and a human. She or he will be interested in knowing about your current portfolio and the future possibilities with you in their firm.

Most employers nowadays wish to have an employee who can help the company grow and the people around them. Your confidence shall be the first key towards winning the goodwill of your senior authorities. And that is what matters at the end of the day. 

Overconfidence precedes carelessness.

Now here’s the thing. There’s a thin line between being persuasively confident and overconfident. Your answer should be everything but never a portrayal of your boastful nature. Being overconfident will take you nowhere. Over exaggeration of things will only make the employer negatively impression you, thus curbing your chances of getting employed.

Positive feedback about your workplace is definitely a big yes. But repeating upon the same would describe a lack of sensibility. Your answer must show respect towards the current firm you are interviewing for while stating a positive experience.

Believe in yourself.

Calculate your abilities carefully and know yourself. Please answer the question in a manner that convinces the employer that he has a positive outlook towards your nature and your work ethics. You mustn’t state any false facts or overanalyze your abilities. So, be humble. This will help increase your chances of getting employed and would be an advantage in receiving future referrals from them. 

Originality wins.

There will be thousands of people applying for the same position as you. And every individual has their own sense of perceiving concepts. Thus, you need to retain your originality while answering the question. Never copy somebody or never be insecure about someone else. Always remember that you are an individual and that you possess a unique approach to handling things. So, be yourself and present your answer in your own way. By understanding the questions that you are different from the rest, the employer must understand that you do not tend to copy but make every aspect your own.

Stay calm.

Keeping yourself calm while responding to this question and throughout the entire interview is very important. Being human beings, it is very normal for us to panic and gets nervous. This leads to fumbling and pausing in between our answers during a conversation. Yet, we must remember not to stop or quit. And begin again from where we paused.   


To conclude, the response you present in front of the employer should reflect your true self. It must not be a facsimile of someone else’s answer. Nor should it be molded according to a different person’s opinion. Your work experience holds as much importance as your personality. So, keep in mind to put up a great first impression. And respond in the best way possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I lie about my working status?
    The concerned company has the resources to cross-check your answer. And in most cases, they research their employ’s background. If they discover the truth, it will curb your chances of being employed and put a bad impression upon them.

  2. How do I convince the employer if I do not have any working experience at all?
    If you are applying for a job, you must have a set of skills and objectives that will help the company grow. State these in front of them. Start by saying No and try to convince them by stating the company’s requirements that you can surface without the working experience. 

  3. Would my lack of work experience affect my chances of getting that job?
    NO. However, there is a requirement for a particular amount of prior work experience in that field for certain jobs. So, it is recommended that you find a job that has no such criteria. Or gain some experience before applying for the same.

  4. Approximately, for how much time should I continue my answer?
    For most of the time, try and make it for 1 minute 30 seconds. In fact, make it as short as possible. But do not compromise on the quality. Remember to include all the relevant points and exclude the vague ones. If you speak for too long, the interviewer might get bored, but also, if you cut short without the necessary details, it won’t give them clarity. So, be careful and prepare accordingly.

  5. What if I pause in between my answer?
    Keep the pace up. Do not stop. Calm yourself down and start speaking again. Do not worry. It’s very normal to get nervous. Take a deep and breath and remember that there’s no second chance. Remember not to give up and give your best shot! 

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