How To Reply To What’s Up?

What’s up is a word that can have many meanings. This depends on how one is using this word or in which sentence or sense he or she is using this word. Also, it is a very common word that everyone uses in their day-to-day life. A very common word whose meaning is known to everyone. Also, this word can be used by anyone of any age group but generally, it is used by the young age groups or school or college-going students. Lets see How To Reply To What’s Up

What are the different meanings of what’s up?

1: one can ask the way that there is any problem or something. He or she can use it in the sentence where they want to ask someone whether they are having any trouble or something. Like:

What’s up? Are you okay?

What’s up with Natasha?

What’s up? Is everything okay?

What’s up? What is the matter?

2: another meaning of what’s up can be like in friendly greeting and one is asking another one how they have been or what is happening with them or they are doing. This can be used in casual meetings like friends meeting each other or if you saw someone on the street then one can wave his or her hand towards them and then ask them. This is how also one can use the word what’s up. For example

What’s up, babe? How is everything?

What’s up, bro? How have you been?

Or simply one can say” what’s up?”

Where one can greet with what’s up?

One can use this word in any situation when friends are meeting in the school corridor, on the football ground, or if they are meeting in the streets. They can greet each other by just saying what’s up. This depends on the other person how he or she will reply or what he or she will reply for that what’s up. That can be the normal reply, can be a happy reply or he or she can tell what they are going through. But if there are job interviews one cannot greet with what’s up there one has to ask formally. This is kind of an informal word that can’t be used in formal places. Also, it can’t be used at the place where there is funeral is happening or where there is any serious situation. In these places also one can’t use this type of greeting. One should always decide how one should greet another person. That should be according to the place and situation. Also if one is greeting a person who is aged person then also one should not greet him or her with what’s up because that can sound rude to them. Also, it can sound disrespectful to them.

How to reply to what’s up

People usually use this slang in their text messages and on social media. Sometimes it is used with the word ‘hey’ as it sounds incomplete so one adds what’s up to complete the whole sentence. For that one can reply in the following sentences:

1: I’m doing great! What about you?

This you can use with your regular friend whom you are meeting once in a while. You can use this reply normally.

2: hi! Just doing my work and looking forward to meeting you sometime.

This you can use with a friend or any other person with whom you are looking forward to meeting in person. By this, you can tell that particular person that you want to meet and he or she should take out time to meet you in person.

3: hey there! This is a very short and sweet answer to what’s up after this one can add up according to the situation or person. Like “just doing my job” or “I was hoping to hear from you”

4: one can answer according to their current situation like if they are busy then they can reply “I was busy this whole week”

Also what’s up is the common way by which one can get information about the other person about how their life. So one can say 

Oh! I can’t explain to you what is happening: by this one can tell about others’ busy schedules. Or it can be something exciting.

Been a very busy week: by this one can explain about his or her busy week also saying this will give hint to another person that you don’t have time to talk and also don’t want to be rude to him or her.

5: also the answer depends on the relation with the person. How one should reply depends on their relationship with the person. 

Like if he or she is your friend then one can say “I’m doing great, what about you?”

Also if you are replying to an elder person then you can reply very politely that “I’m doing fine, what about you sir?”.

This will show how much you are interested in talking to the person.


This article tells about the slang or phrase “what’s up”. What does it means and what is the best reply one can give to a person according to the situation or according to the person. Also, this article focuses on how one should not use this phrase or slang in a particular situation. This is slang that any age group can use to greet a person. But one should not greet any elderly person because this may sound bad to them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: is saying what’s up or greeting with saying what’s up considered in a good manner?

This depends on with which you are using this slang. If you are greeting a person of the same age group then this will not sound rude but if one is saying this slag with any elderly person then it can sound rude to them. Also, it depends on the type of situation where you are using this slang.

How To Reply To What’s Up?

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