How to Find Who the Hiring Manager is?

How to Find Who the Hiring Manager is?

It’s essential to know about the hiring manager when you’re applying for a position. Why? Well, not only will it impress them to see that you’ve done your research, but it could also help your chances of getting the job. How to Find Who the Hiring Manager is?

There are a million and one ways to find out who the hiring manager is. It’s unwise to start job hunting before you know who it is. Researching the company and the person(s) in charge of hiring can make or break your chances of getting an interview.

 So, don’t be discouraged if you’re not able to find the identity of the hiring manager on the company website. There are other places you can look.

What is a hiring manager?

A hiring manager is a senior-level manager who typically works directly with your target company’s director of human resources. These managers oversee the recruiting process by managing the interview process, salary negotiations, and reviewing employment agreements. 

As such, a hiring manager has the highest level of authority within your target company and helps determine if you are a good candidate for their open position. If you’re interviewing with a recruiter, you will most likely be presented with a hiring manager. 

Your hiring manager is the person you’ll want to speak with during the hiring process. They’re one of the more underappreciated parts of the hiring process and are worth cultivating as a skill.

How to find the hiring manager?

While some companies have names or email addresses listed on their careers page, that may not be a good sign of how frequently they’re looking to hire. For example, suppose a position is available, and you follow up on it. In that case, that means that the situation is time-sensitive and that there’s a specific reason that the hiring manager would have accepted your application.

 You’ll likely hear back quickly if you identify yourself in the application or ask how to find the person’s email. You can use the hiring process app to contact hiring managers and inquire about job openings. Here are some steps which will help you to find the hiring manager:

Check social media

You should first check LinkedIn – many companies will list who their HR Manager is on their profile (often with a link to their LinkedIn profile). You’ll also want to do a simple search for that person’s name on Google and see what comes up. 

Look for the contact information for the company’s social media accounts (if they have any). Facebook or LinkedIn are good options because they enable you to see what other people who work for the company post on the platform. 

Do a quick search for the name of the HR manager with the company name to see if any company or employee photos have been uploaded. If you know the name of the HR manager, check their Twitter feed, Facebook, or LinkedIn page to see if they have posted any updates recently, perhaps a link to a company blog or image from a conference. 

In addition to this, you can also search online for reviews of the HR manager or company. Unfortunately, most people won’t provide the full name of the hiring manager.

Try to contact the company’s employees.

When trying to find a hiring manager, it can be challenging to know where to start. However, there is a way you can find out who is in charge of hiring new employees. First, you can reach out to the company’s employees and ask who the best person is to talk with about job opportunities.

 These employees may tell you where you need to go on the website or who they are talking with for jobs at their company. This way, you can put yourself in front of the right people quickly! Just remember that reaching out to these people takes time and patience. So be sure that you are not too pushy when asking for this information.

You can reach the company directly.

The hiring manager is the person responsible for all of the hiring decisions at a company. This person is in charge of interviewing candidates and making offers to qualified candidates. In many cases, the hiring manager will also be involved in training new hires. 

However, this responsibility can be delegated to someone else in the company. 

If you’re interested in working for a specific company, your best bet is to contact them directly. That way, you can have a conversation with their hiring manager about what opportunities they have available and what the application process looks like.

Use your professional contacts.

There are many reasons why you might need the contact information of an HR manager or hiring manager. Some people want to know who they are emailing to introduce themselves. Others may want to know the names of the hiring managers to start building a relationship with them. 

Whatever your reason is, you need to use your professional contacts if you don’t have any other way of finding out this information. In addition, they will be more likely to share their contact information with you because you are already in their network. 

Search for trade magazines and newspapers

You always know that you need to reach out to the hiring manager for a job opening. But, how do you find the name of this person? Enter trade publications. Trade publications are magazines and newspapers that cover specific industries and usually have contact information for the people in charge of hiring at those companies. 

Trade publications are a great way to find the email address of a particular company’s hiring manager. There are a few different ways you can go about finding these trade magazines, but it’s important to be strategic about your choices. 

Reconsider the job listing

The best way to find a company’s hiring manager is to search the job listing. Many job listings have the hiring manager’s name in them. Some hiring managers list their email address, phone number, or social media handle on the job listing.

 If that information is not available, research the hiring manager’s name with LinkedIn or Google to find their contact information. If you can’t find them with LinkedIn or Google, check out the organization’s website for more contact details.

Contact with an email address

If you’re looking to get in touch with the hiring manager of a company, you might not be able to find it on their website. There are, however, some databases that will allow you to search for the email address of the hiring manager at any company.        

You want to work for Company X, but you don’t know who to contact. Not an easy task! However, thanks to the internet, there are a few strategies you can use to find the hiring manager of Company X. First, figure out the email address of Company X.

 Second, locate their “Contact Us” page or “About Us” page. Last, find someone on their team with the word Manager in their title and send them a message. Here is what you might say: “I am interested in learning more about your company and would like to set up a time to talk with you about my qualifications as they relate to your open position(s) as well as your company’s culture.                                                         

Get help from recruiting agency’s

Want to work for a company but don’t know who to email? This is what recruiters are for. Recruiters serve as the bridge between employers and potential employees, helping with everything from filling positions to outlining a job description.

 They also often have a deep network of contacts, so they can help you find the right company for your skills. Remember that when you’re looking for a new opportunity, it’s not just about finding a job – it’s about finding the right one. 

The best way to find the perfect match is by speaking with a recruiter to get access to an exclusive list of opportunities.

Go for different job sites.

You’ve found the perfect job listing on job boards like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor. Now, it’s time to find contact information for the hiring manager. A quick search on LinkedIn or Google can help you figure out who the hiring manager is. 

You can also use sites like Hoovers or Hoovers World to find more information about the company. Make sure to take note of any email addresses you find so that you can send your cover letter and resume later.

Contact with senior management.

If you’re interviewing for a job and want to know the name of the hiring manager, you can find out by reaching out to your contact at the company. With a little research, you can find the right person who will be able to give you that information. 

 Reach out to your contact and ask them if they can help you find the name of the hiring manager for this position. If they are unable to answer, you might have luck reaching out to senior management or HR.


You must find the hiring manager of a company before applying for a job. You can even use LinkedIn to find them! It’s also worth it to do your research and learn more about the company and its culture, so you can understand what they want in their next employee. 

Once you’ve found the right person for the job, you should send an email with your resume attached. It’s also good practice to include a cover letter and thank-you note. These things should be customized to each company and should let them know why you’re qualified for the position and why you’re interested in it!

Frequently asked questions

Question 1.) Who are hiring managers?

Answer- They’re one of the more underappreciated parts of the hiring process and are worth cultivating as a skill.

Question 2.) How do you find out who the hiring manager is?

Answer- you can find it from their social media or by contacting them directly.

Question 3.) Can I reach the hiring manager directly?

Answer – Of course, you should contact a hiring manager directly. They’ll want to hear from you if you’re the perfect person for the job!

How to Find Who the Hiring Manager is?

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