How To Become a Stunt Driver?


Becoming a stunt driver may be the perfect career for you if you have a passion for driving high-risk vehicles and an insatiable desire to entertain. So whether this is your dream job or just something that interests you bite much that you’d like to know more about it, start by undertaking some basic research into the fields of stunt driving before making a lifetime commitment to come alongside a majority of the movies and series shows in the dusk!

How To Become a Stunt Driver?

How To Become a Stunt Driver?

There are many routes that one can take to become a stunt driver, including training at professional schools or colleges, starting your own stunt company, or getting involved with film and television production. Once you’ve determined what route is best suited for you, it’s important to develop your skills and talents. This means completing rigorous training that will equip you with the knowledge necessary to perform stunts safely and effectively. 

Driver background and requirements

Driving experience

To be a stunt driver, you will need to have a valid driver’s license and at least 2 years of driving experience. 

You should also have good reflexes and excellent car control. When it comes to stunts, you will need to be confident with both big and small vehicles. Stunts for cars typically involve running into walls or other objects, so being able to handle large-scale accidents is essential.

Plus, as one of the last lines of defense in any film set, the safety of your cast and crew is your top priority. So make sure that all your training puts them first before anything else!

You may want to consider taking driving courses that cover various aspects of stunt driving, such as advanced inverted control techniques and pre-mission planning. 

Additionally, make sure to practice your skills on roadways before attempting any dangerous stunts in public. Finally, always use common sense when performing stunts; if something seems unsafe or not feasible, don’t do it!

Physical characteristics

When you’re looking to become a stunt driver, there are many physical characteristics that you need to have. These include good vision and hearing, strong nerves, strength and coordination of your arms and legs, as well as the ability to jump high. In addition, it is helpful if you have some experience driving vehicles on different types of roads or in adverse weather conditions.

When it comes to training for stunts, be sure to take classes that focus on specific skills like 

car crashes or motorcycle jumps. This will help you develop the knowledge and intuition needed for executing dangerous actions quickly and safely.

However, some things that may be helpful include good balance, excellent strength, and flexibility, exceptional reflexes and reaction time, coordination and agility, sharp visual acuity/vision correction (especially for night driving), experience operating heavy equipment or vehicles at high speeds on all surfaces including wet roads or muddy conditions, respiratory protection against dust hazards (such as flying debris), along with the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Job skills

If you have a passion for driving and are willing to put in the hard work, many job skills can help you become a stunt driver. These include training as an actor or diver, certification in First Aid/CPR and AED, strong car control, good judgment and timing skills, great attention to detail, ability to stay calm under pressure, and experience working with dangerous equipment.

Stunt drivers must also be able to think critically when it comes to safety protocols since even small mistakes could lead to serious injuries or death.

Why do movies use stunt drivers?

Stunts are a big part of movie making, and the drivers who perform them are some of the most skilled in the business. A stunt driver must be comfortable with both vehicles and stunts, as they may be required to do both simultaneously. This level of skill is why movie makers often rely on stunt drivers to pull off incredible maneuvers that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for actors.

  • A stunt driver is someone who specializes in performing dangerous car stunts on film. These drivers are skilled at driving vehicles either manually or with technologies like CGI and motion capture. Their job is to ensure that all the action sequences in a movie look great and are safe for both the actors and crewmembers working on set.
  • Stunt drivers often undergo extensive training before they start work, including learning how to drive everything from race cars to trucks through tight corners correctly and safely. 
  • They also need to be aware of the dangers of falling off a bike while riding it backward, jumping out of airplanes without a parachute, or doing other extreme stunts that could go wrong.
  • While there may be some risk involved when it comes to filming movies, it’s worth it for viewers watching at home not only to see exciting scenes but also to know that everyone involved was safe during production.

How do you get a job as a stunt driver?

Stunt driving can be a truly exhilarating and rewarding experience, but it’s also challenging. To get started as a stunt driver, you will need to have a valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, and adequate safety equipment. Additionally, you must pass the Stunt Driving School USA course before being certified by an industry professional.

If you are interested in becoming a stunt driver, the first step is to decide what type of driving you want to do. Stunts may include car stunts, bike stunts, motorcycle stunts, and even aerial work. Once you have determined the genre of action that interests you most, it’s time to start developing your skills.

Once you’ve completed all of these requirements, it’s time to start your career as a stunt driver. You may work on short-term projects or permanently for one of the top Hollywood studios or TV networks. As long as you are willing to put in the hard work and dedicate yourself fully to this profession, there is no limit to what you can achieve!


There are many online resources available that will help teach you how to perform specific types of stunt driving. It is also important to practice as often as possible so that your skills stay sharp. By working hard and taking pride in your workmanship, landing those prestigious job opportunities should be no problem at all!

  1. Is a helmet essential for stunt drivers?

Yes, it’s a safety precaution for every driver.

  1. What degree does a stuntman need?

They need at least post-secondary training.

How To Become a Stunt Driver?

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