How to Become a Chiropractor? | Step-By-Step Guide

How to Become a Chiropractor

How to Become a Chiropractor? To complete a chiropractic degree and become a licensed D.C, will require almost 8-10 years of your life.

Medical practice has mostly changed with the past few years with people interested in seeking the most modern way of treatment having less use of drugs and more natural ways of pain management. Chiropractic practice comes when a patient seeking natural health treatments. If you are a the stage of your education where you have to decide on your career then this is the best time to know how to become a chiropractor.  

How to Become a Chiropractor?

“A chiropractor is being trained in treating the dislocation of joints and use spinal alternation techniques to relieve pain in muscles and joints.”


A chiropractor treats patients of any age. Such patients usually believe in non-surgical ways of treatment.

Many people depend on the skill of chiropractor to help them heal from injuries generated from daily routine work, they are also called a doctor of chiropractic. The patient comes with a problem of muscular, nervous and skeletal system especially the spine and a chiropractor treat and diagnoses problems that are mostly related to these systems. The most important thing a chiropractor should have is sympathy for his/her patient, physical skills and scientific knowledge comes after empathy.

Anatomy and diagnostics are one of the main subjects that are taught in chiropractic schools in the 4-year course and chiropractors use the information of these subjects to adjust the joints and spine for better alignment and better posture.  Then they obtain a medical history from the patient and check the physical test result in order to develop a treatment plan. 

For patient’s wellness, they often advise them to do proper exercise and take good care of nutrition. Sometimes they help the patient y giving them a proper workout and diet plan. After completing the 4 years of study in a chiropractic school, they earn a degree in D.C or a doctor of chiropractic.

 After completing the D.C program, they must pass the board certification test and maintain a professional license to practice. After completing their studies, chiropractors can do private practice at their clinics or can join an established practice or seek an appointment at a health care facility. This field of medicine is expanding with each passing year.

How long does it take to become a chiropractor?

To complete a chiropractic degree and become a licenced D.C, will require almost 8-10 years of your life. But remember it is worth it.

Following are the main steps you should keep in mind before going to a chiropractic school:

  1. What college degree you should have before applying to a chiropractic school
  2. What is taught in chiropractic schools and classes
  3. What are the further specialization options a chiropractor have
  4. How to obtain a chiropractic licence:


Before going to a chiropractor school, you will need a pre-med background. First of all, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree in science. Because of this pre-med background, one can check the admissions criteria at a chiropractor school. The pre-med background helps a lot in a chiropractic school because of the basic knowledge of the human body you are already having. Because of this advanced degree, you can work as a private practitioner and also as a partner with other medical professionals. Their jobs are also ranked at the top of health care. 


A chiropractor school usually lasts for four years. In these four years, you’ll get complete knowledge  of the human body.

After completing the school, chiropractor earns a Doctor of Chiropractor (D.C) degree. The students are experienced in spinal adjustment techniques, assessments and the are also capable of making the diagnosis.

Students are taught about the body working at a minimum level to treat the patient properly. This study is not just to teach students how to treat a patient’s spine.

In the chiropractor classes, first, the students will learn about palpation. You’ll learn to examine a body by using your hands and fingers. After mastering this technique, the next technique that you’ll learn is the adjusting technique, which is in a specific order: Mid-back, Low-back, Cervical adjustment. First, you need to be comfortable in adjusting the mid-back and low- back then comes the cervical because it is the most delicate one.

In chiropractor study, the most challenging yet rewarding subject is Neuroanatomy as you’ll learn how a signal travels throughout the body when one moves one finger. As textbooks show what most people look like, that’s why lab experience is the most important one. This real body study experience will help you recognize the issues that your future patients may have.


Some of the chiropractor’s specialization areas are bellow:

  •  Nutrition 
  •  Paediatrics
  •  Rehabilitation
  •  Forensic medicine 
  •  Neurology
  •  Ophthalmology
  •  Imaging
  •  Sports medicine

               As a nutritionist, a chiropractor can tell his patients about the diet they are having and what are the good and bad effects of some meals. For example’ if an unhealthy person is continuously eating cholesterol-rich diet, it will only be harmful to his health.

His chiropractor has to make sure that he is having more green vegetables and less fast food. A chiropractor can give a nutrition plan to his patient if he wants to.


           As a pediatric, a chiropractor experiences kids or younger children having spine problems, posture problems or joint abnormalities. 

Treating a kid is itself a challenge and when it comes to the spine or joint problems, the challenge is doubled. So a chiropractor must have patience. 


                Rehabilitation is one of the most important therapy that a chiropractor is doing these days.

After any injury or any trauma, the first thing that a person wants is rehabilitation. It deals with the wide variety of problems that usually affects the brain, nerves, joints etc.

Sometimes when someone broke their bone, they try to do rehabilitation at home but remember it can b very risky act. Rehabilitation requires a lot of skill, knowledge about the anatomy of the human body and what will happen if we do the therapy wrong. 

This is where a chiropractor comes in. Chiropractic rehabilitation is doing great benefit to human health these days. They use tools to diagnose the area of injury and then help the patient throughout the recovery process for a better result.

Back pain is one of the most common problems that most of the Americans are having these days and when it begins in a person, they usually neglect it and with time, it can cause serious neurological problems. Chiropractic rehabilitation deals with back pain so easily.

The poor back posture or nutritional deficiency doesn’t require rehabilitation therapy. These problems can be treated without rehabilitation.

The main problem that draws our interest in rehabilitation is disc herniation or nerve damage.

The people who don’t believe in chiropractic practice prefer surgeries or sedative drugs in problems like disc herniation but soon they realize that sedative drugs and surgeries are more side effects than benefits. That is why rehabilitation chiropractic practice is always the best answer to these problems.  


                   In order to get the truth from injury of a dead body or a survivor, about any incident and then analyse the result through this investigation, people mostly seek help from a chiropractic forensic expert. 


             Neurology is one of the very vast fields of chiropractic practice. It is the most difficult one yet most of the students prefer it because of the great opportunities this field provides and also the experience this field is providing.

The knowledge of a chiropractic student about anatomy, physiology and about the spinal tracts that are responsible for the actions of parts of the human body and what will happen if only one of the either ascending or descending tract’s normal physiology is disturbed, comes when practising chiropractic as a neurologist.


                  One of the most sensitive organ in the human body is the eye. Imagine anything wrong with your eyes, all the daily life functions would be altered. Eye surgeries are usually very painful and expensive. Most of the people in the US can’t even afford eye surgeries. That is when they prefer to go to a chiropractor whenever someone’s child got strabismus in his/her eye.

  •  IMAGING:  

           Radiology study or practice is one of the major goals for a chiropractor. Not only it has a vast variety of work experience, but also you can also make a lot of money through this if you want to be rich one day.


                 Last but not the least, sports medicine is one of the most talked-about field in chiropractic practice.

Children while playing or riding a bicycle, college students while playing a football or rugby match, athletes while playing their games; all of them whenever get themselves injure, they prefer to go to a chiropractor instead of a surgeon. 

Nowadays patients don’t want expensive and sedative drugs or surgeries for the treatment of their problems, rather they want simple and inexpensive therapy which only a chiropractor could provide.  


For a license, you need to pass a series of exam from NCBE.

You have to give the exam in four steps to get a license:

Step 1: This step includes general anatomy, physiology, microbiology and others. You can take this step during the second year of school.

Step 2: This step covers diagnosis, chiropractic practice, diagnostic imaging and other specialized topics. You can take this step during the third year of school.

Step 3: This step covers case management, history and clinical exams. You can take it 6 to 9 months after you graduate.

Step 4: This step covers more advanced chiropractor techniques and case management. You can also take this step 6 to 9 months after graduation.

After passing all these steps you can easily get your license.


When someone suffers a back injury like a football player who hurt his back during a football tackle, usually typical western medicine does not offer to relieve this kind of pain. A chiropractor is the one who can help in this kind of situation.

Because a chiropractor is the one who provides non-pharmaceutical solution of the pain problem, which western medicine is unable to provide.

Western pain medications are highly addictive while chiropractic practice has no such issue. Patients become very happy with chiropractic treatment because they no longer need opioids drugs and because of this reason they are very thankful towards their chiropractic doctor. 


Job opportunities for a chiropractor are expected to increase by 4 percent within the next 10 years, which is almost equal to other medical-related professions.

Due to this reason, the students related to the medical field are now very interested in becoming a chiropractor. Nowadays, people around us are not very fond of using drugs and they prefer non-surgical methods of pain management that’s why they want to see a chiropractor rather than a medical doctor in case of a spinal injury or joint injury.


A chiropractor does not need to attend a proper medical school but there are similarities between both. A chiropractor takes a patients medical history and performs different tests for diagnosis in the same manner a doctor does and his diagnosis also depends upon the neurological examinations, blood tests and imaging.

After making this diagnosis, the treatment plan is given on these facts. Some disorders that are beyond the knowledge of a chiropractor is referred to a health care provider or a medical doctor for better result. Sometimes in this situation, a chiropractor diagnoses and treat patients along with the help other health care specialists.

The way of treatment of a chiropractor is to focus on whole body health by usually treating the joints. A chiropractor doesn’t believe in performing surgery for treatment and that is one of the main difference between a chiropractor and a medical doctor.

Most of the medical doctor refer patients to a chiropractor. Because they play a key role in treating patients with musculoskeletal disorders. In this way, chiropractor is playing an important role in the health sector department.

Some years ago, medical doctors had old school of thoughts that chiropractors are not real doctors but this thinking is now almost faded away because of the amazing work chiropractor is doing.  


The neuromusculoskeletal system includes muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves, a chiropractor deals a patient mostly with this system problem by management and adjustment of the spine as well as back and neck of the patient.

Following are some of the main duties of a chiropractor in pain management: 

  •  First of all, ask the patients medical history, listen to all the complains they have and briefly ask relative questions from the patient by not making him uncomfortable.

  • After that perform a physical exam on the patient and check the posture, spine, and reflexes of the patient. This will mainly tell you the problem with the patient. 

  • After taking the physical exam of the patient, conduct different tests, which usually include x-rays and help in the evaluation of the patient’s posture.

  • If there is some problem with the posture of the patient, which is mainly a spine problem, or if there is any other spine problem then give the patient neuromusculoskeletal therapy. It will adjust most of the joints of the spinal column problem.

  •  It is best if you can give a better nutrition plan or an exercise plan for the patient to improve his lifestyle and eating habits. But if you can’t provide the plan, you can at least advise the patient to improve his lifestyle by eating well.

  •  Applying cold or heat on the injured area of the patient is one of the additional treatments that a chiropractor can provide to their patient.

  •  If a patient comes to you and his treatment is beyond your level of expertise then refer him to another health care professionals immediately.  

A chiropractor’s whole belief system depends upon the fact that there is some malfunctioning in the tissues, ascending and descending tracts of the person’s neuromuscular system and that can result in poor health of the patients. 

By adjusting these malfunctioned systems, through rehabilitation therapy, massage, physical exercise and ultrasound the spine, posture or joint problem can be solved.


Following are some of the main questions a patient can think of before visiting a chiropractor:

  1. What is the chiropractor’s reputation in town?
  2. How long have the chiropractor being working into a private clinic?
  3. What is the speciality of the chiropractor?
  4. Does the speciality linked to patient’s problem?
  5. What is the behaviour of a chiropractor with the patients and other people?
  6. What is the reputation and behaviour of the chiropractor’s staff member with the patient and his family?
  7. What the charges of the chiropractor he/she is going to visit?
  8. People also compare these things with other chiropractors in town. 

In order to leave a good mark in the mind of the patient, the chiropractor should maintain a reputation. When a patient comes, first of all, ask him to sit down, give him a friendly environment where he won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Then ask his medical history briefly, starting with what happened to him and how. 

Counselling is one of the basic job that a chiropractor should do in the very beginning, it leaves a peaceful effect on the patient’s mind as he is already afraid of the problem he is having.

Don’t make the patient uncomfortable with unnecessary questions that are not related to the problem or your interest.

Make sure that the staff or attendants working at your clinic are not rude toward the patient.  


Before getting chiropractic treatment, most people have this concern that whether a chiropractic practice is safe or not.

Their concern is because of the noises that come from the spine of bones while a chiropractor is trying to adjust them. Many people think that is will cause damage to the bones in the long run. But if you are having your treatment from a professional who has a licence to practice than chiropractic adjustment is safe. There is no harm in these popping noises as they are just coming from the bones of the spine while your chiropractor is trying to adjust them.

The fact is, chiropractic rehabilitation has a lower ratio of side effects as compared to other medical treatments like surgeries or hypnotic drugs. The sedative or hypnotic drugs make a patient addictive to them. After using them for a long period of time a person can’t even sleep without them, after leaving them. There is no such addiction problem in chiropractic therapy.

 During the process of treatment, all a chiropractor is doing is that he is only trying to adjust the patient’s spine by applying a pressure of a very small amount that will only move the vertebrae slightly. This small pressure will also loosen the joint from the incorrect position and chiropractor will then place it into a correct position. This can be done by applying gentle force in the correct position the back or bone needs to go. It will give an immediate effect of relaxation to the patients from the pain they are having from a lot of time 

Chiropractic practice is also very helpful in pregnant woman. Because of the weight of the baby that a woman is bearing, it can cause back problems in the woman, whether it is back pain or posture irregularities. All these problems are very bad for a women who is carrying a child. 

Chiropractors make sure to give relief to a patient who is suffering from a long term problem. It is a very noble profession. 

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How to Become a Chiropractor? | Step-By-Step Guide

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