How Many Work Hours In A Month?

Working a permanent job is the dream of almost every person in the world. Everyone studies and gets good grades to finally end up in their dream job. Even though it is not correct to judge people by their marks, honestly the world does judge on that. You need good grades to get success and not just good grades you need to have good values to end up in a good job. To remain in that job and secure your position where you need to keep your work up to date and also satisfactory. How Many Work Hours In A Month? Let us know more about it.

How Many Work Hours In A Month?

This helps in maintaining a good work-life balance. Neither your work nor your family should be affected because of your work hours. Even if the salary is high, you have to sacrifice your precious family time for it; is it worth it? 

Will The Work Hours Vary According To The Job?

  • The answer is definitely yes. The number of work hours will depend on the salary they pay and also on the position you are in. Mostly if you are in a higher position then you might have to work longer than people who are in a lower position. In the same way, if you are paid more, then it is obvious that you are expected to work more than the others. The work hours are different for each company. 
  • Usually, the average working hours per day is 6 to 8 hours. This time can be lessened or can be longer according to the company you are working for. If you want to calculate the work hours per month then you have to first calculate the total number of working days in a month. Some companies do give both Saturday as well as Sunday as a holiday whereas some companies may offer just Sunday as a holiday.
  • If your company has a lot of workloads then you might not even get Sunday as a holiday. Therefore, the work hours per month usually depend on the situation your company is in or what it follows as company guidelines.
  • At the same time, it is also up to you how much time you want to work. How much salary do you need to have as per your and your family’s requirements? If you belong to a non-wealthy family, then you may want to work long hours and even work overtime to get that little extra pay.

Which Job Has The Longest And Shortest Working Hours?

  • Usually, the people who work by themselves or have self-owned shops and industries have to work longer when compared to people who are working in a corporate office. 
  • The occupation which has the longest working hours is that of farmers. Gardeners, Horticulturists, and shopkeepers also have long working hours. 
  • The people who have the shortest working hours are the engineers or people who work in corporate industries. The multinational companies have fixed working hours which can range from 7 to 9 hours. When compared to the people like farmers, they also have job security. 

Some Jobs and their work hours per month-

1. Farmers

They have the longest working hours. They may not be employed throughout the year. Their work starts from tilling the soil and sowing seeds till the final harvest of the crop. They may also have to sell the produce in the local market to go get the money.

Monthly work hours- 464 Hours

2. Shopkeepers

Their work is usually to buy products from other wholesale markets and sell them to the locals. They have to buy the items as stock from the wholesale market and then can apply their price to the product and then sell them to the customers. 

Monthly work hours- 296 Hours

3. Hotel and Accommodation Managers

Their job is usually to make sure that their visitors and the people who want to stay in their hotels are well accommodated in their suites. All the matters of the comfort of customers and visitors are handled by the hotel and the accommodation manager. The job is usually taken in shifts as morning and evening shifts.

Monthly work hours- 252 Hours

4. Boat and shipbuilders or ships

The main job of these people is to make and repair boats and ships. Boats with regular use may develop cracks and can be more susceptible to accidents if used under such conditions. Therefore, it is important to repair or buy a new boat to prevent such accidents.

Monthly work hours- 224 Hours

When you take up a job you are offered, make sure that you read its guidelines beforehand. In these guidelines, the code of conduct and working hours are usually well mentioned. Make sure to only take up a job that you find suitable for your needs and requirements. 


In the end, do whatever job works best for you. There are several factors that you should consider before you take up a job. Make sure that apart from the salary, you also consider factors like family background, livelihood, health, etc. Don’t be in a hurry to get a job just because it offers a good package. Do proper research, then only take up the job. While some of the jobs, like that of a shopkeeper and shipbuilder, are only meant for those who have a family background like that, don’t let this stop you from getting your dream job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

1)What if I am not able to fulfill the working hour’s criteria of the day?

Answer– The managers will not see if you were sitting all through the required working hours or not. Their focus is on the completion of work assigned to you. If you can complete the work within a shorter period, well and good. If not, you might have to work overtime some other day.

2)What about holidays and vacations? Will it be included in working hours?

Answer– Holidays like Christmas and New Year are the same for all. You need not worry, not working on these days will not add to your working hours on other days. Every company mentions a specific number of paid holidays. If you are taking a vacation within those days, there will be no extra work time. In any case, you will have to make sure that you complete the work assigned to you.

How Many Work Hours In A Month?

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