Quality Job Titles- Find More About It

Quality assurance is the various ways or processes a company, organization, or industry puts in place to maintain their customer’s or client’s satisfaction with the products or services they’re rendering while preventing and correcting any irregularities, defects, or mistakes made during every delivery or production stage of their products and services. Let us know more detail about ‘Quality Job Titles’.

Quality Job Titles

Quality Job Titles

If you’re looking for a Quality Assurance job, you’d probably find a variety of jobs like quality analyst, quality manager, and more out there, and that’s because organizations refer to them with different titles, tweaking their responsibilities along the way. So to be on the safer side whilst applying for a position, here are added expected duties and responsibilities to each title. Be sure to pick the one that suits you the most!

Quality job titles, descriptions, and responsibilities:

Quality technician 

Job description- Quality technicians perform basic duties required in quality management.

  • Conducts tests on products to determine their qualities
  • Collates received products report
  • Reports results of tested and inspected products, etc

They earn an estimate of $40,000 annually.

Manufacturing Engineer 

Job description- Manufacturing, process, or project engineers utilize engineering skills in developing, improving, and optimizing quality management performance.

  • Develops quality management processes
  • Ensures developed processes yield positive results
  • Optimizes processes and ensures quality requirements are met, etc

They earn an average of $90,000 annually.

Quality Analyst

Job description- Quality analysts use statistical methods to create, analyze, and coordinate reports.

  • Analyses data using statistics
  • Coordinates collated data
  • Creates reports, etc 

They earn an average of $70,000 annually.

Quality Associate

Job description- A quality associate is like a primer. He just primarily dabbles in and assists others in quality improvement projects. Doesn’t shoulder any major responsibilities in the organization but takes and assists members of the quality management team.

  • Collates data
  • Assists quality manager and other quality employees
  • Tracks and reports projects, etc

They earn an estimate of $60,000 annually

Quality Auditor

Job description- A quality auditor is responsible for all auditing projects regarding quality management In the organization.

  • Creates reports on audits
  • Follow up on audits needing corrections, etc

They earn an estimate of $40,000 annually.

Quality Engineer

Job description- Quality engineers deal with the interface aspects of quality management. Designing, evaluating, and analyzing quality assurance or management processes is their turf.

  • Designs Inspection mechanisms/equipment
  • Recommends mechanisms or equipment to be used
  • Trains other employees on how to use and operate designed machinery, etc

They earn an annual salary of about $90,000

Quality Consultant

Job description- A quality consultant is usually a veteran in the quality assurance field, having tons of experience working in different aspects of this niche. He provides quality management programs, trains the organization’s employees, and facilitates the organization’s quality assurance Development.

  • Provides direction
  • Advises employees on how to handle projects
  • Ensures quality services and products in the organization are provided, etc

They earn an estimate of $120,000 annually.

Quality Coordinator

Job description- Quality coordinators mainly collate all information related to quality assurance projects and distribute any discovery to members of the organization or even clients. 

  • Ensure strict compliance with quality management procedures
  • Generated and distributed reports related to quality management
  • Documents any useful quality management discovery
  • It might also train other employees in quality management skills, etc

They earn an estimate of $60,000 annually.

Quality assurance Director

Job description- A quality assurance Director or quality director controls and manages all aspects of and processes of quality assurance. Takes responsibilities for all quality assurance procedures, trains employees, and manages the organization’s quality assurance system.

  • They report to the president or vice president.
  • Set rules and policies
  • Implements plans strategically, etc

 They earn an average salary of about $135,000 annually

Quality Inspector

Job description- A quality Inspector is responsible for checking and inspecting instruments, products, and resources by ensuring they meet up to the organization’s expected standards.

  • Processes report on instruments and materials
  • Inspects and processes products
  • Ensures techniques used to meet the organization’s goal, etc

They earn an estimate of $50,000 annually.

Quality Manager

Job description- A quality manager oversees quality assurance processes within an organization. They are responsible for dealing with consumers or clients with issues or complaints about their products or services.

  • Recommends and implements corrective quality management actions
  • Responsible for dealing with customers’ complaints
  • Ensures continuous quality management in the organization, etc

They earn an annual salary of about $110,00

Quality Software Engineer

Job description- A quality software engineer develops and uses software or software-based systems to design, test, and improve quality management methods.

  • Recommends test methods for software verification, inspection, and validation
  • Develops and improves software
  • Recommends and develops product or service improvement methods, etc

They earn an estimate of $110,000 annually.

Quality Specialist

Job description- A quality specialist is an expert in a specific field in quality management. Duties to be performed depending on each person’s area of specialization( could be analyst, coordinator, inspector, engineer, etc.)

  • Must implement and show high skills level in assigned field

They earn an estimate of $71,000

Quality Supervisor or Quality control Supervisor.

Job description- A quality supervisor assesses and oversees the production processes whilst recommending necessary modifications in the quality department.

  •  Ensures strict adherence to quality procedures
  • Supervises employee skills while hiring
  • Implements and enforces quality policies
  • Recommends machinery or equipment
  • Writes reports etc

They earn an estimate of $70,000 yearly.

Quality Supplier Engineer

Job description- A quality supplier engineer is responsible for sourcing quality suppliers who can supply quality products or resources for the organization.

  • Sources for quality suppliers
  • Improves and develops resources together with the suppliers
  • Ensures suppliers improve their products or service qualities, etc

They earn an average of $90,000 annually

Quality Vice President or executive

Job description- A quality executive or vice president is the champion of the quality management department. Establishing, giving directions, and making changes to quality processes in the organization whilst discussing with other executives is a quality vice president role.

  • Supervises and oversees activities within the quality management team
  • Establishes conducive and effective procedures for quality improvement
  • They monitor and make necessary modifications to quality processes, etc

They earn an estimate of$190,000 annually

Quality Laboratory Technician

Job description- A quality laboratory technician writes reports and procedures in materials, products, resources, and processes and also tracks and analyzes them to ensure they meet the organization’s quality requirements.

  • Fixes any problematic products
  • Adhered to quality techniques
  • Writes and analyses reports
  • Prepare sample products for testing, etc

They earn an annual salary of about $50,000. 

Quality Reliability / Safety Engineer

Job description- Quality reliability or safety engineer mainly relies on previous reports or procedures to predict possible outcomes for certain procedures, thereby increasing the reliability of products and services.

  • Ensures product maintenance reliability and safety
  • Reports reliability and safety of products
  • Develops and conducts reliability tests on products
  • Analyses and writes reports on failed procedures and performance, etc

They earn about $110,000 annually.

Other quality job titles include…

  • Test Engineer
  • Quality Control
  • Tester
  • Quality black belt
  • Qa Automation Engineer
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Test Technician
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Senior Quality Engineer
  • Test Analyst
  • Qa Lead
  • Software Test Analyst
  • Software Tester
  • Quality Improvement Specialist
  • Test Manager
  • Quality green belt
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Quality Control Chemist
  • Software Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Quality Systems Manager
  • Supplier Quality Manager
  • Test Architect
  • Manual Tester
  • Validation Technician
  • Manual Qa Tester
  • Functional Tester
  • Quality Control Assistant
  • Quality educator/instructor
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Test Developer
  • Usability Engineer
  • Calibration Technician
  • Quality champion
  • Six Sigma Engineer
  • Usability Specialist
  • Quality statistician 
  • Quality laboratory technician, etc

As the main focus of quality assurance is to provide their clients the most positive experience and maintains clients’ confidence about their products or services, it’s no surprise that quality assurance jobs are usually found in the following departments;

Customer service and care

This department is crucial to the organization’s products or services as customers interact with people in this department the most. It’s necessary to employ friendly and service-oriented quality assurance professionals in this department as it’s essential to maintain clients’ satisfaction with products and Listen to their feedback and complaints about their products/services quality.

Quality Management

Having a quality management system in an organization helps clients enforce their expected changes in products and services delivered by making sure their interests are well attended to.

Product design

As consumers’ tastes and preferences are constantly changing and quality assurance involves a good design deal, it’s Paramount to design and redesign products/service’s manufacturing processes to fit and exceed clients’ needs and preferences.


 A quality testing department tests the organization’s products, goods, or services to ensure the company’s goods, services or products satisfy the customer’s expectation


Quality assurance professionals are involved In different aspects of the end-to-end processes in quality management. They use evaluations and reports to gauge and correct necessary aspects of quality management. Therefore, titles are varied and unique across different fields

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why is quality assurance important?

Quality assurance or quality management is important in your company, organization, or industry, regardless of any niche, because it builds trust with your clients, meets their needs or expectations, and most importantly, facilitates a good relationship with them. And this keeps them coming back to you for business.

  • What is the hierarchy of job titles?

Job titles hierarchy in organizations, industries, or companies usually differs from each other, as they all depend on the company’s preference. But generally, here’s the hierarchy from highest to lowest.

Presidents > Vice president\Executive> Director > Manager > Supervisor > Other employees.

Quality Job Titles- Find More About It

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