How long is the waitlist on Instacart

Companies like Instacart had to implement waitlists to better manage the volume of applicants due to the rising demand for work with flexible schedules in the gig economy. If you’re itching to get to work, you can avoid the holdup and start picking up shifts immediately. Let’s know about how long is the waitlist on Instacart.

How long is the waitlist on Instacart

In most cases, the wait time in line will not exceed a few days. The time it takes to get the first shift for some Instacart workers can be months. There is currently no way to know how long of a wait you may be in for. The typical Instacart waiting list time is between 2 to 6 months.

Instacart’s Waitlist Explained

Finally, keep in mind that the Instacart shopper application waiting affects people who want to join the Instacart shopper team. In most cases, the user experience on the platform’s consumer end is unaffected. You might be affected if you’re thinking about signing up with Instacart. This indicates that demand is low in your region.

For this reason, Instacart has placed you on a waiting list. Until either the demand in the area increases or a number of existing shoppers quit the platform, you will not be able to sign up as an Instacart shopper. Instacart needs fewer shoppers during slow periods when fewer orders are being placed. Having more customers than orders means the business is probably losing money. A waiting list organized by postal code has been set up to reduce the likelihood of this happening. There will be a waiting list if your region has more potential customers than orders available. 

Skipping the Instacart Waiting List

Your best bet may be to pass on joining any local waitlists. Changing your postal code is the most effective method of doing this. Even though you can’t jump the queue, you can start window shopping elsewhere.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Your postal code is required information when applying to become an Instacart shopper. As is customary, please include your postal code alongside your street address.

However, it’s possible that you don’t reside in the downtown area. In that instance, you can find that your residence has a different postal code than the downtown area. The greater foot traffic in the central business district suggests that more store employees may be required. Moving to a downtown ZIP code will make your shop quicker.

Method of Approach

If you want to know how long the wait time is or when you can expect to get approved, your best bet is to get in touch with Instacart customer care. It’s possible to do this by email, telephone, or the website’s built-in chat feature. Contacting Instacart’s customer service after applying is the only way to find out where you stand. This will let you know how long you’ll have to wait until you can start shopping or whether you need to make any changes to your application to avoid the queue altogether.

Instacart will take your name off the waiting list when a spot opens up. The process cannot be sped up significantly, unfortunately. When a spot opens up, Instacart will notify you through email; all you have to do is wait. You are free to terminate your application at any moment if you determine that the time spent on the Instacart waitlist is not worthwhile for you.

What to do to avoid the Instacart Waitlist?

Waiting for a market opening is the only way to get off the Instacart waiting list. Sadly, getting off the waitlist by using tricks or contacting Instacart Shopper support is not possible now. It used to be possible to deceive Instacart by signing up with multiple Zip codes and then having customer assistance switch your Zip code to your market by email, but I doubt that this is now an option.

Shopping Cart Payments Through Instacart

You have to think about how much money each delivery will cost you as well as how many deliveries you can make in an hour. However, the average hourly wage for an Instacart worker is about $12. Working with Instacart can net you up to $16 per hour if you’re skilled at what you do and efficient. You can usually anticipate an hourly wage between $11 and $12.

On top of that, the amount you make is determined by factors, including your location and whether or not you expect to earn tips. You will, at the very least, be paid the minimum salary. Daily earnings are probably going to fluctuate. After all, there are a lot of variables to think about, such as demand, the frequency of your deliveries, and your costs.


While it may be difficult to get concrete information on factors like how long the Instacart waitlist is in a given area, candidates should know that they have options if they find themselves on the list and are unable to go forward. Applicants can get in touch with Instacart via their website, where they are likely to receive a prompt response from a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team who can offer advice on avoiding being placed on Instacart’s waitlist. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where Can I Check To See Whether My Name Is Still On The Instacart Waitlist?

The simplest way to find out if you’ve been removed from the waitlist and are now able to shop with Instacart is to verify the email address you used to sign up for the service.

  • Is It Possible to Use INSTACART In Another Country?

You can perform Instacart in several states if you apply to drive in multiple markets and are approved, as stated by Instacart shoppers on the Indeed website.

  • What Does the No Spot Available Message on Instacart Mean?

If there are “no Instacart slots available” when you apply to become a shopper, that indicates you have been placed on a waiting list.

How long is the waitlist on Instacart

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