Are the DCC Members allowed to keep their Uniforms?

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders or DCC are an internationally recognized cheerleading squad for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. America’s Sweethearts are often presented in popular culture wearing a royal blue blouse, white fringe vest, and 15-star shorts. For decades, their unique style, long legs, and long hair have drawn attention. Let us know about DCC Members are allowed to keep their Uniforms.

DCC Members Allowed to Keep their Uniforms

The characteristic DCC outfit is custom-tailored to suit each lady; once they formally accept them into the team, it is theirs and theirs alone. Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders make $15-20 per hour and $500 each match, or over $75,000 annually. Business, private, and promotional events might earn them money. Although cheerleaders are now present in practically every sport, they are a relatively new idea. They are now essential in representing the clubs they support and selling items. They keep their employees motivated, and the audience engaged.

DCC Uniforms

The outfit of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is famous. As if that were not enough, DCC is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its distinctive outfit this season.

They do their laundry. Football players may have their outfits cleaned on-site, but cheerleaders cannot! “It is grown a bit more difficult since we put crystals to the stars,” Finglass explains. The stars are now detachable since they are attached to a Velcro foundation. “The white fabric is a polyester, and it does not wrinkle; you can throw it in the washing machine; you do not have to have it cleaned,” says Judy Trammell, the choreographer.

Other NFL cheer teams have a distinctive appearance or uniform, but most do not give everyone custom-fitted clothing. Instead, the outfits are custom-made and purchased from dance costume businesses in generic sizes. Every year, they hand on to the new cheerleading.

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Instead of a single characteristic style, they give cheer teams a variety of additional outfits to wear during the year. Every year, they strive to be better and better. They constantly change their clothes, maneuvers, and even the whole team. Every detail is paid attention to, and their outfits are no exception!

The most recent addition to their iconic attire is a new boot. It is still white western boots. On the other hand, the boot is far more malleable and lightweight. They tailored jerseys to each lady on the squad, so expect even higher kicks, lovely legs, and huge grins on the field.

Facts about DCC

  • Some uniforms are timeless

The last time the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders updated their uniform was in 2002, when they added a belt with an extensive western buckle.

  • Auditions take a considerable amount of time 

Since hundreds of women try out to be Cowboys cheerleaders annually, it’s no surprise that the selection process is intricate. According to the team’s website, the Cowboys cheerleading gauntlet consists of “application, preliminary audition, semi-final audition, personal interview, written exam, and final talent tryouts.”

  • They generate a lot of money

Cheerleaders generate more than $1 million in club income per year, according to a Forbes estimate from 2003. That income is estimated to have increased more than a decade later.

  • There is no coworker dating

Cheerleaders are prohibited from “fraternizing, dating, cohabiting, or marrying current Seahawks workers,” which includes the team’s mascot, according to the three-page Sea Gals regulations.

How to Become a DCC?

You should be at least 18 years, have a GED or diploma to join the preliminary auditions. The DCC has no minimum height or weight restrictions. You should, nevertheless, seem well-proportioned in their dancing clothing. The Dallas Cowboys need everyone to re-audition for the squad, even if they cheered the previous season.

DCC Salary

Here is how much Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders make:

According to Scott Fujita, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders make roughly $15-20 per hour or $500 per match. When divided by a year, they earn around $75,000 each year. According to BizJournals, since 2019, cheerleader compensation has increased from $8 to $12 per hour, with game-day pay increasing from $200 to $400.


Equipment workers handle the outfits for professional football players. But cheerleaders do it for themselves. They provide the cheerleaders of the Seattle Sea Gals with team-owned outfits that must be washed and maintained in working condition by the cheerleaders, who pay for such upkeep out of their wallets.

Some professional cheerleaders become coaches who subsequently coach NFL or NBA teams. Although professional cheerleaders may not begin with high payment, they might discover chances while on the squad. Marketing possibilities, sponsorships, and travel chances may assist them in developing helpful business contacts. Professional cheerleaders may start their enterprises on the side if they wisely use their time as part of the squad. 


1. What Does the Star on the Cowboy’s Clothing Mean?

The Texas state flag also includes a single star, and Dallas is home to the Dallas Stars, a professional hockey franchise. The star is supposed to represent unification, and the color blue is selected to represent tranquillity and peace as a reminder to exercise good sportsmanship.

2. Is it a Yearly Requirement for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to Go Through Tryouts?

DCC is usually regarded as the most challenging NFL cheer squad to form. Each year, veteran squad members must re-audition. Finglass was the only cheerleader in DCC history to be chosen back for a fifth season without having to re-audition.

Are the DCC Members allowed to keep their Uniforms?

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