How Long Is Orientation For The Post Office?

The United States postal service is not only the biggest service of delivering packages, parcels, and mails, It is also one of the biggest hiring companies in the United States. It hires more than thousands of people in a single day. It is hard to get selected for the hiring process of USPS because it is a federal job and federal jobs are comparatively harder to achieve than private jobs. Let’s Know How Long Is Orientation For The Post Office?

After the selection process, your training for the USPS job you applied for will proceed. 

The first step after you are selected will be the orientation process. What all happens in the orientation process of the post office? How long does it last? Is it hard to pass the orientation at USPS? Well, to know everything about the orientation procedure of the Post Office, make sure to read the article till the end. 

How Long Is Orientation For The Post Office? 

As the answer to this question, the duration of the orientation process at the post office will be probably 2 to 3 days long. The duration of orientation also depends on the location of the post office you applied for. Each post office branch works independently, so they might have some changes in the procedure and timings. Hence, the duration of the whole process can be delayed as well. Also, the timings for the orientation process can be different according to the job position you have applied for.

What Is The Orientation Process At The Post Office?

An orientation process is a scenario of letting the employee know about the terms and policies of the company. In the orientation, they work on making him or her familiar with the company they will work for. The procedure of orientation will be held in the orientation classroom at the Post Office itself. The location of your orientation can vary according to the location. Some of the companies will want you to visit another place for the orientation process rather than the official post office. 

Is The Orientation At The Post Office Hard? 

Not at all, the orientation process at the post office is not that hard. Many of you must be thinking that the orientation process will be hard enough to go through. Well, you should know that you have passed the application process and been selected for the orientation till now. For someone like you who has the capability of getting selected for the orientation is enough to pass orientation. Just have to make sure that you are following the Do’s and avoiding the Don’ts. Do not Misbehave and ignore the essential rules and regulations for the orientation process.  It will lead you to receive a rejection for your application 

What Happens In The Orientation At The Post Office? 

Several things happen in the entire procedure of orientation at the post office. Each step of orientation at the post office are mentioned below accordingly:- 

  • The first day of your orientation process will be all about the goals and visions of the United States Postal Service.
  • They will show you different videos about how the company works, and how you need to work according to the job role you applied for. 
  • They will also tell you about the company’s terms and policies. It is because, before joining a company you should know how the company works, and what are the conditions to work at the Post Office. 
  • As the next step, you are also going to swear in. You will have to take a pledge to say that you are a trustworthy person to have a job at a federal company. You will have to swear that you will be honest and give your best to the Post Office Company.
  • The company will also let you know about the history and how things changed from the past till now. 
  • The company will let you know about the safety policies of the post office. As we all are familiar with the fact that, the Post Office is a federal company and the chances of getting in trouble in such types of companies are higher. So, to beware of theft, they will show you different videos about how to handle such kinds of situations. 


In conclusion, the orientation for a job at the post office will last 2 to 3 days. The process is not hard at all. You only have to behave well. The process involves the introduction of the company to the recruit. It also includes the processor letting the recruit know about the terms and policies of working at the company.


  1. Can I use my mobile phone at USPS orientation? 

No, you can not use your mobile phone at USPS orientation. They are strictly prohibited for usage at USPS orientation. You should switch it off during the orientation.

  1. What should I wear for my USPS? orientation?

It is not necessary to dress in all formals to a USPS orientation. You should try combining the suggestions given below:- 

A buttoned-up light-colored shirt. 

Any pant or trouser

A sweater (if it’s winter) 

Black Leather Shoes 

  1. What is the time I’ll have to reach the USPS Orientation?

You should reach by the time of 8:00 am or according to the time provided to you in the mail you received. 

How Long Is Orientation For The Post Office?

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