How Long is Orientation at Subway?

How Long is Orientation at Subway

Every new hire will go through orientation or training once they get hired for a position at a company. It is part of their job and helps the employee in getting accustomed to the new work environment. The orientation at Subway trains the employee to execute different tasks at work with perfection. Let us get a deeper understanding of orientation at Subway. 

How Long is Orientation at Subway?

Subway trains its new hires to perform different tasks. Once the candidate clears the interview, the Store Manager invites them for the orientation. The orientation program lasts for five days in which the shortlisted candidates receive training on various aspects required for the job.  

What is The Orientation Program at Subway?

The candidates who clear the interview will give a pretest on the day of their orientation. After completing the pretest, the candidates must complete some paperwork concerning taxes and sign several documents. 

It is after completing the paperwork, the real deal begins. Employees at Subway go through a five-day training period to watch and learn how to put together various sandwiches. Going through training doesn’t guarantee the job. The trainee needs to pass every test conducted at the end of each training shift to receive the job. Here’s detailed information about the training program at Subway.

Day 1 of Training Shift 

Day 1 of the training shift involves a quick tour of the store. Trainees receive their Subway uniform set on the first day of their training. The training shift ends with a one-hour trainer observation when they cater to the customer’s needs.   

Day 2 of Training Shift

The second day of training begins with the Store Manager filling the trainee’s information in the store computer, after which they will be assigned a password to clock in and clock out. This is followed by training on chopping different vegetables using the machines and dealing with pre-chopped vegetables. 

The chopped vegetables should then be loaded into the containers and labeled with the details consisting of the trainee’s name, date of opening it, and the expiry date. Day two completely goes with stocking and restocking the items. Trainees will then be placed at the front to serve the customers under the supervision of the Manager. This will last for an hour until the Manager thinks the trainee grasped all the concepts. 

Day 3 of Training Shift 

On the third day of training, the trainees spend most of their time learning and mastering different baking techniques in the kitchen. After this, the trainees will be placed in the front under the Store Manager’s supervision to understand and grasp the Subway technique of making a sandwich. The trainees will be relieved of their shift if the Manager thinks they have had enough training for the day.  

Day 4 of Training Shift 

After completing three days of training under supervision, trainees will be on their own out in the front to serve the customers. This will last for about two hours. Trainees should make it a point to have all their doubts and queries addressed on this shift as the fifth day of training is when all their skills are put to the test. 

After the trainees finish serving the customers in the front, the trainer will take them to the back, where they will be trained to do the dishes and sanitize the kitchen area. Day four ends with the training on how to close the store. 

Day 5 of Training Shift

Day 5 of the training is when the trainees will put all the skills they learned to the test. Trainees will be tested for how well they serve the customers and how well they can fare with the Subway process. 

If they execute this task successfully, they will proceed further to take the final validation. This process tests the skills they learned during their training period. If they do well in the test and get the final confirmation from their Store Manager, they will receive a work schedule for the first few days. 


The orientation invite from Subway doesn’t guarantee the candidate’s job. The candidate needs to attend the orientation and complete the training successfully to receive the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Subway take to hire?

The hiring process at Subway is quick and straightforward. Once the candidate submits the application form, they will be called in for the interview within twelve hours of applying. After the interview, they will either be hired on the spot or within a few days. The complete hiring procedure takes about five to ten days. 

Is there any dress code for orientation at Subway?

On the first orientation day, trainees should come in casual, formal attire paired with close-toed shoes. Trainees get their Subway uniform set that typically includes 2 Subway shirts, an apron, and a hat. The employees need to purchase their trousers which should be of black or khaki color. 

For the rest of their time at work, employees should appear in a clean uniform. If an employee violates the dress code, they will be left off with a warning for the first time. However, if this continues, they will be written up.  

Will Subway pay during the training period?

Subway pays all its employees for their work, irrespective of them being in training or executing their regular work. As things in fast food chains keep changing constantly, the training process for the employees is always ongoing. Subway hires only those candidates who can adapt and equip themselves with the ongoing changes. 

If a trainee does any work apart from sitting on a break, they must clock in. They will receive the paycheck according to the work they deliver.   

How Long is Orientation at Subway?

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