Feedback Call After Interview: Everything You Need To Know

Feedback Call After Interview: Everything You Need To Know

Interviews come with mixed feelings; before, during, and after. From a feeling of excitement knowing that you scaled the selection process out of the number of persons that applied, to the feeling of what you are to expect at the interview. Nonetheless, been among the shortlisted applicants feels good. Then, right after the interview, you are left with questions racing your mind as regards how well you performed, then you stay expecting a feedback call or email from the interviewers.

There is a whole lot that an applicant should know as regards a feedback call. A Feedback call after an interview is highly anticipated because the applicant is eager to know if they met the company’s expectations for the role they were interviewed for or not. This call helps the applicant to be aware of their performances so they get to know if the hiring team will be moving on with them or not. In some cases, it awakens excitement and shouts of joy, while in other cases, it ends with a frown, exchange of words, anger, and disappointment. Whatever the outcome may be applicants always look forward to receiving a feedback call after their interviews. 

How Long Does An Applicant Have To Wait To Receive Their Feedback Call?

This is a very important question that lingers in the hearts of people. There is always this expectation to hear from your interviewer no matter what the outcome of your performance was. Interviewers on their end engage in a series of decision-making processes to choose the best candidate for the job role so the length of time you are to wait for your feedback call varies from company to company.

For some companies, their interviews take a day or more while some may run into weeks, this is as a result of the number of applicants that were invited for the interview. After the interviews are completed, the hiring team will reconvene to decide on the performances of their interviewees. Some interviewers spend a week or more to decide and the longer the decision process takes, the longer the feedback call or email takes.

Reasons Why A Feedback Call Tarries After The Interview

There are several reasons why a feedback call tarries, these reasons range from:

1. The number of days assigned for the interview. Some interviews take a week, even a month to finish, it depends on the position, the number of applicants, and the interview process. Some interview process has different stages, this prolongs the decision process.

2. Too many qualified candidates also prolong the interview. When many candidates are qualified for the vacant position, it tends to prolong the feedback call as the hiring team would need to consider some factors that they can use to reduce the qualified candidates.

3. Company’s decision is yet another reason why feedback calls tarry. Most companies may not be ready to onboard their new staff until a season is ended. Sometimes, it could be their decision to have the office set up before onboarding the new staff, etc.

What To Expect In The Feedback Call And How To Respond?

After your interview, it is not out of place to expect a feedback call but you have to be ready for it. Being ready to receive a feedback call is getting your mind prepared to receive either exciting or sad news. No matter the news, be ready mentally to receive a feedback call. If you are prepared mentally, you will know how to respond if the news is negative or positive.

You also have to prepare physically which may involve you applying for more jobs or getting your clothing ready, making plans at home, and brushing on your skills again in case you are asked to begin immediately after the call.

If you get a rejection feedback call, do well to find out from the interviewer what your errors were at the interview and what their advice to you will be. If you receive an acceptance call, it is not a time to relax, rather it is a time to plan well, strategize on how you can add to the growth of the company. 

Interview Questions To Ask The Hiring Team During The Interview

When going for an interview, you should prepare wide, not only for the answers you are to provide for the hiring team when they engage you in a discussion, but also, prepare questions that you will ask the hiring team. Questions that center on the company, the position that you are been interviewed for, and lots of other details you are to retrieve from them.

As the one that is being interviewed, you are also entitled to asking questions, it gives the interviewers the impression that you are inquisitive about knowing what the position entails, the operations of the company and it shows that you are eager to work with them.

Most individuals fail in this aspect, they have the ideology that asking the interviewer questions may present them to be the type that will question the authority of the management. This is not correct, it is a self-made concept and should be thrown away.

The kind of questions to ask your interviewer are these:

1. I looked up the company’s website and I am impressed with the services you render, I will like to know more about the delivery service; is it still running considering the health issues plaguing our country now.

2. What are the work hours? Is it flexible? Do you run shifts?

3. Do you place your new staff on probation? How long does it last and what are the criteria for lifting off the probation? Is a new staff entitled to an increase in salary after serving their probationary term?

4. How many days in the week do you report to work? Seven days or workdays asides from the weekend?

5.  When should I be expecting your feedback call?

6. When should I be expecting your feedback call or email?


Feedback calls should be expected and the recipient should be prepared to receive it when it comes. Getting an unacceptance of a rejection call from your interviewer is not the end of the world, it does not in any way mean that you are incompetent, rather it calls for more hard work.

Feedback Call After Interview: Everything You Need To Know

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