Greater Than Equal To Symbol How To Type

greater than equal to symbol how to type (with screenshots)

In mathematics, the greater than or equal sign is used to show inequality. It indicates if a variable is greater than or equal to a specific value. For example, if y ≥ 6 is stated, it implies that y is greater than or equal to 6. Thus, it denotes a range of possible values for y, which begins at 6 and ends at infinity. There are many ways to type ‘≥’ in MS word. You can use the shortcut keys, alt codes, go to MS word equations, or you can even copy-paste if you are a lazy head. In this article, we will show you every possible way to type the greater than or equal symbol. Everything is explained in detail, with every step to help you get a clear idea. 

 The Simple Method Of Copy Paste From Web

If you don’t want to insert shortcut keys or equations, copy-pasting the symbol is the simplest option. You can search the character on google,

copy the symbol from there and paste it on your page. 

This is the simplest and most convenient way of typing this symbol since many people don’t know the keys and codes to do so.

The Simple Method Of Copy Paste From Character Map

As mentioned in the above option, you can copy-paste the symbol from your system also. For this, click on the start menu and search for the character map.

Open the app and then click on the option of ‘Advanced view’ to expand the dialog box. 

Then the next step is to type and search for ‘greater than equal to,’ and you will see the symbol. 

Select this symbol and click on copy; after that, you can paste it wherever you want.

Microsoft Equations 

If you don’t have the option to copy-paste the symbol from the web or somewhere else due to any reason, you can always rely on MS Equations. It is also an easy and efficient method. 

Click on the insert option from the MS word toolbar.

Then on the right side, at the very end, you will see the option of “Equation,” click on it, and there would appear a list of equations with a box on your page.

Find your desired symbol, in this case, greater than or equal sign, and click on it.

In this way, your symbol would be inserted at the place you want it to be.

 Microsoft Symbols

  Another easy option is provided by MS word itself. Instead of choosing the equations option, you can go for “Symbols” available right below it. The initial steps remain the same; opt for symbols this time and choose the mathematical operations after choosing more signs.

After that, choose the greater than or equal sign from the provided list. Finally, click on insert, and there you go!

 Typing The Code With A Short Code

Shortcodes are another alternative to typing the greater than equal sign. If you’re doing it for the first time, it’s a lengthy procedure, but after you’ve done it and enabled the options, it’s the simplest approach. Go to the files option from the MS word toolbar and click on options.

Then choose the proofing option available on the left side. 

The next step is to choose the AutoCorrect Option and from there, click on the check box- Use maths…

This is a one-time step that you don’t have to repeat every time. 

The next step is to enter a short code- \ge and enter space or type \geq and enter space. 

 Typing The Symbol By Using Alt Codes

There is also an option of typing alt codes for the insertion of any specific symbol. Some of the codes for mac and windows are mentioned below-Select the place in the page you want to enter the symbol and while pressing down the Alt key, type the Alt code- 242. This would insert the greater than or equal sign at the desired place in the windows. For mac users, the way is to press Options and ‘.’; this would make the character appear.  You can also type 2265 anywhere on the page and press Alt+X after selecting it. This will also do the work.


As mentioned in this article, there are several different methods for you to type the symbol. Try out all and see for yourself what suits you best. Shortcuts are always fast, but for some people, they are not, so it’s a subjective choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use the same shortcut key for both mac and windows? No, you can’t. There are different keys for both operating systems.

Q2. Why can’t I use the shortcodes? Be sure to enable the mathematical operations from the proofing section of the options menu. Only then would you be able to perform the method. 

Greater Than Equal To Symbol How To Type

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