Funniest Excuses For Being Late- Examples

Funniest Excuses For Being Late


Are you one of those people who are frequently late for work? Then you’re not alone, about 15 to 20% of workers are fond of coming to work late to work at least once in seven days. It’s a numerous struggle to wake up from a deep slumber while battling all of your nightmares, where alarms are frequently snoozed and awakening is postponed. Here, let’s see some Funniest Excuses For Being Late.

They are late because they have rushed and overcome all the obstacles on their way from house to office. Employees present a plethora of excuses to their superiors, but there are also amusing and unique excuses. Employees are more inventive and make extreme explanations when they are late to work, according to studies.

Reasons Coming To Work Late

As people, we tend to make errors, and being late for work is one of them. As indicated by a review, almost 15% of staff do come late. Hence, this has become so common that it tends to be seen in any organization, and even staff give peculiar and interesting reasons. As per measurements, the most well-known excuses given by employees for being late are:

  • Traffic and sickness.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Climate isn’t friendly.
  • Forgetting something significant.

Although the aforementioned purposes behind being late might be valid, there are a couple of different excuses that employees use to pull off being late. At the point when they are faced with their chief by and by, the matter turns out to be more confounded.

It’s difficult to work to make your employer unwind. So the ideal alternative is to consider cautious and think of a conceivable justification since trustworthiness isn’t constantly valued.

Hilarious Excuses For Coming Late To Work

Being late for work is a normal occurrence in workplaces, however, the purposes behind being late will be the most entertaining things you have heard at any point ever. They are:

1. A wrecked vehicle radio: When employees fire coming up with silly excuses, everything begins in their vehicle. Some workers pardon themselves because their vehicle radio is broken, and they can’t drive without listening to songs. This sounds somewhat entertaining.

2. Heard it was snowing: While there are a lot of entertaining reasons, there are not many individuals who come up with inconceivable excuses. A few employees guaranteed they were late to work since they had heard it planned to snow.

3. Trapped in a motorcade: One more interesting reason is getting found out in a procession of youth baseball players. At the point when you’re gotten behind any public parade, it’s proper, however behind association players sounds odd.

4. Alert issue: Another entertaining explanation numerous employees raise to higher authorities is that the caution doesn’t ring. They guarantee that their caution didn’t go off or that the force went out. Maybe then outrage, these ludicrous and interesting justifications make employees snicker.

One more clarification referenced by employees is that their morning timer was eaten by their canine. This is one of the most recognized excuses for lateness.

5. Adhering to all guidelines: Among the many interesting excuses, this one sticks out. A few employees guarantee that as they passed by the school path, they were told to dial back because it was a school zone. Because of a similar explanation, the employee dialed back and showed up later than expected to work.

6. Late Night Rest: A few employees guarantee to have been conscious until late around evening time watching startling motion pictures, while others guarantee to have been celebrating until late around evening time when the cops showed up. These clarifications incorporate the way that they fail to set their caution since they were exhausted after late-evening celebrating.

7. Wrong time on the telephone: The time on your iPhone can likewise assume a part in giving a hilarious clarification. An employee showed up, asserting that his iPhone was showing the erroneous time since it had been changed inaccurately and that he had taken some time off.

8. Guests at home: A few employees guarantee that guests, like aunts, uncles, nieces, and others, visited them. Preparing morning meal had taken their time, and guests would be befuddled if the worker left early. On the off chance that the employee showed up working ahead of schedule without cooking, they would be decided as an awful host. It is the most persuading one to think of.

9. Dryer busted: Among the many, this is maybe the most entertaining. At the point when staff was late, she disclosed to her bosses that her hairdryer had separated and she was delayed in the process of drying it.

10. Filthy garments: Another employee came up with a funny rationalization, guaranteeing that when she prepared for work, she found that every last bit of her garments was messy and that she needed to complete her clothing work first, making her late to work.

11. Accusing pets: Certain individuals fault their pets for being late to work; one employee asserted that their canine took every one of the false teeth that were kept close to the table. The employee needed to seek after the canine around the area, which made him late for work.

12. I’m wearing some unacceptable shoes: This is a typical, however interesting, justification for being late. It’s interesting to discover that the staff left home putting on some unacceptable shoes. In this way, to get everything back and all put right, the employee was late to work, which is an exceptionally normal reason.

13. Wet garments: The employee refers to that he was late to work since his garments were wet from the downpour and that he didn’t anticipate that the rain should cause such a wreck.

14. Missing purse: Ladies show up, professing to have dropped their purse into the coin-worked paper box and were hysterically endeavoring to recover it with coins. Subsequently, they showed up later than expected to work.

15. A bear impeded and assaulted the vehicle: This is one of the additional entertaining situations where the employee guarantees that a bear hindered and assaulted the vehicle. Furthermore, the employee gives visual confirmation of the equivalent.

16. Carport washed away by a downpour: A few employees report that the carport was washed away by a downpour and that they couldn’t find it. This made them late for work. This is likewise probably the funniest clarification out there.

17. Taking another shower: The employee might have gotten into trash, cobwebs, or was messy by another person, requiring a subsequent shower. Therefore, the employee was late for work.

18. Locked inside: This can be a comical justification behind an assortment of reasons. The employee had been locked inside the house accidentally and needed to look for help from a neighbor to get out, making them late for work.

19. Attempting a sunlight-based force bike: A comical explanation given by an employee was that he was riding his new test sun-based force bike to work when it out of nowhere down-poured, making the whole arrangement be demolished. He was late for work.

20. Vehicle keys flushed: Numerous employees guarantee that their youngsters washed the vehicle scratches away for good or that their pets took the vehicle keys and lost them in the nursery, making them late to work.

Regarding keys, a few employees guarantee that the spouse or wife conceals the vehicle keys before the rival shows up working, making them late.

21. Signal issue: Another interesting reason is that the employee’s left sign in the vehicle was not working, so he was utilizing each of his freedoms to get to the workplace and was accordingly late to work.

22. Traffic reasons: About funny excuses, this could be one of them, where the employee asserts that a Cart left a rescue vehicle before him, making traffic develop. Thus, he was late for work.

23. Seeing a fire engine: This reason is probably going to make you snicker since it has all the earmarks of being entertaining. On the way to work, an employee states that he noticed a fire engine. At the point when he saw the fire vehicle, he started to contemplate whether his home was ablaze. Accordingly, he got back to check and was late for work.

24. Father issues: A few employees guarantee that their dad didn’t awaken them, and therefore, they were late to work. Another interesting variable was that the employee’s more youthful sibling had been beaten by his dad.

Here, the dad beat the child with the employee’s shoes, and the employee was late because his dad was hitting his youthful sibling with his shoes. Afterward, how could he be going to work shoeless? This was one of the most interesting purposes behind showing up after the expected time.

25. Wasps in the room: This could be an awesome and funniest explanation of all time. He discovered three wasps in his room and stowed away underneath the bed, as indicated by a late collaborator to work. He had been trusting that the wasp would leave for hours.

26. Lost in a haze: One more interesting explanation presented by an employee was that he was paddling across the stream for work and got lost because of substantial mist. This was the legitimization given to the higher-ups for being late.

27. Being followed: One employee asserted that he was being trailed by an obscure individual and that to stay away from him, he took a more extended course to work. Accordingly, he was late.

28. Children are playfully dialing the police number: One more interesting reason given by an employee was that their kids dialed the police number in a perky way. The cops showed up in the first part of the day and grilled me concerning why I had called and what had unfolded.

29. Criminal running free: An employee claims he was pursuing down a wrecked robber into the house. He would not like to inconvenience the cops, so he sought after them alone, and accordingly, he was late to work.

30. Captured by outsiders: One more entertaining explanation given by an employee was that he had been hijacked by outsiders and had as of late been delivered. For this explanation, he showed up later than expected to work.

31. Locked: An employee asserted that he was searching for something inside the truck when he was pushed in. He was pushed into the truck and afterward locked inside. Therefore, he showed up later than expected working.

32. Punctured tires: As indicated by an employee, a groundhog chomped the bicycle tire, making it level. He needed to discover one more method of transportation thus, and he showed up later than expected working.

33. Frozen keys: The employee is late for work since his irritated spouse put the vehicle keys in the cooler for reasons unknown. The staff set aside the effort to liquefy the ice and concentrate the keys.

34. Haircutting: The employee thought about trimming his hair, and the trimmer stopped. At the point when the trimmer broke, he needed to trust that the salon would open before getting a hairstyle, which made him late for work.

35. Headed to the past employer accidentally: Another senseless, however interesting, blunder was that the employee headed to the past employer unintentionally, making him late for work.

Other Excuses include:

  • A zebra was running down the street, causing significant gridlock.
  • It was simply excessively cold outside.
  • The espresso was steaming warm in the first part of the day.
  • Being attempting to discover a parking space in the parking garage.
  • My pet was playing with my work record.
  • Drove directly to my past employer.
  • My stargazer forewarned me about the chance of a fender bender earlier today.
  • Confused it with a vacation.
  • Put a sticker on my contacts, thinking it was a contact focal point arrangement.
  • The make-up application turned out badly.
  • My attire was torn when it got on a nail on the entryway.

Tips For Giving Excuses When You Are Behind Schedule

On the off chance that you’ve depleted your defenses, mull over being innovative. Remember the accompanying rules while making purposes behind skipping work:

1. Inform your supervisor at the earliest opportunity: If you realize you’ll require an individual day early, tell your administrator straightaway, either face to face or through email. On the off chance that you need to settle on a last-minute choice, inform your supervisor straight away. The proposition is to come in right on time or stay late to compensate for a portion of the lost hours if conceivable.

2. Be straightforward: Lying to your chief, associates, or customers will more likely than not cause issues down the road for you. It’s not generally easy to review what you said to which, and lying isn’t useful for your professional stability. A few employers circle back to employees to check whether they are coming clean. Subsequently, in case you are capable, be transparent as to why you are skipping work or showing up later than expected.

3. Try not to carefully describe the situation: An excessively definite reason might appear to be fake, regardless of whether it isn’t. Furthermore, in case you’re missing from work for an explanation, you can’t inform your supervisor concerning because you’re going after another position, you might stay quiet about the meeting without lying. A basic reason, for example, having an arrangement (which you do) will be straightforward and won’t raise doubts.

4. Excuses ought to be utilized sparingly: We become debilitated, obtain a punctured tire, or our kid’s school is dropped for reasons outside our ability to control. Notwithstanding, bend over backward to possibly go home when required; if not, your chief and collaborators might see you as inconsistent.

5. Consider when you skip work: On the off chance that you have any impact over when you skip work, for example, when you have a medical checkup, attempt to plan your nonattendance when your nonappearance would be less recognizable.

You might plan the arrangement for promptly in the first part of the day or late in the early evening, so you are currently working for a couple of hours. Here are a few excuses to utilize and not to utilize on the off chance that you need to leave early. To compensate for some recent setbacks, endeavor to show up sooner than expected or stay late as much as possible.

Simple Steps To Be Punctual

1. Re-evaluate the length of your courses.

When will you work, how long does it require for you to arrive? Your reaction is probably going to start with “about.” Is there an issue with that? What’s going on with it is that you have no idea what amount of time it requires for you to work; you can just think about how it is required for you.

Issues arise because courses fluctuate with time, yet at a sluggish enough rate that your cerebrum is ignorant of it. Would it come as a shock to find that your course currently requires 5 minutes longer than it did two years prior? You might perceive what amount of time your course will require for yourself by going to Google Guides and entering your beginning area and objective to perceive what amount of time it will require for you to walk, drive, or take public transportation.

It’s prudent that you reexamine the length of your courses to some extent one time per month, and at whatever point new traffic in the executives’ frameworks or roadworks happen. It’s likewise critical to consider what amount of time it requires for you to prepare for the day.

2. Prepare everything early.

One of the keys to never being late for work is association. Attire, suppers, archives, hardware, and different necessities should all be arranged the night before a working day. In case they aren’t, you’ll need to do everything on a workday while the clock is ticking. The risk here is missing anything significant at work, like a show (be ready to be banged by your chief) or forgetting where your vehicle keys are (plan to be helpless before heavy traffic).

You will not need to manage this on the off chance that you get things ready early, and you’ll be significantly less unsettled for the day. It’s a mutually advantageous arrangement.

3. Never hope to show up on schedule.

Many individuals show up after the expected time to work since they plan to show up on time instead of ahead of schedule. The issue with this procedure is that you’ll continually show up after the expected time since you’ve ruled out the unforeseen, like traffic or unexpected climate changes.

This is a mentality. We are almost consistently told to be on schedule for work, so it is engraved to us. You should, in any case, wake up.

Setting oneself an early cutoff time is the most straightforward approach to wake up. For instance, if your workday formally begins at 9:00 a.m., set an informal beginning season of 08:45 a.m. also, attempt to show up working before that time. This might involve getting up 30 minutes sooner than typical, yet it will offer you a ton of adaptability, and any unforeseen issues, like awful traffic, will probably not be going to keep you from having the opportunity to deal with time. What’s more, you can wager your life that your supervisors will see the value in your efforts on the off chance that you show up sooner than expected.


Being late to work occurs and regardless of how enthusiastically you attempt, you will miss it. So, when giving a reason or a defense, it ought to be conceivable. Employees, then again, may give wobbly supports that give employers an awful picture of them.

Thus, there are various interesting clarifications given for being late, and in these conditions, a creative mind is needed to concoct such countless conceivable excuses. At the point when an employee is late to work, there are various elements to be educated on to stay away from a show.

Stress and tension are likewise raised when one shows up after the expected time for work and leaves late. These aforementioned reasons can be entertaining to peruse and appreciate.

Funniest Excuses For Being Late- Examples

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