Excuses For Missing Work

  As an employee with a strict office policy of not missing work without prior notice, it happened that you missed work without notice but for an important reason and you have excuses for missing work. So how would you tell your boss at work of your predicament and go scot-free without query or probation? You have to sound convincing and genuine.

Excuses For Missing Work. 

Unforeseen circumstances cannot but happen, which would, at one point in time, disrupt our already organized and planned weekly schedule. For an employee to miss work or go Away Without Official Leave ( AWOL) in an organization, it must be for a worthy reason that cannot but be accepted. This article will briefly discuss many of such unprecedented circumstances and how best to tell your supervisor without sounding hypocritical.

  What are some of the best excuses for missing work?

As earlier mentioned, unplanned events happen and take over your day for the longest time, and before you realize it, the day is far spent already, and you have to miss work. So what are some of those unplanned events that turn out to be the best excuse for missing work? 

 (1) Personal illness. 

  Before retiring for the night, you were all excellent and lively, only to wake up the following day with a running temperature, fever, cold, sore throat, and a painful headache. Perhaps you developed a runny stomach, which resulted in a runny stomach frequent stooling and vomiting. 

The next thing that comes to mind is not to dress up and go to work but to visit the doctor and take some pills till you feel better. But, again, this is a tenable excuse to tender before your boss; health is more priority than money and work.

  In a sickly state, you can’t get out of bed not to talk of going to the office; even if you ended up going to the office, you would contribute as a nuisance because you won’t be able to work as usual. So personal illness or sickness is a good excuse for missing work.

(2) Traffic.

  Having woken up very early and prepared on time for work to arrive as early as possible only to get stuck in traffic. The traffic looked like it would last two minutes, but the cause of the traffic couldn’t be rectified in two hours. 

   The next thing to do was get off the bus and take another bus that lasted about thirty minutes. But, again, this is an excuse for coming late for work which wasn’t your fault. Had the traffic not happened, you would have been among the first five to arrive, but it has happened, and you can’t change it. 

(3) Faulty car.

A good car can suddenly develop a fault on the highway either because of a flat tire or a mechanical fault. In scenarios like that, it’s best to pull up in a safe spot by the roadside and call the mechanic to fix it up. 

The time of changing the TYre or calling a mechanic to fix it up cannot last earlier than 30 minutes. So before it is all done, time is gone already; this can be a good excuse for missing work for that day.

In scenarios of a car accident that we never pray to happen, life safety is of utmost priority before work. At that moment, it is all about ensuring you’re not injured as a result of the accident. This can also be a good excuse for missing work about your car.

(4) Caring for a sick child.

Children can be feeling feverish and not so well but won’t talk most times as they prefer to play around. Only to find out as a parent that one of your children is running a high fever the next day. The next thing is to rush the child down to the nearest hospital and seek medical attention.

 Taking a sick child to the hospital is very different from going to the hospital as an adult. There’s a tendency to spend longer time than expected in the hospital to ensure the child is okay. In severe cases, the child might be admitted till evening to monitor his response to treatment before being discharged to go home. For the whole of that day, you might not end up going to work as a parent; this is an excellent reason for missing work.

(5) Family emergency.

Emergency in the family, either in the form of a fire accident in the home or a child who got himself injured in playing and has been rushed to the hospital.

Anything emergency must be treated as urgent, a fire outbreak in the home needs the quick intervention of the fire services, and an injured child needs immediate attention in the hospital.

In scenarios like this, rushing off to work is the last thing to think about; a house razing with fire or a child badly injured is a good excuse for missing work. No employer would hear of such a scenario and count it a light thing. 

(6) Death of a loved one. 

No matter how aged the person may be, the death of a loved one is always painful and sorrowful to the heart. Waking up the next day to the call from a family that a close relative passed away over the night is bad news.

Bad news weakens the bone and destabilizes the body completely, especially if the person is a very close relative. This is a good excuse for missing work for that day as you had to travel down to meet and greet other relatives.


There are many reasons for missing work but presenting your excuses respectfully and apologetically without raising your voice or justifying your actions makes it acceptable before your boss. 


Is missing a bus an excuse for missing work? 

It is not a good excuse because the employer can count it as negligence or indiscipline. 


Excuses For Missing Work

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