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For some of us, the world of fiction is an escape, a beautiful fantasy land where we wish to settle down and start our own new story. Books, movies, series, comic books, manga’s- there are so many sources out there through which we can watch and even experience a whole new world. The world-building, the plot, the fantastical additions- if we find these factors fulfilling, we feel like we would love to be a part of this world too. However, the ones who can bring these elements to life for us are the said stories’ characters. We will discuss ESTJ in the world of Anime.

Characters in a story can be said to be the most important element. A writer/author can build a new world and even set out a whole new plot for their readers, but the story won’t come to life unless we meet the characters. They are the most significant element because the plot revolves around them. If we don’t find compelling characters with whom we can’t even relate, what is the point of reading that story?

Speaking of relatable characters, isn’t it true that we can see ourselves in a fictional character because it feels like we share the same personality with them. Yes, it is the relatable personality that attracts us to them. For their readers/watchers, a good author/writer always loves to give their characters different personalities that set them apart and unique from each other.

In this article, I will be talking about one specific personality type, i.e., ESTJ, and some of the most popular characters with this personality type in the world of anime. So, let’s get started!


Known as the “Executive” among the sixteen personality types, ESTJs represent tradition and order. With their full form referring to “Extroverted,” “Sensing,” “Thinking,” and “Judging,” these individuals work for the betterment of the society, bringing the people together while utilizing their knowledge of what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s socially acceptable.

As their key traits suggest, ESTJs keep themselves energized by spending their time with others (Extraverted), who focuses on facts and details rather than ideas and concepts (Sensing), who put more emphasis on logic and reason while making any decisions (Thinking) and are supposed to be planned and organized rather than spontaneous and flexible (Judging). They are also known as the Supervisor because of their organized personality. They like taking charge of things where they genuinely devote themselves, and that’s one of their dominant traits which make them reliable individuals.

As it is mentioned above, the Executives like to do their work systematically. They are genuinely dedicated to what they do, and it’s not like they would abandon any task just for the sake of their selfishness. If they are given the task, they will follow the produces and finish it accordingly. They are strong-willed individuals who don’t want to leave behind a task as long as they believe they are doing the right thing. They have their own principles and beliefs they follow, and if circumstances ask, they will defend their ideas and principles relentlessly.

ESTJs are also known for their honesty and straightforwardness. They are grounded in reality. The decisions they make are based on what they see, the facts and the evidence provided to them rather than remaining fixated on assumptions with no guarantee whatsoever. They appreciate the people who are being honest and return the favor with the same truthfulness. They will speak what is right without any hesitation, which is one of their biggest strong points. This nature of theirs makes them trustworthy individuals.

Because of their truthfulness and disciplined nature, Executives make great leaders too. They believe in security and want to provide the same assistance to others as well. They strive to create order in society and are willing to maintain that order with all their strength and vigor. They are confident in what they do, and their commitment to truth and clear standards make them excellent leaders.

ESTJs are some of the most valuable individuals in society who believe in a well-mannered environment and are willing to look at the world in a more open manner rather than continuing to believe in ridiculous assumptions. However, just like any other imperfect individual on this planet, their personality also comes with a few flaws that can affect their lives.

Executives stick to their principles through and through, which is one reason they come up as stubborn. They are so immersed in their own ideas that they would completely discard a better one if it’s presented in front of them. New ideas are just not for them because they don’t see any security in them. They will get really anxious if they are said to explore a new change in their environment because of how much they are fixated on their own principles. If these new ideas are proposed and eventually accepted, they feel like their ideas were not good enough, and their reliable image can be put at stake.

Sometimes, ESTJs can also become very judgmental about other’s opinions. They strongly follow the rules and traditions present, and if someone is providing their thoughts against it, they often make sure the “defiance” understands the true meaning as they consider it their duty. They are too fixated on their social status, and to make sure their image is not getting hampered, they often put others over themselves, completely ignoring their own needs. This nature of theirs put extreme pressure on them as they hardly find any chance to relax.

All of these weaknesses of their comes to their biggest drawbacks, the difficulty of expressing their emotions. ESTJs have a very unhealthy habit of hiding their feelings all the time and finding it difficult to show empathy towards others. As one of their key traits suggests, these individuals believe in logic, so matters such as emotional connection and recovery are not their primary goal. They are so caught with the facts around them that they forget to understand emotional connectivity, making their loved ones unhappy during many situations. They are often too late to understand where they are missing the point, but by the time they do realize it, it gets too late.

So, now we know who ESTJs really are. These observant and reliable individuals also come with their own strengths and weaknesses, making them stand out from the crowd. Now that their personality type has been made clear, let us look at some of the anime characters who share the same personality type!


No fiction lover wants to see a bland character or an uninteresting story. And it’s the same with anime. The world of anime has given us some really unforgettable characters and stories. And if you are an anime lover, you must be well-aware of your favorite stories and characters.

Authors or mangakas specifically love to give the characters specific characteristics which make them intriguing to the viewers and readers. Why so? Because as viewers/readers, we find them relatable, especially when we find personality traits in them that are similar to ours. And as I mentioned before and talked about ESTJs, I will be listing a few ESTJ anime characters further in this section. If you are an ESTJ or at least think that you are one plus you love anime, let me tell you, my friend, this list is for you.

Here are some of the most popular ESTJ anime characters:



Being one of the major characters in the well-renowned series Assault on Titan, Jean is a stubborn and selfish teenager at the beginning of the series. Prideful, self-centered, and usually arrogant, he starts off this series as quite a disliked character but, of course, becomes one of the most realistic and fleshed-out characters in the cruel world of this series.

One of the most defining traits is how honest and upfront Jean is throughout the series. Even before joining the Scouts Regiment, he always seems to speak his mind, whether someone accepts his opinion or not. He also appears to be cynical as he disagreed with Erwin’s idealistic plans as he believed humans had no chance against titans. However, he starts to accept the world’s reality, becoming more devoted to his job as a soldier rather than going for his dream job of becoming a rich and safe M.P. in the interiors.

As the series progress, it is pretty evident how much Jean grows throughout the series. His hot-headed nature soon starts to subdue as he becomes more understanding and respectful towards his duty, showing his devotion towards freeing humanity once again. When it is found out that they are supposed to fight humans, Jean, too, even being reluctant, decides to follow a soldier’s path. He may present himself as self-centered but remains faithful to his comrades as well as his duties. Even during his trainee days, he even shows great leadership qualities when he can handle his group with great efficiency and a rather collected mind.

While looking at the character, there is no denying the fact that Jean has his own shortcomings. His arrogance and pride, especially in front of Eren, are evident while also showing how much he can be stubborn at times. However, as an ESTJ, Jean is portrayed as one of the most realistic characters who understand both sides but still fights for what he believes in. In the morally grey world of Assault on Titan, Jean presents one of the many sides of psychology during the war, which suggests his reliable and understanding nature.


As one of the strongest alchemists in the state and the series, Izumi hides her brute strength and skills behind her housewife persona. Being the Elric brother’s teacher who taught them all about the basics of alchemy, she is portrayed as a hot-headed yet helpful and compassionate woman who is ready to assist others at the time of need.

After losing their mother, the Elric brothers’ encounter with Izumi was one of the most significant moments in their lives. Even though being very strict and violent, she acted as a mother figure while also teaching them. She never wanted to become a part of the military because of her strong principles and how she does not want to use her skills for harming others but rather use them for the villagers who are in dire need of assistance. She is shown to be very honest with herself and the people around her and strongly believes in her moral codes.

However, as the series progress, it is shown how Izumi once too gave in to the taboo act of alchemy to bring her dead child back, incidentally losing her inner organs. Even though being severely sick, her determination and strong will are clear as she continues to adhere to her principles while living her life in the best way possible. Her realistic view towards the world is also evident as it is shown how angered she became when she found out the Elric brothers also committed the taboo of bringing a living being back to life. Similarly, during the finale, she is also willing to fight beside the military to defeat Father.

As an ESTJ, Izumi is shown to be realistic and disciplined, along with her stern personality. She believes in what’s right, and her determination is the best way to define how much of an inspiration she has been to the Elric brothers.


Vinland Saga gave the anime community some of the most memorable characters in recent times. The complexity of the characters, their past, and their struggles; this series shows Vikings’ story, and among all the amazingly written characters, Askeladd tops them all. Introduced to the viewers as a pirate who kills for money and is the man who killed Thor, Thorfinn’s father, he may appear as this lazy and greedy man, but his character is way more than what is initially shown.

Being the illegitimate child of his Viking father, Olaf, Askeladd, or Lucius Artorius Castus is King Arthur’s descendant. At first, he usually appears as a lazy and older man who fights only for money, but his goals and ambitions go beyond the surface level. Instead, he is a very cunning and mysterious man who often uses deception to mislead his foes and defeat them with his keen observation skills.

Throughout the whole series, Askeladd is despised by Thorfinn for his cowardly mannerism and how he, with no honor, defeated Thors. However, as the series progress, Askeladd is the one who indirectly teaches him a lot of things. His leadership qualities are very evident. It is often shown how he manages to handle his huge crew with his rather calm and collected nature while also studying the environment properly.

As an Executive, Askeladd maybe a villain/anti-hero who has his own moral codes. Nowhere is it seen that he adheres from his path, but even still, he knows how the world works. His strong-willed personality towards his ideals and goals, along with his realistic viewpoint, sure makes him a great ESTJ character.


As the Student Council President of the former Boys School, Misaki is a strong-willed and hardworking girl who is out here in this position to bring a positive change in the distorted environment of Seika High School. Because of her strict and disciplined demeanor, she is given the nickname of “Demon Prez,” and she lives up to this name due to her stern personality.

Coming from a low-income family, Misaki wasn’t this stern person before. Instead, she was very encouraging and kind, but after her father abandoned them, she had to adopt this strict persona to make a living for her family. However, despite her rather arrogant behavior, she is a selfless person who genuinely cares for others around her. Whatever task she is being assigned, she does it with full vigor and passion, never even taking a break for herself.

Due to her disciplined nature, many initially did not like Misaki, but her determination and hard work earned her respect from other students. She is genuinely a good person and a leader, and even though her secret identity as a maid is not known by many, she often balances out her work and puts immense pressure on herself. She is also shown to be very oblivious of her emotions, especially when it comes to her feelings for Usui, as she constantly remains in denial but eventually comes on terms with that too.

To summarize how Misaki is a person, she is portrayed as a strong-willed and brave person who believes in her principles while also remaining very humble. She is genuinely kind and helpful, always offering assistance to others in need which makes her another good character is ESTJs.


As a Vatican priest, Anderson is a vampire purifier and slayer for the Iscariot branch of the Vatican. He is one of the arch-nemesis of the Hellsing organization and Alucard in general, for whom he shows immense hatred. Being an ardent Catholic, he has strong beliefs towards his religion, as his fanatical obedience towards the “word of God” suggests.

Portrayed as an ardent follower and a believer of God, Anderson is a stern and disciplined man who does not stray from his path. He believes that the “non-followers and monsters” should be eradicated to purify this world, and throughout the series, he is shown doing the same thing. As a teacher, he teaches his students about the Bible and God’s way, and his teachings and mannerisms seem to suggest that he has a very strong and respectful bond with all his students.

One of his character’s major traits is how he slowly begins to understand others’ perspectives while remaining true to his own ideals. As the General is starting the battle, Anderson first decides to fight alongside the Iscariot. However, as it starts to take a more devious turn, he suggests others back off from Enrico’s plan and saves themselves from the bloodbath. Here, he also seems to show his respect towards Integra and Seras for their conviction and bravery. But one of the establishing moments for him is how he comes to terms with Alucard during his final breathe, where he still calls him a monster who then was shedding the tears of “a long lost child.”

Anderson is shown in this series as indeed a strict and complex character who, even though having his own values and morals, still understands others’ viewpoints even though he is not accepting them. He is shown as a compassionate man towards his students who wishes to free the world from evil. And as an Executive, these qualities are some of his dominant traits, making him such a well-developed character.


Initially a sadistic and twisted gambler, Mary Saotome goes through a very well-written development which makes her a very humane character. Portrayed as an egotistical person at first, Mary becomes more humane and understanding, and humble after getting defeated by Yumeko Jabami.

Being a gambler, Mary takes pride in her skills and is often shown to outsmart her opponents through her deceptive practices. She is highly skilled in gambling and is seen to have been very observant of her opponents during a game. Her relationship with other classmates also shares deep concern towards her friends even though they had a rocky start. After getting her reputation wrecked, she again tries to win back her position in the school (which she eventually does) and becomes more mature, worth her behavior.

Mary also has her own principles, which she sternly follows. She is completely against the rules of becoming a house pet set by the Student Council President and has immense hatred towards them. As an Executive with several drawbacks but still turns out to be a rational person, Mary embodies this personality type perfectly.


Hot-headed, egoistical, but still a very hard-working and genuinely compassionate person, Tae is the older sister of Shinpachi, who shares a strong bond with the Yorozuya. Even though she appears to be very kind and sweet from the outside, her arrogant and brute nature is pretty evident, which has given her the nickname of “female gorilla” in the series.

Being one of the main supporting characters in the series, Tae is a very selfless person who literally is willing to assist others in need. Being a cabaret girl, she is shown to understand her customers even though she can get a little rough to them at times (especially Kondo). She is also shown to understand her friends, for example, with Kagura and how she forms a sisterly relationship with her.

Apart from her brute strength, Tae is actually a courageous woman who fights for the right things. She has her own moral compass, which she follows but is also willing to understand other’s perspectives. She often does what she feels is right, never listening to others command ms but rather commanding others to follow her.

As ESTJs are known for their friendly nature who is willing to assist others, Tae does the same things. She is strong-willed, determined, brave, and supportive who is always ready to help others whole leaving her own needs behind.


Introduced as a Nazi officer researching and experimenting on the Pillar Man Santana, Stroheim is one of the most amusing and dutiful characters in Battle Tendency. At first, he is ruthless as he is often experimenting on captured citizens, but while facing Santana, he becomes fearless and does not hesitate to assist Joseph to defeat him.

After getting his cyborg body, Stroheim seems to have taken quite a liking of being, becoming very prideful of his new skills, and constantly boasts about himself. As an enthusiastic nationalist, he is devoted to his nation but, at the same time, genuinely cherishes his English comrades. He respects others’ courage, no matter what ethnicity they are from, suggesting his rather open-minded nature. Although, at times, he grows very overconfident, pointing out his opponent’s weaknesses and proudly exclaiming his admiration for German technology and how it is the best in the world.

As an ESTJ, Stroheim is shown to a good leader who works for his goals and morals while also being helpful towards others.

Apart from all the characters mentioned above, there are another few you must be familiar with:

  • Sanemi from Demon Slayer
  • Sebastian from Black Butler
  • Vegeta from Dragon Ball Series
  • Mello from Deathnote
  • Darkness from Konosuba
  • Tsunade from Naruto
  • Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tale and many more.

So, here it is—a long list of anime characters who are ESTP. It is hard to find these rare kindhearted personalities in real life who also come with such a great sense of discipline. But seeing ESTPs getting portrayed in such a beautiful manner with fleshed out and developed characterization makes the viewers happy. It is, after all, a delight to watch such great shows with these amazingly written characters.

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ESTJ In The World Of Anime

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