Enneagram Type 2- The People who are Caregiver

Enneagram Type 2: The Caregiver

With relevance to today’s scenario, many people believe that aptitude tests or career selection tests are absolutely bogus, which might be very true given that human beings are individualistic creatures who change over time and adapt and function accordingly. Having an algorithm tell you your strengths and weaknesses in such a situation makes your likes and dislikes seem a little silly and far-fetched. In this article, we will explore what an enneagram test is, its different types, and particularly be shedding light on Enneagram Type 2; The Caregiver. Discussing their traits and their being as a whole, and aptly ending on a note regarding their careers and key to success. 

However, many times in life, there comes a period when one is confused about his career or even his life in general. So many people point him towards different doors rather than push him towards a particular entrance, and he could really use a log to keep from drowning in this flood of advice. In situations like these, a simple career test or a personality test like the enneagram test becomes a lifesaver. So let us delve into that topic today.

What is an Enneagram Test?

So, before we try to decipher why people spend time and energy on this test which apparently can assess what is right for you, let us try and understand its principles. Basically, the enneagram test can be classified as a personality test that helps one assess themselves intellectually, emotionally, and holistically. So, does it not make sense? After all, how can a test assess you as a person? Well, while the fact remains it is simply a test run on very rigid algorithms, it does not mean it cannot be accurate. The bottom line remains that you are checking out the boxes. 

But the fact stands that you are the one filling in the blanks, and ultimately you are the one who is trying to get a better understanding of yourself. The test entails a series of self-introspective questions which require a deep understanding of oneself. The format is very subjective about which platform or with what agency you are administering the test- sometimes it’s rating statements out of 5 or checking the boxes, or even direct questionnaires—the test type further branches out to self-observation type or direct observation type.

Different Types of Enneagram Tests

  • Self-observation enneagram tests :
    In the self-observation test, the person sees himself in the given scenario, which may be very vulnerable, so a person has to really gear up to go on an emotional ride. While some of the questions are very straightforward, some really tease the mind, and the person must remain true to his gut. Otherwise, the whole process is as good as spoilt milk. You can usually take self-observation enneagram tests online for free- but remember- NO CHEATING.

  • Direct Observation Enneagram Tests:
    The second type of test is the direct observation enneagram test, for which you usually have to register with an external agency. These agencies have one of their men blend into the backgrounds of your life, and they observe you as a working entity of life.

    They cast a piercing gaze at every small reaction you have, be it to a bee buzzing about you or the cranky face you make when you step on the gum. Fancy, right? They evaluate every single move of yours and fill in the questionnaire- keeping their observations about you in mind. While it is a more reasonable approach, as there is a comparatively lesser scope of misapprehension, this is a costly affair. So, if you are in a position to burn a hole in your pocket and still get a better understanding of yourself- this stands as a viable option for you.

But how reliable are the Test Results?

What happens after you sit through the test? What if the test result is nothing like what you are? You turn out to have a very contrasting personality in real life compared to what the test suggests. Now would be the right time to hold a belief in what we iterated earlier- it is just a test, and the final inception lies with you. These tests are only meant to help you, and at the end of the day, you have to remember that you only gave this test a shot because you wanted to attain a better perception of yourself.

So, these test scores only stand as the branches of your tree. It is your decision whether to give them the power to be the tree trunk or let them be the branches of your structure. But the question of whether the enneagram test is feasible or not remains a dilemma. The test is basically a human psyche model that takes you apart as a human and tries to fit you in specific data sets. While the concept of feasibility is a very subjective one, the test is only helping you rationalize your strengths and weaknesses. This is a lifesaver when your career presents you with a fork road.

In such situations, having your opinions and facts, strengths, weaknesses, fears, and core values in place helps you make an informed decision. It also makes the whole process hassle-free and a little bit less stressful. 

What kind of results can one expect from an Enneagram Test?

When one takes the enneagram test, they can be placed in one of the nine Enneagram types: The Reformer, The Helper, The Achiever, The Individualist, and The Investigator The Loyalist, The Enthusiast, The Challenger, and The Peacemaker.  This sorting is comparable to the sorting ceremony in the very reputed Harry Potter series, where a magic hat (the sorting hat) is placed on each student’s head, and according to the student’s mindset, skillset, and most importantly, choice, he is sorted into a house. Remember, just like how the sorting hat works in favor of the students, the test was also created to work in your favor and make decision-making easier.

Is it necessary that everybody fits into the given 9 Enneagram Types? 

One can mix two or more enneagram types or even fit in perfectly fit in with one criterion. Now that we have understood the principles of an enneagram test let us dig further into a specific enneagram type- the type 2’s. 


The Enneagram type twos are called the helpers, and they are called rightly so. So let us try and understand them better.

Enneagram Type 2; The CaregiverStrengths

  1. Compassionate People:
    Well, compassion is a very humane quality. It is a Latin-based word, which when translated means “co-suffering.” It is a feeling for another person. It has the ability to be sensitive to one’s emotion, be it joy or grief, and be a supporting pillar in their emotional rollercoaster. Most enneagram type 2’s are characteristic of this behavior. They stand for you, with you through thick and thin, and are ready to take all your dump. While this is a quality that almost anyone can develop over time with practice, it comes easy to type 2’s. It is their innate state of being and know their people skills.

  2. Empathy is their Vogue:
    Did it ever happen that the person next to you magically figures out what you want? Empathy is somewhat like that. The ability to provide for those who need help in their most vulnerable times is called being empathic. This is somewhat similar to being compassionate, but empathy really implies a wider palette of emotions. Type twos have a knack for their empathy game. Reading the room and the situation works in their favor and earns them those pricey sugar spots in people’s hearts. Not only are they able to put themselves in a position to provide for those in need, but they also help them advance intellectually and career-wise.

  3. Always on their Grit Game:
    While type two holders and sweet and nice, they have got the spice regarding their goals. These are relentless workers and can be quiet the Monica when it comes to their work. They will accept nothing below the best remark for their task and will do to any extent to turn its work of supreme quality. They are always on a drive to improve, be it their skill set or their relationship with somebody. They have the mind of a tiger and the strength of a horse. They strive for perfection and will stop at nothing but a centum.

  4. Motivation Machines:
    Twos rarely back down when they need to stir up their spirits. They are the ones to count on when you desperately need that pep talk. Our dear twos are motivated by the simple fact that they can tend to others who need them, which proves that they have a strong sense of self-control and willpower. 

Enneagram Type 2; The Caregiver Weaknesses

While an enneagram type two can come off as a very driven and humane person, sometimes that really disses them. So let us move on to what are these soft creatures’ soft spots.

  1. They Repress When Depressed:
    Well, this was quite obvious, and most of you might have seen this coming. When someone identifies as a caretaker or even a guardian, they have a good chance that they are repressing their actual opinions and emotions for goodwill other than their companion. While this may come off as chauvinism on our type 2’s part, this is extremely unhealthy for them. Sometimes they repress their emotion with better intentions for others, but this constant bottling up can really interfere with their day-to-day functioning. So, enneagram type 2’s- be self-aware and keep checking on yourself. Put yourself first!

  2. Can be Backstabbing Snakes:
    Nobody likes Ka from Mowgli, but life forces us into it sometimes. Obviously, this is the least expected from a type two, but what you expect will happen when someone is constantly bottling up their emotions. They need an outlet for this energy and sometimes may come off at manipulating it. Sometimes, it might even be in a workplace- but this is all the result of self-repression. So check on your colleague or your friend.

  3. Help them cut some slack:
    Basically, the enneagram type two is our next-door sweetheart. What they really crave is love and acceptance. And their way of communicating this is having rapt attentivity towards the needs of those around them, being their tending hand. They tend to identify themselves as people-pleasers- they are often seen to channel their negative or rather socially unacceptable emotions into positive ones that they think their peers or those around them would not have a tough time dealing with. They do this because they tend to live in fear that their loved ones might find it hard to live with them if they are constantly expressing their dreary emotions. 

Examples of Perceiving Enneagram Type 2’s as Characters

Some Hollywood examples of the enneagram type 2’s would be Hagrid. Even Molly Weasley (Mrs. Weasley) can be named as a helper. These characters are those who supported those around us. They were the comfort space for everybody- a pillow, making every blow soft. While they had their individual lives as important characters, they had a vital part in building up the story of the lead. What we want to establish is that, while we bought the ticket for Harry’s vendetta, we still adore Mrs. Weasley’s warmth and Hagrid’s innocence. 

Careers for Enneagram Type 2’s

Now that we have rounded up and understood the ethos of being an enneagram type 2, let us move on to what would work for them career-wise. Remember, these are very algorithm typical suggestions, and each person is different- the final decision lies with you and only you.  

  1. Teacher:
    The first choice for anyone who is accommodating and has patience is a teacher. Now one might think- teacher? Really? That’s quite boring! But who taught you how to read the word boring? Who taught you the skill of reading this article in the first place? Your teacher. A teacher plays a very important role in everybody’s life. The teacher’s role does not end at imparting random facts or unstrung pieces of information but to inspire and invoke.

    Who could do better than our very own enneagram type 2’s? While they will strive to give the best for their students, they will also not make them feel boxed with the shackles of education. They understand the person’s emotions in front of them and would not cancel their mental health just because they are young children. 

  2. Psychotherapist :
    Well, to make understanding easier, we can call your psychotherapist your teacher, who stays with you even after you graduate and start working. Your psychotherapist listens to every woe of yours- an enneagram type 2 trait. Your therapist is not only unbiased in judgment. He also helps you with viable advice which is actually practically executable- and that gives us two more enneagram type two traits.

    Have you ever seen a psychotherapist snap at his client’s? Then he probably would not be a therapist. No matter how crappy a day your therapist is having, he will always shove it aside and devote all his energy to you. While everyone can do this, an enneagram type 2 will find solace in doing so. They find it easier to do this than anybody else- so enneagram type 2s- this might be your calling.

  3. Nonprofit founder:
    This can be for any cause, anything for the betterment of the society for any cause close to their heart. The compassionate dude inside of each enneagram type 2 awakes and works for those around them. This is a very viable option if you’re calling towards serving those around you intensifies. They work intending to impact those around them positively and only bear the goodwill of their people at all times.

  4. Politician:
    Nowadays, all we see are politicians in a rage. But being a politician for an enneagram type 2 is a wise option because they function with a clear mind. They know where they are, where they want to go, and where they are going. These are the people who understand the importance of the position and would not run the elections for the sake of the money. They actually care about the people and will actually go through the boring scheme files if that is what will do them well. More enneagram type twos for America!

  5. Doula:
    A doula is someone whose job profile entails somewhat similar duties to a midwife. These people are not professionally trained, but they help people deal with crucial and quite stressful situations like childbirth, miscarriages, or even death. They help with scientific procedures and provide the much-required mental strength to those they are providing their services. They stay headstrong throughout the process and are simultaneously keep those around them calm.  While this might be something every professional can do, this is second nature to enneagram type twos, and the whole journey might prove to be somewhat of a cakewalk to them.

Practices for Enneagram Type 2’s to Better Themselves

Now we know are a few possible career choices for Enneagram-type twos. Now to conclude, let us discuss how they can work to get their top-class game on.

  1. Practice Journaling:
    Like we iterated earlier, it can prove to be quite a challenge for enneagram type twos to open up and freely express their emotions. This bottling up may hold them back from achieving their full potential. So, a very easy yet effective practice to improve in that department would be to start journaling. It does not even have to be fancy. All you have to do is be truthful to yourself and write down what you truly feel. Since you are not speaking this out to somebody or speaking at all, it makes being able to express it easier and is a great way to get the hang of it.

  2. Gratitude Listing:
    When our dutiful enneagram twos are out there helping everybody, some people may take advantage of the listening ear and start emotional dumping. This usually does not affect them because they consider themselves to be responsible for their emotions. Still, once in a while, it is normal to feel low when you are always around, busy being robin hood.  So, a very effective way to pull yourself out of that hole is to maintain a gratitude list. It is quite simple. All you have to do is carry a slip entailing everything you are grateful to have in your life. So, the next time you feel out of sync, all you need is one glance at your magic list, and you will be back on track!

  3. Self-Care is the Best Care:
    We already covered that enneagram type twos often tend to put others before themselves, much often that it even harms them. Well, you don’t have to fight your instincts, but it is always a good idea to take a break from time to time and do something for yourself- even if it is something as small as solving a puzzle. You have to do something to make you happy and make you focus on yourself- holistically. This will not only give you a fun break but also helps you rejuvenate and come back stronger.

The Essence of Being an Enneagram Type 2

Being classified as an enneagram test type 2 is quite a deal, and you would be someone everyone wants in their life. These people can usually ace any profession and show a real passion for those for who they love. All you have to remember; is that you have a place in this world, and you add value to people’s lives. You might be the strand holding people’s sanity in place and making life a little bit easier for them. So go, and take solace in the fact that you are helping people a great deal. Now might be the time to show some dedication towards yourself as well. So get them! 

Enneagram Type 2- The People who are Caregiver

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