Enneagram 8W9 Personality and Best Jobs for Them

Enneagram 8W9  Personality and Best Jobs for Them

Choosing which vocation is appropriate for you can really be a significant life battle that many people face. We will discuss Enneagram 8W9 here. It isn’t in every case simple to sort out which profession will cause you to feel the most satisfied; thus, understanding certain parts of their character can really help manage you in this way. It tends to be valuable to use the enneagram as a method for seeing how somebody will deal with a lifelong decision. Knowing this gives you a superior thought of which vocations you have common gifts for and which ones may be a steady battle for you. Type 8 people have a profound incentive for being in charge of their own lives and activities. They care about completing things and assuming responsibility for a circumstance without being apathetic or clumsy.

Their ability to be dominant and to prevent all vulnerabilities decides eight. They offer others an assured, confident and decisive photo. Eight can be rational and intimidating; it is necessary to defend what they believe in and protect the weaker. Eights care about acting naturally dependent and being equipped for taking on difficulties without falling flat. They have solid resolutions and are equipped for driving individuals effortlessly. Individuals regularly follow eights as a result of their appeal and common method of driving. They additionally are driven by a longing to control their current circumstance since they need to have the option to really focus on and secure their friends and family.

Enneagram 8W9

Enneagram 8W9 characters esteem having a feeling of control in their lives, making them show up somewhat forceful on occasion. They put stock in pursuing the things they need; however, they can battle to permit others to help or assume responsibility; they are confident and esteem having the option to dash into a circumstance with certainty and talented administration. They work to have the opportunity to control their current circumstance. However, they can likewise be centered around maintaining individuals. They don’t care for feeling helpless and instead need to continually feel responsible for their feelings and not permitting those sentiments to control them.

  • Deepest Fear: Eight are most concerned that they are weak and helpless, as they are still strong and in charge, and they cope with this fear.
  • Core Motivations: An independent and regulated desire drives the eight. They oppose being weak or feeling weak and condemn all forces that limit them.

Main Characteristics of Eight:

  • Independent and Autonomous
  • Hard and Reliable Look
  • Determination and Resilience
  • Quite Vigorous and Busy
  • Ardent Passions and Determination
  • Tight-Headed and Stubborn
  • Severe on Environmental Control

Challengers are goal-driven and self-sustaining and have great pride in their freedom and sharp minds. They are courageously active in all life. After any stumbling case, they keep their heads high and choose themselves – stronger than previously. 8W9 Enneagram people are defiant against social norms. Others’ views would absolutely have no bearing on their stance on a problem as they are proud to be thoroughly competent and self-sufficient.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Eights are strong and straightforward. This style of decision is not shy when it comes to leadership and difficult decisions. They do not fear confrontation and do not always concern themselves with boundaries or limits. In group projects or meetings, they usually take over and find themselves in leadership positions fast. As adults, peers may have called them “bossy.” In a conflict-heavy world, many grow up and feel they have to adopt a strong personality to succeed at first in life.

The challengers and Type One and Type Nine are part of the “body-based” triad. This triad is the fundamental emotion of wrath. Although they more or less oppress and disregard their frustration, they also express their anger impulsively, and they have little trouble. Healthy eights are bold and dynamic leaders who stand up to each other. Less safe Eights will ruin their ties to power and authority. Eights are rising as they learn to access their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

The Wings of 8s Enneagram

8w7: The Eight wing of type 7 is a type Eight with several features of type 7. This guy is vigorous, energetic, and more combative than others. Entrepreneurs, politicians, and lawyers are common occupations of this kind.

8w9: The 8-wing type Nine is an 8 with characteristics that are identical to Type Nine Peacemaker. You are trustworthy, relaxed, and more patient than other eights in general. Activists, teachers, advisers, and judges are also typical jobs for the 8w9. Likewise, people with an 8 wing nine (8w9) Enneagram appear to identify with type eight and share some characteristics with type nine. Such rights are trustworthy, patient, and clean. But the other kinds of eight are gentler and more subdued.

Enneagram 8s Core Principles

Competence, authority, power, and control – the competitor needs to see the party’s status respected or liked. The challenger will have an impact and will not reverse. You are proud of your courage, integrity, and truth. There is also a powerful sense of justice among challengers. In the Challenger belief system, loyalty also plays a significant role. They are committed to those who have proved their worth in time, who stick with them through hell or high water until the end. The challenger would confidently spread its wings to shield them if there is danger and their loved ones are in trouble.

How to Classify an Enneagram 8

The Challenger, who is naturally used to leadership positions, makes his engagement known and adds an air of trust and autonomy to his speech and his path. Usually, they believe in the mantra of making their own luck and work really hard, no questions asked, to make it happen. Challengers are ruthlessly autonomous and are unafraid of conflict, which can often get them into major trouble. Naturally, they butt heads with authority, especially when you meet the classic, “You have to do this because I told you so.” Respect is won by justification and ability, not by age or rank.

Enneagram 8s Safe vs. Unhealthy

Eights will be a champion for solutions for those who are disadvantaged while they are well. They are powerful and confident leaders who, for causes and societies, can be the backbone and guiding force. Their energy and devotion to changing culture and themselves flourish into new gardens where Challengers can carefully plant their seeds. The Challengers are compassionate and deeply caring individuals who openly give refuge and advice to close friends and family members. Gratitude and joy emerge from their core self as they learn to evolve their caring side. Challengers become mindful of the needs of others with this newfound sense of tenderness and will willingly drop.

Eights are competitive when they are average and can perceive friendships or company interactions as a battlefield, constantly searching for the next challenge to win. They are stubborn and assertive, but also self-confident and professional. They objectively analyze their behavior during their downtime and work for self-improvement. They stop displaying weakness, which can be a linkage and intimacy roadblock. Doing so will display vulnerability, which in their books is completely unacceptable. As a consequence, they can be seen by peers as exceptionally competitive and intimidating. Their faith and stamina lift them to new heights, acting as a kick for more effort with each loss.

Eights can be tyrannical and dangerous if they are safe and, at first, sight frightening others. They addict themselves to the pursuit of power and destroy everything that blocks their way through wrath. If others’ thoughts and feelings are blinking to the weaker side of the human mind, they do not make sense. During their delusions of superiority and against anyone who dares to challenge them and their intentions, challengers are stoned. They become cold. To regain power over others, empty threats can convert current relations into tests where only one may pass or fail. Challengers might turn their back on others because they’re better off working alone. At the end of the day, they will shift into solitude.

8w9 Work Enneagram

Eight are compassionate and brave with a nine wing. They are naturally born leaders, conscious of multiple viewpoints and attention to others. They thrive in environments that allow them to become independent while inspiring others to support them.

What is Type 8 personalities’ best careers?

Enneagram 8 is always a great leader because of its healthy existence. TYPE 8’s are natural leaders, but they gravitate to occupations in which they take responsibility. They want to do it themselves, make changes, and be the best at what they do. You will not slacken when it comes to the job, but look for opportunities to better yourself and what you do. They want to be respected and seen as someone competent in their workplace. They appear to excel in positions of leadership in which they can take over and direct others. Executives or directors shall be included in these articles. It is important to remember that, in general, type 8 can flourish only if they are recognized, valued, and function effectively. Because of its brave nature, the type 8 is likely to be suitable for military careers or firefighting careers because of its desire for a longer-term impact. Form 8 Enneagram appears to be extremely competitive. This helps them to expect a competition-friendly job. Athletics or sales careers are examples of those who would excel in type 8. Finally, type 8’s will excel as attorneys or financial consultants since they admire and compete for the opportunity to make a difference

They would like to question their superiors about important things and care to be respected for what they do. If your boss really comes to you to figure out and fix problems, it’s important for you. The type 8 person will find themselves satisfied, and they really are at the right position in this type of work setting. They still care how they are viewed and want to become more of a leader in their colleagues’ and co-workers’ eyes. They want to be able to take over and have the opportunity to do so. You’re better at leading positions; you don’t want to be dominated by others. You value being the boss and operating better if you have a squad, you can direct yourself in specific ways. This is far more satisfying and fulfilling for Type 8 individuals than answering others and following as is told them. They can drain according to someone else’s laws, especially if they see too many ways to do things more efficiently.

They need their conclusions and information to be esteemed since they are proficient individuals who will endeavor to achieve any objective they set their focus on. Having the option to set professional goals is vital for them also; thus, if they feel stuck in their position, it is really depleting for them. This is the reason leader, or administrative positions can be truly remunerating for them. Things like possessing their own business or, in any event, being a business chief can likewise be acceptable decisions. Since they have their own space to complete things on their own terms and assume responsibility, at that point, they will probably be upbeat in their profession.

The challenger form will succeed in loads of work. But here are seven to begin.

  1. Activists: As Type 8 figures are so self-confident and confident in their ideas, they naturally get additional assistance. They’re outspoken leaders making great activists.

  2. Military Workers: Many militants are recalled as heroes. And many Type 8 personalities, which are what the military needs, are considered ‘courageous and ready to put themselves in danger to achieve their vision and have permanent power.’ Many will indeed “may achieve true heroism and historical greatness.”

  3. Managers of the Program: Type 8 individuals are good leaders, and program managers must run whole projects and supervise multiple teams. Type 8 characteristics include a can-do behavior, which is important for this mission.

  4. Managers: Again, they are natural executives because Type 8 figures are powerful leaders. In brief: two qualities the executive requires are decisive and authoritative.

  5. Sportsmen: Form 8 characters are very competitive. As such, they generate talented athletes who are rushed out of the game.

  6. Delegates for the Sale: Again, because Type 8 individuals are often competitive, they work well in sales positions, which often compete favorably. Sometimes they fail to fulfill their emotional needs to succeed, as many sales reps prefer to do when they work hard to sell.

  7. Governors: The Type 8 personalities as born leaders make perfect governors who can make authoritative decisions with a passion and attitude.

Type 8 individuals may become extremely combative and use bullying and other toxic methods to get around. Instead, they should work to create relationships with others to win supporters. Be mindful of your limitations and focus on your self-knowledge if you are a Type 8 personality. You’ll also be a fantastic leader if you do that!

TIPS for 8W9 Enneagram Personality People:

Do you use your energy and trust? The best managers are purposeful with their squad. This ‘inspiring’ management style is important in managing type 8s since they are disappointed quickly by tasks they find meaningless. By shared your long-term objectives, you can use the natural energy and intent of Type 8s. It will help them see the importance of their job by showing them a big picture. Creating an aspiring, competitive workplace would boost Type8s, which will, in turn, increase their circles. Before making decisions, check what you think and feel. Eights act on their emotions instinctually, as a body-based sort, which can lead to impulsive explosions or decisions which are not fully considered. When you feel the urge to respond, take the time before you take action to sort your thoughts and feelings.

Learn that power, not weakness, is vulnerability. Eight see their rude and insecure feelings as frail, but development occurs as they learn to understand their personality’s importance in these aspects. The exposure enables Eights to interact with others more profoundly and develop into their highest selves. Explore the boundaries. Energy Eights always go to their limits, unknowing they do so. This can trigger other people to exceed their limits unknowingly. Take care of your mental and psychological state and take the time to relax and heal if necessary. Try to give love to others and to be more responsive to love. Eights prefer to look with or opposite to other people. It can make developing strong, genuine relationships challenging. Be more open to love and to embrace. Not all must be won.

Don’t forget to improve good conduct and when they come to celebrate the performance of your squad. This motivation helps inspire the 8s to work harder so that the best days will continue to come. Do not micro-manage. Many people want self-employment and Type 8s are no exception. In reality, more than most, they want autonomy. Some managers are worried that their team may be too autonomous, but this is the secret to increasing efficiency and job satisfaction for Type 8s. Give other people leadership (sometimes). The Eight are great leaders with their leading presence and their straightforward approach. But sometimes, you have to step back to encourage another person to step up. For Eights, it is important to understand when other people will take over.

What is Type 8 personalities’ worst career?

Because of their assertiveness and superiority, type 8 Enneagrams would unlikely develop in micro-managed or regulated environments. Type 8s may want to avoid occupations in which they feel worthless and unable to decide themselves. Such works include technical personnel, research workers, or administrative personnel. Similarly, form 8 of Enneagram will unlikely succeed in careers where they do not feel beneficial or have lasting effects. Lastly, professions like an editor or manufacturer might drain type 8’s. This is because people in these positions cannot respond to feedback and constructive criticism.

Working in a profession where they can’t settle on their own decisions and their assessments are overlooked will be amazingly debilitating for type 8s. If their manager requests total position and make exacting guidelines and guidelines, this won’t be charming for them by any means. Inclining that they are stuck similarly situated without development is unquestionably not the ideal spot for them. They don’t care for feeling constrained by anybody, and it is actually the same in their vocations. At the point when they need to continually need to do what they are advised and don’t have space to extend or assume responsibility, at that point, they feel caught and unfulfilled.

For various types of individuals, certain career options are better than others. Three occupations of form 8 can be avoided by personalities.

  1. Secretary: Form 8 personalities lead best, and as such, do not do so well as secretarial posts in supporting positions.
  2. Adjunct Editorial: Publishers must be open to feedback and constructive criticism. Form 8 characteristics are not so open to feedback or constructive critique.
  3. Co-Hosts of Television: Form 8 characters would like to be a show star. You don’t want to be a co-host, but rather the only host you would like to be. Type 8w9 figures are powerful leaders with a wide range of possibilities. However, change is always necessary.

Type 8 personalities should improve in the following areas in order to do their best:

  • Type 8, if they lean too far, can, according to the Enneagram Institute, “develop delusional ideas about their power, invincibility, and ability to prevail,” You should remain logical and self-conscious.
  • Since Type 8 personages are based too much on control, their attempts to obtain support can be revengeful and barbarous and contribute to sociopathic patterns unless they take caution.
  • Type 8 individuals may become extremely combative and use bullying and other toxic methods to get around. Instead, they should work to create relationships with others to win supporters.

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Enneagram 8W9 Personality and Best Jobs for Them

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