Enneagram 1w9 Personality and Best Jobs for them

Enneagram 1w9 personality and best jobs for them

The enneagram is useful to discover your form of personality, along with your main motivations. We will discuss Enneagram 1w9 Personality here. It is also helpful for you to find a satisfying and fulfilling career path. Each of the nine characteristics, according to the Enneagram, is characterized by a specific fundamental belief in how the world is working. This central conviction directs your deepest motivations and fears — and basically forms the vision of the future and the prospect of seeing the world and its inhabitants.

Our core beliefs are not inherently wrong but can be restrictive for people and act as “blinders.” Understanding our Enneagram form and how it colors our percepts will help us extend our viewpoint and cope more effectively with situations. Understanding the Enneagram form of an individual allows one to see why they do so. Each type of Enneagram has several core values that will continuously inspire and direct them to take specific actions. The Enneagram form of an individual can also clarify behaviors that may seem ambiguous or contradictory.

The Enneagram helps us also understand how individuals respond to stress. The Enneagram creates opportunities for personal growth and offers the basis for understanding others by explaining how each enneastyle can adapt to stressful and supportive circumstances. According to the Enneagram Institute, the Reformer type 1 is “the rational, idealistic type” that is “principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionistic,” Such people, however, can still aim for progress but fear confusion. Well structured, tidy and fastidious, they are trying to maintain high expectations but can become critic and perfectionist; usually, they face frustration and impatience. “They are diligent and ethical with clear senses of good and wrong.

The Working of the Enneagram 1w9 Personality

As each person grows to adulthood, one of the nine Enneagram personality types will dominate their motives and fears. Your basic form is affected primarily by biological factors and your growing environmental influences — including family dynamics or relationships with parents. These people are very sharp and rational with the Nine-wing (or 1w9s). A number system is used in the Enneagram to define each type. No one is better than another because it is a horizontal system of development. Persons may be of more than one type; however, people do not move from Enneagram to Enneagram in general terms. Instead, it resounds with various characteristics depending on its overall health standard. 

They are less rigid than the core type, depending on the strength of their Nine-Wing. Ones remain Ones, however, with 1w9s being no exception. Type 1 with nine-wing wings: While the two-winged wings (9 and 2) can affect their character, generally, the interpretation is greater for Nines than for Twos (the other wing). 1w9s are typically quieter, more developed, more unbiased, and more moderate than 1w2s. They may be academic and rather indifferent or truly as Fives separated.

They are generally more political, philosophical, strong, and truthful than 1w2s, yet kind, polite, welcoming, and respectful towards others. Like 1w2, they have hope and need to improve and develop their overall community but usually, rather than with individuals on the cutting edges. They work without someone else (with the conceivable exemption of social subtypes, which can be somewhat more straightforwardly lecturing). Instead of bemusing individuals or enthusiastically raising their voices, they prefer to smoothly yet continuously advise them and justify their perspectives.

Also, they would usually love creatures and nature because of their effortlessness, simplicity, and virtue. This subtype is obviously more gentle and less likely than 1w2s to displease. 1w9s are more introvert and prefer their time alone than their 1w2 counterparts. They like to read or to research the subject quietly. They are rational Type 1 personalities, who appear only to be logical and objective truth in their behavior. They are really rational. Their rationality, which is definitely an attractive quality, makes them fair. Time alone allows them to grow their idealism while shielding them from other people’s influence.

They want to change the world as Ones, on the one side. But their nine wings, on the other hand, make them want to escape trouble. Because of all these conflicting wishes, 1w9’s sometimes look more like disassociated observers. Both love to learn and understand isolation. Fives are less judgmental about others, however. However, in most instances, they are not especially worried that anyone shares their views or takes their advice1w9s. Compared with Fives, who would rather preserve their thinking and feeling, they would like to warn and upset people if others do not take advice.

The Nine-wing supplants the characteristic rigidity of the One in safe 1w9s. It may be more objective than the core style and comprehension. They are usually trained and professional people. Though they can be cold and unconditional, they make good friends and teachers. People often have a simple life mission in their minds and are working hard, with a deep sense of duty and tenacity, turning this mighty vision into a reality. They are calm and commanded, and their words and obligations are being fulfilled.

Perfectionists are prepared to go further to ensure that their work is top-notch and perfectly curated. You are immensely proud of streamlined timetables’ workmanship and plans to do activities in the most successful way possible – lifestyle optimization. Supervisors of serious thoughts are accountable and pragmatic. They want to find meaning in their lives, particularly an opportunity to improve the well-being of the people and improve things.

To find answers in the real world, they use their very best opinion. You know ethics deeply and use the time to analyze and adapt your moral compass as needed. Ones are part of the “body-based” triad, along with Type Eight and Type Nine, in the structure of Enneagram. This triad focuses on the central emotion of rage that styles struggle with to coordinate and manage their lives.

Perfectionist believes they won’t have to think about unpleasant emotional feelings like rage and resentment if they’ve planned everything and regulated everything. As this guy regards wrath as “false,” they can suppress it and eventually trigger anger, self-pity, and regret.

Nine personalities have all the principal features of type 1, but they are very identical to type Nine in some respects. These individuals are typically calmer than other groups of people and have a great sense of good and evil. They are more accessible than a traditional one to new ideas and perspectives. They may also seem quieter and more distant than other styles. Such a guy wants peace, like Type Nines, and prevents conflict. 1w9s are drawn to psychological, social, journalistic, and political professions.

Enneagram 1s Core Principles

Want to make every part of your life better. They strive to be aligned with and to work very hard to fulfill their ideals and beliefs. The foundations of the ideals of perfectionists are duty and due diligence. They seek transparency and respect different products and systems for their usefulness. Integrity is a central consideration and a measure of time for their life decisions. Loyalty, fairness, and integrity are the main factors that form the character of a perfectionist. 

Enneagram When They are Safe vs Dangerous

If you are well, people see plenty of situations to change and embrace life’s complex turmoil. They have a good sense of justice and fairness, accept humanity’s diversity, and recognize it to make more change for the better. The perfectionist establishes an optimal balance between work and life and knows how to relax.

On average, people organize and divide every aspect of their lives, seek strict values, and are probably involved in different social causes. This is visible in their professional or personal activities and their social affiliations. Perfectionists will also suppress the emotional needs to get things done. They also work rigidly.

If they are unhealthy, people are unaccountable and rely on insignificant factors. This can lead to self-affirming intrusion and obsession. This can lead to self-affirmation. They can discredit the views of others and influence their skewed self-image. There is no room for error in this state, and perfectionists will sink into frustration or anger bursts when their values are assaulted.

Due to the dominance of type 9, 1w9s are less likely to engage in governance. However, they will force their principles on others and become violent politicians if their Nine Wing is not especially powerful. Where 9w1s instruct, 1w9s are highly impersonal. They teach, without adding anything intimate, abstract concepts. They teach. You’re probably talking rather than acting. Also, 9w1s write rather than preach their beliefs due to their introversion. Due to their influence in nine, 1w9s prefer to filter the universe as they please.

An individual uses a lot of rationality. It can be really black and white, with prints and elegance. You always feel responsible for changing yourself and the world around you. One’s central desire is honesty, goodness, morality, and fairness. The message from others they most want to hear is something that says, “You are good.” Careers and choices for an enneagram should be based on their freedom to contribute to performance and processes. People flourish in an atmosphere that appreciates their care for detail and has the capacity to lead meaningful improvements by corrective acts.

The first type of Enneagram theory personality is Type 1 (or else known as ‘the reformer’). Usually, the form is cautious, ethical, structured, and has a deep feeling of good and bad. They are called “reformers” since they like high expectations, and change proponents frequently strive to better things. They often call themselves “developers” (or sometimes perfectionists.” They are, however, totally petrified by the error. This can often lead to Type 1, which is critical, impatient, and excessively fine.

Considerations of the profession. Enneagram form 1 has a lot to give in the workplace—type 1. What separates them from the rest, however, is that: It’s sensible and reasonable. It only functions logically and critically, which makes it a perfect addition to every workplace. Values. Principles. Form 1’s try to do the right thing. They listen to the facts, respect justice, and want honesty, objectivity, and ethics.

Effectiveness. Effective A Form 1 appears to spend a lot of time focusing on the effects and/or the effect of these actions on others. Form 1 is also fair, responsible, positive, and improvement-oriented. They concentrate on detail and want to look after the broader community and link them. Finally, Type 1’s are most suitable for occupations based on the battle for justice. Form 1 is motivated by the right thing and is deeply concerned about helping the needy. Social workers, advisors, and police officers are interested in such professions.

What are Type 1 personality’s best careers?

The reformer style would be superb for loads of work. But here are seven to begin:

  1. Teachers: According to the Enneagram Institute, “well-organized, orderly and fastidious,” They are aimed at upholding high expectations and honoring these standards as professors in schools. Since they are also purposeful, being professionals in their fields allows them to help students teach as faculty, to encourage their students to grow like their own careers.

  2. Judiciary: Form 1 personalities reality, objectivity, and honesty are maintained. They make excellent judges for this reason. “Fairness, objective, ethicality, and truth are always the primary values, based in an extreme principle,” says the Enneagram Institute, “and often their sense of responsibility, personal integrity, and their higher aim make them teachers and bear witness to the truth.”

  3. Officers of Police: Again, as types of personalities of type 1 take care of keeping expectations, the police officers are engaged in law enforcement.

  4. Climate Specialist: Type 1 characteristics are reformist types that want change and work well for purposes, especially their passion. They will continue to make an impact on the planet as environmental experts.

  5. Activists: Form 1 is a passionate and deliberate personality. You feel good, misconceived, and personal and you are prepared to struggle for what is right and what you believe in wholeheartedly.

  6. Social Workers: Type 1 types of personalities make social workers amazing because they want to affect others’ lives. They are practical, know the right steps, and help others take these steps and change their lives.

  7. Detectives: The reality is fascinated with Type 1 personalities. And they will spend time searching for it as detectives.

Enneagram Category 1’s Worst Careers

In the false world, type 1 is typically non-adaptable and excessively critical. They can be profoundly self-checked, ambitious, and diligent and will therefore not flourish where negativity or uncertainty is surrounded. Type 1’s Enneagram should avoid situations where their thoughts are overlooked since they are not in control. They should also avoid technical professions like administrative support positions, where errors are unavoidable. Likewise, occupations in which such instructions cannot function should avoid being irritated to prevent Type 1. Type 1 should also avoid roles where it is impossible to experience their work’s immediate intended effect. These functions can include operating as a retail agent or as a server. Finally, professions, such as accounting or financial positions, that require attention to detail and perfection should be avoided. Since type 1’s are already perfectionist and critical, these positions may become too compulsive and anal.

  1. Management Assistant: Type 1 personalities are still concerned with an error. Since administrative workers need to work for others and perform various activities, mistakes are almost unavoidable.

  2. Representatives of Retail: In professions in which personalities of type 1 can see a more immediate, intentional impact, they can do well. According to Enneagram Institute, if they too lean to type 1, they may become «highly dogmatic, self-righteous, intolerant and inflexible,’ which is not good for retail members, who sometimes have to flex their hours and accept odd hours.

  3. Auditors: According to Enneagram Institute, personalities of type 1 may become « anal, timely, pedantic and boring » if they lean too far. They are not making the best accountants or finance guys who must be this stuff already — as they can be a fault. Type 1 figures have a wide variety of career options to pursue. That said, space for growth is always there. Type 1 personalities should change in the following areas to really perform well:

    • Type 1 personalities will rapidly be condemned and suffer serious depressive and nervous breakdowns if they go too far. They should be conscious of their tendencies, which normally fit observatory and depressive personality disorders.
    • Type 1 individuals can be very dogmatic and intolerant to others’ opinions because they often treat absolute people and believe they know correctly from wrong — and as such, others appear to be wrong. It would be best if you were more open-minded.
    • Type 1 traits can also become obsessive easily since they are perfectionists. This will influence your psychology.

3 Relevant Pieces of Advice on Career:

Career Tip #1: Take the Main Reasons

An enneagram is a powerful tool for having a clear understanding of the motives of each form. The Enneagram is a method for analyzing personalities and thus promotes self-awareness in career decision-making. I believe that making these reasons a consideration will help to manage career decisions. Holland (1959) supports this theory, which notes that the best satisfaction in career choice comes from inspiration, experience, personality, and individual skills. Also, Enneagram provides technical improvements to the job and personal performance regularly.

Career Tip #2: Start with Why to Start

In his book, Start with Why, and the author suggested that we always know what we are doing and how but never completely realize what we are doing. It could look like this for those who want to find a promising career:

  • Which: Receive Credit
  • HOW: A permanent job
  • Where do you think??
  • Do you see the issue? Sometimes, you would repeatedly do the same thing without knowing why you want to have a promising career.

Therefore, he advises that he address why first the motivation and clarification required to lead to improvements or fulfillment are given. So, what’s your reason? What’s your job purpose? How important is your job, and how does it work? Please write it down and always keep it in mind (s).

Career Tip #3: Find a Cause for Which You Will Sacrifice

Simon Sinek (I’m a fan!) believes that when it comes to making an impact and a meaningful career, it is also necessary to find a “just cause.” Where are you going to sacrifice voluntarily? It is worthwhile to identify work that serves a function in which you believe. Use the guide below to navigate your career and your choices with these three initial career tips.

Here’s what you should know about the personality of Enneagram type 1 in brief:

  • They fear primarily that they are corrupt or evil and faulty.
  • They wish to be friendly, to be integral, and to be balanced.
  • They must be right and aspire to develop all aspects of their lives. They still work to live up to their values and explain those ideas (and themselves).

The most important classic examples include Confucius, Plato, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Al Gore, Tina Fey, Harrison Ford, Katherine Hepburn, and others. Type 1 personalities are referred to as reformers because ‘we have a ‘sense of mission’ to endeavor, using the degree of power they have, to change the world in different ways. They aim to resolve adversities—especially moral adversity—to make the human mind shine through it,” according to the Enneagram Institute. “They strive after ‘higher values,’ even at the cost of great personal sacrifice.” Thus, the Enneagram will encourage them to naturally lean to their gifts and personalities by providing them with an opportunity for attention to information, structure, and a structured approach to work. 

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Enneagram 1w9 Personality and Best Jobs for them

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