Best Enneagram Books in 2021

Best Enneagram Books

Nowadays, Enneagram is a highly respected existence, and its content has been translated and edit into courses popular in European and American academia and business circles. Many companies use this to train employees, build teams, and help their employees to improve execution. Although Enneagram is not currently recognized by mainstream psychology, in the thesis of Sara Scott, a doctoral student who is studying for a degree in counseling education at the University of Virginia, the result of her scientific evaluation shows that Enneagram is a precise system. At present, Enneagram can be used as an auxiliary tool to help individuals better understand their personality and help them find a job that suits them. Moreover, it can be used as a tool for company executives to know about their employees’ personalities and characteristics. This article will explain what the enneagram is and recommend Best Enneagram Books for you to have a deeper understanding of the enneagram.

What is Enneagram?

The contemporary Enneagram originally originated in Berkeley. Its book analyzing Enneagram has sold more than one million copies in most countries in Europe and East Asia and parts of Africa and South America, and Enneagram plans or institutions. Although the Enneagram itself does not imply a specific ideology, theology, or a set of techniques, it is a remarkably effective conceptual framework for secular practitioners and religious clergy in their work with clients or sympathizers. This network framework is different from most mental systems and diagnostic tools that focus on human neuroticism or problems. Enneagrams not only discuss the problems people face but also describes the strengths and potentials of each personality. We cannot judge the quality of a personality type casually. When people grow up, they will experience various things. As life experiences them, different personalities will be reflected in their behavior habits.

Although the enneagram system can assess a person’s existence or its spiritual growth, it can also help people make changes to live better. But in recent years, it has been adapted into a tool more suitable for teaching and commercial training. Of course, in addition to key interpersonal interactions, Enneagram also supports self-judgment. It is because a person with independent decision-making ability and continuous learning ability can easily be competent in the environment in which it works and has effective conversations with colleagues around him.

What is the symbol of the enneagram?

An enneagram is generally composed of three parts, including a circle, an inner triangle connecting 3-6-9, and an irregular hexagon connecting 1-4-2-8-5-7 Cycle graphics. The circle represents unity, the inner triangle represents the three laws, and the hexagon represents the seven laws. These three elements constitute this nine-shaped wall chart. The circle represents unity, and it can also be reflecting the integrity and unity of human life. The inner triangle represents the three laws, and the hexagon represents the seven laws. These two parts represent other possibilities of human life besides integrity and unity. On the other hand, each basic personality can also be connected by two lines and merged with another pair of types. For example, connect Type 1, Type 7, and Type 4. Among them, the connection of Type 7 to Type 1 reflects the personality model left by this person during childhood or the character he has been suppressed. This potential personality trait may become an obstacle in his life, so it belongs to the place that needs improvement. The second segment of Type 1 is connected to Type 4, and this connection belongs to the state when he is ready to reach a higher point.

It is undeniable that these nine types will reflect different character strengths, but they will also reflect their challenging dark side. When these personalities are connected by lines, the Enneagram model becomes a dynamic model. It shows the changes in personality in different environments. Next, we will share some books worth reading about Enneagram.

What are the best enneagram books?

The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. 

In life, ignorance is a manifestation of happiness, except for having self-awareness. This book is very friendly to those who do not know much about Enneagram. This book has an easy-to-understand explanation of the types of the nine types, among which the type nine personality grid is a tool you need to understand about personality. This is because you need to use this network to figure out who you are and why some unexpected difficulties occur around you. By studying the nine-shaped picture, you will not only know the good side of yourself, but it will also clearly show the dark side of your personality. Through an in-depth understanding of the Enneagram, you will have a more detailed understanding of your lifestyle and best state. 

This is the reason why I feel magical when I read this book. It is undeniable that everyone has a strong sense of pride in their character strengths and uses them in work and interpersonal communication in daily life. However, what often causes you to fail may be the dark side of your accidental manifestation. This kind of signal often makes you doubt your authenticity. When you read this book, you will read it for a long time. When you read this book, you will not only learn a lot about how to recognize yourself but also start to try to see the world differently. In short, this book is rich in content and can give you a different understanding of yourself. It is a book worth reading.

The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth by Christopher L. Heuertz and Richard Rohr

If you are a person who likes to read with text and pictures, then you can try to read this book about Enneagram. We often think about who we are? What our personality is?What kind of attitude we need to use to connect with the people around us to win the appreciation of others? Besides, how do we communicate with God? Various questions have been answered in this book. The author Christopher L. Heuertz mentioned in the book that the existence of Enneagram extends far beyond the test itself, and you may see yourself through it that you don’t know. This is because we often think that some lies make us fall into a cycle of self-disgust. However, when you read this book, it reveals nine ways in which we are lost and how to find the way to the true self and God.

When I was reading this book, this book was supplemented with text in the form of comics, showing the analysis of Enneagram. This will make me more willing to understand the meaning it conveys deeply. At the same time, I read more content unconsciously. If you are looking for a self-service self-exploration book, then this book may become your favorite.

Using the Enneagram in Prayer: A Contemplative Guide by Suzanne Zuercher.

Before reading this book, if you already understand the nine personality types, their relationship network, and the background of the nine personality types, then you can start to try to read this book. Because this book is aimed at more advanced Enneagram learners, there is not much overview and a basic understanding of each type. However, this book can help you better understand the growth process of personality. This book focuses more on triads rather than genres one by one. This kind of explanation is very practical. It will not only help you understand the dynamic changes when different personalities are combined, but you will also get some inspiration on how to connect with others.

Although this book is small, you will find a lot of useful information in it. Besides, it also explores how each Enneagram can help people develop a contemplative attitude towards life. This is a book to help you find yourself more deeply.

The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships by Suzanne Stabile.

First, this is a book about Enneagram that is worth reading. After you understand the basic information of Enneagram, this book can be used as an advanced reading to provide you with more detailed information. On the other hand, this book will give a deeper introduction to the nine personalities’ interrelationships. Sometimes, we may have doubts about what others are experiencing or dealing with. We have no idea how to start, and it is possible to begin in the wrong direction and do something irreversible. However, when we try to read this book, understanding the motivations and personality types may be the key to releasing goodwill to others. In this book, the relationship between the performance and experience of Enneagram is introduced, allowing readers to have a deeper understanding of their types. Through the behavior of others, understand their personality and make choices.

The author of this book, Suzanne, uses a humorous style to explain how to use Enneagram to reveal people’s behavior and personality. This book can help everyone in real life build self-confidence in themselves and learn to check their shortcomings and always correct them.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson.

The funny thing about this book is that it is suitable for people at any stage to read. Whether you are a newcomer who has a preliminary understanding of Enneagrams or a veteran enthusiast with some understanding of Enneagrams, this book is very suitable to deeper your understanding of Enneagrams. When I read this book, I found that the relevant content of religion and philosophy was systematically described, and a lot of information was attached. On the other hand, this book provides you with tests to determine your type. By taking the test, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of yourself and discover the predictable traps in life. After you finish the test, read this book in detail. It is allowing you to have an immersive reading experience.

In short, if you are experiencing difficulties or have questions about your self-perception. You may wish to start reading books about Enneagrams to start a rich learning experience. Do not be afraid to spend time reading books. Sometimes life inspiration often comes from reading and thinking.

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Best Enneagram Books in 2021

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