Does Victoria Secret Pay Weekly? – Learn More

Victoria’s Secret is a multinational lingerie brand. The brand has many openings for new employees and the most common question we come across is “Does Victoria’s Secret pay weekly?” The clear answer to your question is No, Victoria’s Secret does not pay weekly. The payment method it follows is bi-weekly. 

Does Victoria Secret Pay Weekly? - Learn More

About the Company

Victoria’s Secret is the US leading retailer in lingerie and beauty. The brand was first inaugurated by Roy and Gaye Raymond. Victoria’s Secret is renowned worldwide with its annual fashion show. Through the years Victoria’s Secret expanded successfully by installing stores all across the state. The brand started with personalized products for teens and adults. The PINK store by Victoria’s Secret serves, especially for teenagers. Victoria’s Secret also has a dedicated store for its skincare and beauty ranges. As of 2021, Victoria’s Secret has a total of 775 stores worldwide.

Victoria’s Secret Pay Weekly Period

Victoria’s Secret is a multinational brand loved by women all across the globe. Approximately 20,000 employees are working currently at all Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores around the world. Recalling payments, employees at Victoria’s Secret, PINK, and Bath and Body Works have disclosed that the payment period is for 2 weeks. This further suggests that employees are paid, bi-weekly not weekly which is a more inclined notion. The pay is mostly manifested on Fridays to their employees. 

What is the Minimum Pay Employees at Victoria’s Secret Receive?

Payment theory at Victoria’s Secret majorly depends on the work experience and seniority of your role. A sales executive may receive different payments from an assistant manager. You can expect a minimum pay of $20,000 per annum as a newcomer and experienced personnel can accept anywhere between $180,000 to $186,789. Hourly pay at Victoria’s Secret is between $10 to $25. The payment scale at Victoria’s Secret can also differ based on the location. For accurate subjugation of the salary, you should visit the proposed store and have a conversation with the store manager. 

How to apply for a job at Victoria’s Secret?

Job application at Victoria’s Secret is very lucid. Candidates applying for jobs can visit Victoria’s Secret career homepage and scroll down to list their preferences. Apply from the designated website and wait for a follow-up. Most preferably you would hear back within a week for further advancements like an interview. You can also go through the job portal to check on your application status. 

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Roles available at Victoria’s Secret

There are a variety of roles available at Victoria’s Secret and you can easily apply for them all on the official website. Victoria’s Secret offers both part-time and full-time job applications. The most common openings recorded by the website is for:-

  1. Fitting Specialist- As a fitting specialist at Victoria’s Secret you need to be through with fitting issues and ways to choose the correct fitting for the customers. As a specialist, you can earn between $10 to $12 as a beginner per hour. 
  1. Sales Executive- Your job is to influence traffic at your designated store. Always on foot, the sales executive needs to handle the cash register effectively. You can earn anywhere between $10 to $12 per hour.
  1. Assistant Manager- Managing, hiring, training, and scheduling employees is an important aspect of the assistant manager’s job profile. As an assistant manager, you can expect a salary package of $65k a year. 

Perks of working with Victoria’s Secret

When looking for job applications everyone tends to have a peek into the insights that the company will offer post joining the position. Victoria’s Secret takes a better note by providing numerous perks for their employees. 

Extra fringe benefits available for Victoria’s Secret employees are:-

  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Medical Health care
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid holidays and easy to avail sick leave
  • Festive offers and discounts for their employees


Victoria’s Secret is a renowned brand in the world of the fashion industry. The company holds two-third of all the lingerie items sold all across the States. The brand is open to numerous opportunities for everyone. Victoria’s Secret pays very decently to its employees. The payment cycle for Victoria’s Secret employees is bi-weekly and completed on Fridays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum age to start working at Victoria’s Secret?

The minimum age to start working at Victoria’s Secret is 18 years.

  1.  Which day of the week does Victoria’s Secret pay their employees?

Victoria’s Secret pays bi-weekly to their employees on Fridays. 

  1. Does Victoria’s Secret give paid training?

No, Victoria’s Secret does not provide paid training. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t provide training. 

  1. What time does Victoria’s Secret operate for its employees?

Time of operation may vary for different locations. It’s best to assume that your time at the store would be similar to the store opening and closing time.

  1. What is the minimum age to start working at PINK by Victoria’s Secret?

The minimum age requirement to work at PINK by Victoria’s Secret is 18 years. 

Does Victoria Secret Pay Weekly? – Learn More

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