Intel Employee Discount


Intel Corporation is a technology company with the source of multinational corporation situated in Santa Clara, California. This American company is the globe’s biggest semiconductor chip producer on the basis of its source of income. Intel is the creator of the x86 category of microprocessors, the processors organized in almost all personal computers nowadays. To know about the Employee discount and what the perks of working at Intel are, keep reading the article. 

Intel Employee Discount

Intel Employee Discount

50% off is applicable on all products provided at Intel for the workers as an Employee Discount. Most of the companies provide 15-30% Employee discount, but on the other hand, At Intel, the Employee discount is 50%.

What are the benefits of working at Intel? 

There are multiple benefits of working at Intel. All of them are mentioned below in detail:-

  • Health Benefits- Facilities of Health Insurance to the employees, facilities of Dental Insurance to the employees, facilities of Vision Insurance to the employees, facilities of Life Insurance to the employees, facilities of Disability Insurance to the employees, facilities of Supplemental Life Insurance to the employees, facilities of Occupational Accident Insurance to the employees, facilities of Mental Health Care to the employees. 
  • Employee Benefits- 401k Plan benefit, Retirement Plan benefit, Employee, Stock Purchase Plan benefit, Performance Bonus benefit, Supplement Worker’s Compensation benefit, Pension Plan benefit, 
  • Leave Benefits- Work from home, Maternity, and Paternity Leave benefit, Parental Medical Leave benefit, Reduced Hours and Flexible Hours benefit, Family Medical Leave benefit, Military Leave benefit, Unpaid an Extended Leaves benefits, Vacation Paid Leave benefit, Sabbatical benefits, Paid Leave benefit, Sick Leave benefit, Volunteer Time Off benefit, Paid Leave benefit, Paid Sick Leave benefit.
  • Other Benefits- Gym Membership benefit, Free Lunch and Snacks benefit.

Does Intel Pay For College?

Yes, Intel handles all the payments and expenditures related to studies along with the expenses and costs of textbooks. Moreover, the company also has a university on its own that offers approximately 7,000 different courses. 

Is Intel a good company to work for?

Yes, Intel is one of the best companies to work for. If you are hired by Intel for a Job, then you are nothing less than God’s favorite. The company works for the development in technological affairs which is a path toward the success of technological reform. According to the reviews given by the workers and ex-workers of Intel, the company makes sure to have a balance between personal life and corporate life hence, it provides multiple days off per week. 

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Is it hard to get a job at Intel?

Intel exists as one of the most prominent corporations for modern technology, hence the competition for recruitment is relatively high. Each position in the company from lowest to highest is tough to achieve. The least criteria to confirm a job at Intel is having a bachelor’s degree in the field of science and prior industrial experience. 

Does Intel pay overtime? 

Yes, Intel pays overtime if an employee works for more than 12 hours. This is a nice thing because, Most of the companies do not pay for overtime, but Intel does. 

How much do Intel employees get paid?

The payments that Intel employees get vary from one position to another. The salary composition of each role are mentioned below in the table:- 

Name of the PositionSalary
Software EngineerUS $120,547
Process EngineerUS 117,614
Component Design EngineerUS $136,504
Electronics EngineerUS $123,695
Graphics Hardware EngineerUS $116,091
Manufacturing TechnicianUS $60,113
Analog EngineerUS $119,303
Graphics Hardware EngineerUS $129,902
Packaging EngineerUS $135112
Senior Hardware EngineerUS $157,909
Research ScientistUS $168,442
Product EngineerUS $116,357
Firmware EngineerUS $117,197
Hardware EngineerUS $127,926
Systems EngineerUS $125,722
Product Development EngineerUS $110,582
Test EngineerUS $109,427
System Validating EngineerUS $116,740
Administrative AssistantUS $65,536
Business Operations ManagerUS $151,926
Senior Administrative AssistantUS $70,108
Senior Process Technology Development EngineerUS $143,829

How many vacation days do you get at Intel?

Vacations and Holiday trips have become the Vogue nowadays. People often visit tourist places and the spots of their choices to avoid the stress that work gives. Since vacations are important, Intel offers 24 days of vacation leave each year which is almost a month and nothing less than a Wow. 


In a conclusion, The Intel Employee Discount is 50% off in all products. 


  1. Do Intel employees get discounts on laptops?

Yes, Intel employees get discounts on laptops.

  1. What is the average salary at Intel? 

The average salary at Intel is approximately $96,600.

  1. How much does a computer engineer make at Intel?

A computer engineer makes around $89,256 at Intel.

  1. How much does a manager make at Intel?

A manager will make around $80,343 at Intel. 

  1. Do Intel employees get discounts?

Yes, Intel employees get around 50% off discounts.

Intel Employee Discount

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