Does JP Morgan drug test?- All About JP Morgan

Does JP Morgan drug test?


JP Morgan is an international technology company. They hire people with good grades and on an interview basis. The main thing is, your resume should stand out while applying. Decide for what program you have to apply to, then go through the company requirements. Nowadays there are virtual interviews as the rules have changed from the past year due to the pandemic situation. This article will let you know ‘Does JP Morgan drug test?’

Know more about doing a drug test!

JP Morgan does a drug test for all people selected for a job, including the bank’s private workers. They only confirm the tests done by the laboratory Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration laboratory. Drug substances to be tested during the drug test include Cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, amphetamines. If the results turn out to be positive, then the next step is undergoing a confirmation test. The tests to be done are Gas Chromatography or Mass Spectroscopy (GC/MS). These are sent to higher authorities to check the report.

Know the basic steps to get selected in the company:

  • Step 1: Submit an online application, add your resume and cover letter with it.  
  • Step 2: Attend an online aptitude test.
  • Step 3: Sit for an online interview. There you will be asked questions like tell me about yourself. You must know the details you have written in your resume. 
  • Step 4: Talk with experts of the company. The company will revert to you if they find you eligible for the company. 
  • Step 5: All the tests will be conducted in the pre-employment round.

Do you want to know more about what is the process of doing tests? 

Who does the drug test? 

What happens if the drug tests are positive? 

How to crack the interview?

Read in detail to understand each term.

Drug Testing in Covid Situation

JP Morgan is the number one bank in the USA. The company’s policy includes drug tests that are strict and serious. Though it is a covid scenario test will be done. While working at JP Morgan perform tests for drugs like amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, etc. The reason behind doing drug tests is the loss of focus. The company will face problems in the future if the employee is addicted to some drug.

Will you fail if your drug test is positive?

Many people fail the tests or do not get hired just because of drugs detected in the reports. They lose extremely talented candidates because of the company’s policy. They test for only specific drugs Marijuana is getting legal these days. But they check for a set of four drugs. Though you stand eligible cannot work there if the tests are positive. The company has stuck to the No-drug policy.

Random Drug Tests by JP Morgan

Yes, you heard right. The company can perform drug tests anytime they wish. So, once you join the company make sure to stay away from drugs. If you are on a drug and go for the interview. The recruiter will come to know the fact that can affect your interview. If you are a drug addict leave it two months before applying at JP Morgan. The one who applies for a job at JP Morgan undergoes a drug test, fingerprint test, and background test beforehand.

Want to know how to pass the drug test?

Usually, the drug tests are done after three days of doing a background test. A urine test is undertaken to analyze drug addiction. If you do drugs rarely then passing these tests can be easy for you. But the ones who are highly addicted will have to stop for around 45 to 90 days before undergoing tests. You can also try a detox drink. To get negative drug reports, have detox and later perform the tests.

Questions You Might Have

  1. Who confirms the positive reports?
    Every positive report goes to MRO, who is the Medical Review Officer. They must review the drug reports. In case the drug reports are positive, some other tests are taken on the employee. After that, the drug report is sent to the MRO. They check if the employee is well fit to work for the company. Positive tests will take more time to receive a reply from the company.

  2. Is there any way to escape drug tests?
    No, you have to do a drug test to be a part of the company. It will take some days to receive the results. But in case you need it within no time. Then you have to apply for a rapid test. In that case, you will receive the reports on the same day. Employees cannot step back for drug tests. They may get fired and their license might get canceled.

  3. Can the company do drug tests surprisingly?
    The company has some pre-written policies. If the policy says it is valid you cannot refuse to give the test. The drug test can be done anytime, whenever the company wishes. Normal drug reports arrive within 24 hours whereas the positive responses take time. The government also supports random tests to avoid drug addict employees.


JP Morgan is among the best companies to learn and grow. The job comes up with ample benefits. The atmosphere and culture are amazing there. Restrict the usage of drugs to enact the company’s policy. Getting employed in your twenties is crucial. Do not lose a chance of getting hired due to the usage of drugs. Read other policies before applying to JP Morgan Chase.


  1. Who is the supplier in JPMC?
    The supplier conducts the drug tests. The one who can work for JPMC and has an identification badge. The one who has access to confidential information and can write, alter, delete, modify the documents. The one who knows the information related to customers of JP Morgan is the supplier in JPMC.

  2. What is the verification required along with drug tests?
    It solely depends on which position you are applying for. You must do a drug test ninety days before joining. So, the background tests, criminal tests, should be done before that. Verifications done are DOB, SSN Number, Address verification, fingerprint check, criminal check. Moreover, your state ID is checked too, which includes your passport, driving license.
Does JP Morgan drug test?- All About JP Morgan

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