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Ingles Markets, Inc. is an American-based regional supermarket chain. The company is one of the largest supermarket chains in the South-eastern United States and operates more than 190 supermarkets in the region. Let’s know ‘Does Ingles Drug Test?’

The company was first founded in 1963 as Ingles by Robert P. Ingle in Asheville, North Carolina, United States of America. Ever since its foundation, the company has been famous for its product and services worldwide. 

It is still a dream of many youngsters to work at Ingles Markets, Inc. because of its high achievements and good services. 

Steps To Become an Employee At Ingles Markets, Inc. 

Interested candidates willing to work at Ingles should pass the basic eligibility criteria as per their terms and conditions. The eligibility criteria to work at Ingles Markets, Inc. are given below:-

Eligibility Criteria 

  • The minimum age required to work at the supermarket is 16-years-old. 
  • The interested candidate should have finished his or her school education and high-school education as well. 
  • Candidates will be placed as per their knowledge in the job position at the Ingles Supermarket. 

Steps to Fill The Application Form

  • The first step before filling out the application form is to search for a position in the company. 
  • The only method to apply for the job is online. Applicants willing to fill the application form offline will have to visit the nearby Ingles store and ask them for an application form. The online link address is:
  • After filling out all the basic information in the online portal you need to click on the submit button. Do keep in mind while filling out the details the company will ask about the following information:

Do you want to work full-time or part-time?

Background work experience

Educational History and


  • If your application is liked by the hiring manager then expect an interview within one-two weeks after filling out the application form. 

Smart Tips while Filling Out The Application Form

There are many ways whether it may be online or offline the interested candidate can impress the hiring or the general manager of the nearby Ingles Store. While filling out the application form, the interested candidate may come across some questions which are not easy to answer. Here we will be discussing some tips of how one can impress and provide the right answer to work at any Ingles store:-

  1. Do not forget to include your past home addresses- Interestingly, the application form of Ingles asks for the last seven years’ addresses of the applicant. The applicant mustn’t miss or leave anything from that section. 

This is asked to the applicant because they want to know and get an idea of how long you stay in a single place. This is then further compared with the applicant’s credit report. 

  1. Do not only apply for just one job position- If you are qualified for most of the job positions that are offered by Ingles then please apply for all of them. Yes, the application form allows the applicant to apply for multiple positions and at multiple locations as well, so take the advantage of it. 

If you have all the skills that are required for multiple positions then go for it, do not hold back. 

  1. Attach your resume and previous work experiences (if any) – The interested candidate should have a well-made resume and make sure to attach it with your application form. With your attached resume, the hiring manager will be able to know about your additional skills, certifications, and accomplishments. 

Also, mention all the background work experiences that you have do not miss out on any. 

  1. Show interest even after filling out the application form- The interested candidate should keep all the information related to the recruitment process with the hiring manager if possible. Doing such a gesture towards the company shows high initiative, enthusiasm, and responsibility towards your work intention. 

Does Ingles Markets, Inc. Drug Test?

After the shortlisted candidates are called and interviewed they need to go through a few more tests and processes. Yes, the selected candidate should expect a drug test from Ingles which is mostly done at the induction or orientation process. 

As per few reports, employees who have been working in the company have revealed that they are asked to do a drug test during an interview also. There is no need to worry until you do any or else you might not get the job that you were hoping for. 

Ingles Markets, Inc. does a drug test for everyone who is being interviewed or has been selected for the orientation program. Drug tests are done randomly on the candidates and in some locations, they do it as per the job position but, mostly they conduct the mouth swab drug test. 

The mouth swab test is commonly known as an oral swab drug test. It is a screening test that is used to detect any substance that has been used by the candidate. This test is very often used by the company and it is an alternative to a urine drug test. The mouth swab drug test is much easier to conduct and the result is highly accurate. 

This drug test involves the use of a sponge or any kind of absorbent pad which is on the end of the stick to put inside the candidate’s cheek. The result of the test may come on-site or could be sent to the lab which will reveal if there is any specific substance present in the saliva. The collection time of this drug test is very quick, only takes about 1-3 minutes. 

Positions Offered At Ingles Markets, Inc.

Just like any other market chain in the market, Ingles also offers a long list of job positions every year. Ingles Markets hires and recruits employees to work throughout their stores in the country at both entry-level and management positions. There is no position in the store or the company which is less important, every position is very important. 

The unique style about Ingles Market, Inc. is that they provide each employee with the opportunity to move up gradually and take upon a leadership role. Below are the job positions that are opened up for suitable candidates:-

  • Cashier
  • Baker
  • Customer Service Representation
  • Department Clerk
  • Gas Station Attendant
  • Stock Clerk
  • Service Clerk
  • Department Manager 
  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Manager

The job role for each position is very different from each other and the hourly pay rate as well. 

How Much Money Does An Employer Make In Ingles Markets, Inc.?

The average salary paid to any Ingles worker ranges between $8 – $10 an hour. The management department, administrative assistance department, loading and stocking department, customer service department all have a different average hourly rate. Below we will be discussing the average hourly rate of any employees working at Ingles Markets, Inc.:-

Job PositionAverage Hourly Rate
Baker $8 – $11
Customer Service Representative $11 – $13
Gas Station Attendant $8 – $10
Department Clerk$8 – $13
Stock Clerk$9 – $11
Deli Associate $10.24
Order Picker $25.25
Retail Sales Associate$14.46
Barista $9.95
Warehouse Associate$17.00
Warehouse Worker $16.50
Assistant Manager $11.30
Associate Manager $11.76
Checkout Manager $10.75
Park Manager $11.40


Any candidate willing to work at any company should have a good health background to get the job that they are willing to get. A drug test is done almost in every company that you are willing to apply and so does Ingles Markets, Inc.

There is no work in the world where there requires no hard work, efficiency, and enthusiasm. If you are willing to work at your dream workplace then you have to work hard to achieve it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who is the Chief Operating Officer of Ingles Markets, Inc.?

Answer- The current CEO of Ingles Markets, Inc. is James W. Lanning who has been in the position since March 2016 to date. 

  1. How did Ingles get its name as a company?

Answer- Ingles product and the brand was named after Mr. Robert P. Ingle’s daughter, named Laura Lynn Ingle. 

  1. Is Ingles Markets, Inc. a grocery store?

Answer- Yes, in the south-eastern states of the United States of America, the company Ingles is a prime spot for fresh groceries and is sold at a very reasonable price. 

  1. What is the average hourly pay of an employee at Ingles Markets, Inc.?

Answer- The average hourly rate paid by the company ranges from $9 – $10. The Certified Pharmacy Technician at Ingles Markets, Inc is paid $249 which is the highest-paid position in the company. 

Does Ingles Drug Test?- All About Ingles

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