Does Burlington drug test?- And its salary chart

Does Burlington drug test?

Burlington has been everyone’s favorite brand when it comes to clothing. Everyone who knows about Burlington thinks of working here. In this article, we will let the desired candidates know whether Burlington conduct drug test or not. Obviously, apart from a drug test, the employees want to clarify many questions, which will be highlighted in this article. 

As per the rule, every company has to ensure that none of the employees working at their company is a drug addict. So, every company has to conduct drug tests at their premises. 

About Burlington

Burlington famously known as Burlington Coat Factory was founded in 1972 by Monroe Milstein. This American retail store is set up in multiple locations including 40 states. The retail store was acquired by Bain Capital and still, it holds third place in the largest off-price retail store. With more than 740 stores in around 40 states, this off-price retail store has attracted a lot of customers. And like many other companies, Burlington aspires to grow more. 

Drug Test at Burlington

The simple answer is yes, Burlington does conduct drug tests but these drug tests would be random. At the time of hiring, Burlington does not conduct any drug test but in case you have past records for using drugs then you are subjected to a pre-employment drug test. And once you are hired, they mention it in their policy that you can be tested at any time during the job. 

Burlington wants to promote a drug-free environment in office premises, so they can do anything to make the employees stop using drugs. So, they conduct regular drug tests to ensure that no employee at Burlington is addicted to drugs. 

Usually, the drug test conducted at Burlington is a urine test. The drug test would be a five-panel drug test in which you are tested for subjected elements like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other such elements. If you test positive for a drug test, then strict actions will be taken against you. The actions might include firing you immediately or filing a complaint against you. One must keep in mind that taking drugs is never beneficial for anyone.

What products does Burlington sell?

Burlington is famous for selling off-price products including clothes, furniture, baby clothes, pet products, gifts, and many more home decor items. 

Salary Chart of Burlington’s employees: 

The salary at Burlington is pretty good, so those who are willing to work at the retail store of this brand can have a look at the package offered by Burlington. The average salary ranges from $8 to $26 per hour. According to job position the salary chart is given below: 

Job ProfileSalary
Business Development Specialist$73, 205 per annum
Customer Relation Manager$69, 282 per year
Sales and Marketing Manager$38, 451 per annum
Senior Sales Specialist$64, 389 per annum
Receiving Associate$9. 75 per hour 
Retail Sales Associate$9. 79 per hour
Distribution Associate$39, 988 per annum
Wireless Sales Consultant$32, 061 per annum

What are the benefits of working at Burlington?

All the employees receive certain benefits from the company to encourage them to work hard and enjoy the benefits. Following are the benefits given to employees by Burlington: 

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Associate Assistance Programs
  • 401k Plan
  • Dependent Care Spending Accounts
  • Disability Insurance
  • Up to 65% employees discount
  • Pet Insurance

What is the hiring process at Burlington?

The company is growing on an everyday basis, so the need for talented employees at each retail store of Burlington is increasing. If you are desiring to be a part of the company, then don’t let this chance go out of your hand. 

There are many ways to apply at Burlington including walking in the nearest retail store and finding the job position or through online application. Applying offline is time-consuming and stressful, so you should go for the online procedure of applying. Here are the steps to apply online for your assistance: 

Step 1: Go to the official website of Burlington Careers. You can customize the search option according to your need and preference. 

Step 2: The list of jobs will appear and out of them you can choose the most suitable job. 

Step 3: The job position you select will appear along with the job description and other details. 

Step 4: Once you click on Apply button, you need to enter your email id to proceed with further application. 

Step 5: After that, you need to fill in your basic details to create a profile. Once done creating a profile, it will become easy for you to apply for the job role. 

How long does it take to get hired at Burlington?

After applying for the job, a telephonic interview will take place accompanied by a face-to-face interview. Once, selected for the job all the paperwork will get done and you will get a job at Burlington. Usually, this entire process takes around two weeks to get completed. 

In case, you don’t receive a call from recruiters then it’s your responsibility to call and check the status of your job application. 

Interview Questions: 

The interview becomes an important part of hiring, as the recruiters get to know a lot about the interviewee. As an applicant, you should stay calm and polite while answering the questions asked at an interview. Some of the common questions asked at Burlington’s interview are given below: 

Q. 1: Tell us something about yourself?

Q. 2: Do you have any working experience, if yes then highlight the same. 

Q. 3: Do you see yourself with the company for a long time?

Q. 4: How much prior marketing and sales experience do you hold?

Q. 5: What do you know about Burlington?

Q. 6: Why do you want to work at Burlington?

Q. 7: How many hours can you contribute to the company?

Q. 8: How would you handle an angry customer?

Q. 9: What do you expect from the job?

Q. 10: What are your strengths and weakness?


Previously known as Burlington Coat Factory the brand has earned huge respect from the customers. Every time the company looks forward to the growth of the company. If you want to be a part of this big company, then grab the opportunity and get hired at Burlington. It is very convenient for college students to work at the retail store of Burlington, because of flexible working hours. Other than that, if someone is willing to earn a place for a full-time worker then, also you get several perks and a good salary. Overall, Burlington can be a desired place to work for many candidates, so apply for the post at the earliest. 

Frequently Asked Question: 

Ques. 1: What does the return policy of Burlington say?

Ans. 1: According to Burlington’s return policy, one must return the product within 30 days of purchase. But the product should not be used and importantly, you should have a receipt as proof. 

Ques. 2: Is there any official website of Burlington to shop online?

Ans. 2: Since the pandemic has started, Burlington has stopped selling products online. Only offline shopping is available for customers. Though, the product is shipped internationally to make it widely available in the retail store of Burlington. 

Ques. 3: What is the minimum age to get hired at Burlington?

Ans. 3: Anyone above 16 years of age can apply for a job role at Burlington. Though, hiring age sometimes completely depends on the retail store. So, according to the age requirement of a retail store, you can apply for a job. 

Does Burlington drug test?- And its salary chart

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