Commander Personality (ENTJ)

The Commander Personality

Commander personality is a confident and self-motivated personality who see the big picture in whatever they do. Commander is ENTJ personality with Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging personality. They develop long-term plans and strategies to achieve their goals, putting up everything possible to do it. These people understand what they want and naturally know how to persuade their team or group to think like them. They are high achievers, which makes them authoritative, organized, and excellent leaders when given responsibilities.

Nevertheless, while they can be achievers, they are impatient, intolerant, and insensitive to others’ challenges as they try to achieve their goals. They judge harshly once you can meet up with their standards and find you incompetent or inefficient to work with them. However, with personalized counseling, they can improve to work adequately with others. At times, it is hard to help out since their personalities were formed during their childhood.


A commander personality is a person with an extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging personality. People with this personality trait are people who love accomplishment and momentum in whatever they do. They gather information to build their creative visions and acts on them immediately. 

Commanders’ personalities are born leaders naturally and embodied with the gits of confidence, charisma, and project authority to attract the crowds to work towards a common goal. In spite of their unique personality, they have a ruthless level of rationality; furthermore, their determination and drive make them do whatever possible to achieve anything they set for themselves.

Commanders’ personalities are about three percent of the world’s population and have contributed significantly to businesses and institutions. For commanders, their happiness lies in their achievement. Whether big or small, they love challenges as they work towards achieving or proffering solutions to challenges. 

The quality of facing challenges makes the commander personality successful entrepreneurs as they strategically think and have a long-term focus on whatever they do. Furthermore, they execute every plan with precision, making them good business leaders. Their determination pushes them to achieve their goals as they sheer through their willpower to do what is needful. 

Strengths of Commander Personality

Commander Personality has excellent strengths that make them enjoyable to work as partners. Here are a few of the strengths of commander personality that you can find interesting. 

  • Efficient – Commanders see inefficiency as a significant problem that pulls them away from achieving their goals. It is sabotage to work with lazy and irrational people as they root out such behavior since it dampens their personality.
  • Energetic – Instead of seeing the process as tasking, commanders are energized by the challenge or problem. They genuinely lead their teams as they implement their goals and plans.
  • Self-confident – Without being self-confident, they can perform any task; however, they trust their ability to seamlessly get the job done. 
  • Strong-willed – Commanders personality don’t give up on whatever they do. No matter how tough things might get, they always stand strong to achieve whatever the target may be. They see every challenge on their path as a way to rise to the next level. They face these challenges and get to the finish line.
  • Strategic Thinkers – Commanders illustrate the difference between time-to-time crisis management and navigating the issues by taking a broader look at them rather than solving them momentarily.
  • Inspiring and charismatic – Finally, another critical aspect of their strength is their inspiring and charismatic quality. These qualities enable them to inspire and invigorate their team and help those who aspire to become leaders and contribute to achieving their team members’ goals. 

Weaknesses of Commander Personality

  • Dominant and Stubborn – At times, their willpower and confidence make them go extremely beyond their boundary. They tend to stamp their feet, fighting every battle while trying to win every debate even when they are on the wrong side. Furthermore, they can be stubborn in a manner that they push their vision on their team members.
  • Intolerant – Regrettably, they are never supportive of any idea that distracts them from their goals. In addition, they don’t have any emotional consideration as they perform their work and won’t think twice to make every fact clear to those close to them.
  • Impatient – Inpatient is a deadly trait that the commander personality possesses. They usually misinterpret scrutiny as foolishness or have heedlessness as they haste to do things. 
  • Arrogant – They respect people with firm convictions and quick thinkers while looking down on people who don’t fit their IQ levels. This makes people with other personality consider them arrogant and overbearing.
  • Poor handling of emotional issues – All the rage and supremacy makes them distance from emotional expression. People with commander personality usually trample on others’ feelings, unconsciously hurting their friends, partners, and family, especially in an emotionally tense situation.
  • Ruthless and cold – Their obsession with efficiency in whatever they do makes them ruthless and cold without considering others. They become insensitive to others as they push for their goals to be actualized. Furthermore, they consider preference as irrelevant ad irrational terminating personal circumstances.
The Commander Personality – How is their Friendship lifestyle?

People with the commander personality always seek personal inspiration and growth; they usually have a plan to achieve their personal inspiration and growth. They choose their friendship based on interest, passion, and meaningful discussions. To become their friend, you have to prove yourself since they are demanding. However, they pay great attention to their friendship with others. 

Their friendship is built on ideas and what is enjoyable to them. Besides this, they are highly smart and critical and are defensive when a situation arises.

The Commander Personality – How is their Parenthood?

It is often challenging to spend time with them due to their strong will and critical nature. Although it can be hard having that parent-child relationship; however, it doesn’t mean they are bad parents because of this attitude. They are more sensitive and always ready to face any challenges that confront them and take their roles as parents exceptionally seriously. They do that with a great sense of responsibility, maintaining a high level of standard than other parents.

People with the commander personality see their children’s success as a reflection of their standards and desire to see them grow into independent and smart people that strive to actualize their goals. 

The commanders are people with accepts different opinion as it is also evident with their children. Although they have a well-thought discussion about their responsibilities and roles and are rational, they like their authority to be respected at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter if there is a disagreement; it shouldn’t be a means to avoid responsibilities since they are uncompromising in holding structures together. In their household, this strictness can become a lot of tension, but with a little flexibility in such a situation can ease the matter.

The commander’s parents get into real trouble when disagreements result in emotional appeals because their persistent weakness with emotional tolerance makes it challenging to deal with their growing children. 

The Commander Personality – Workplace Habits

People exhibiting the commander personality see their workplace as a natural habitat. Their clear communication and efficiency at work are well valued; their leadership is commendable, while their ability to get their job done is unbeatable. 

With that said, they cannot work in every situation as some are more appropriate for them than others. For instance, they can work excellently when placed in an executive or managerial role, making any position compared to these highly undesirable to them.

The commander personality types are persuasive when they work with others; they can acclimatize themselves to sustain any hierarchical relationship to do their best. Furthermore, they like to emphasize their opinions on issues, taking the initiative, and accomplishing feats that others consider impossible to achieve.

Commanders working as Subordinates 

Working in a subordinate position is challenging for them and requires active management to ensure they are engaging and satisfied in their workplace. As they work as subordinates, they set out to face new responsibilities and challenges, looking for opportunities to prove their capability that everything is possible to achieve with a little additional effort.

However, when things begin to slow down, people with this personality type tend to experience periods of inattentiveness towards their work. Notwithstanding, when they feel vitally involved in the project, they are well-organized and prioritize things appropriately. 

More importantly, they have a high standard toward themselves, but this depends on the feedback they get from their environment. Once their managers criticize them, they find it hard to give their best. However, rational and objective statements about what can be done better and rightly can help them do their best at their workplace.

They are engaged and productive whenever confronted with growth opportunities. To achieve this, their managers have to recognize their involvement in every project and their primary responsibility. Once this is settled, you can see a fruitful and satisfying relationship with their higher superior.

Commanders relationship with Colleagues

Among their colleagues, they are outgoing and love sharing ideas and evaluations during their brainstorming sessions. They are natural leaders and can assert themselves into positions as project leads and representatives since they have the charisma and objectivity to perform their role.

Additionally, they like working with those at their level as long as they demonstrate they are equals. Once they see you as less driven or competent, they consider you arrogant, condescending. Besides this, when they work with their colleagues, they are dominant, strong-willed, and love inspiring and teaching others. 

At times, this energy they exhibit during work can be overbearing.  However, when the roles are reversed, people with this personality should consider that their students are rational and deserve strong confidence.

Commanders working as Managers

As managers, they are charismatic communicators, confident, and communicate the vision of the project effectively. They always have the sense of getting the job completed efficiently, maintaining a high standard of quality in their job. 

Furthermore, they are natural leaders and are motivators. They can formulate a new strategy and identify the strength and weaknesses of their team members. With this, they can incorporate these abilities into their plans and position each team member where they can work effectively. 

Although these efforts help foster satisfaction and boost morale among their team members, they are still focused on achieving the ultimate goal without undermining its quality. They are geared towards delivering exceptional work. 

Once these commander managers see you as inefficient, lazy, or knows you as someone that produce shoddy work, they find it hard to work with you unless you prove yourself. In such a case, you have to comply with their standards; you need to regain their trust by impressing them in the project. 


The commander personality is a person with strategic thinking and powerful intellect to outmaneuver or overcome any challenging situation they face. For them, challenges are part of their growing process. However, their many quirks often lead to misunderstandings because of unconstrained rationalism. 

The quality of facing challenges makes the commander personality successful entrepreneurs as they strategically think and have a long-term focus on whatever they do. Furthermore, they execute every plan with precision, making them good business leaders.

The commander personality is a super active person and what you have read is just the tip of the iceberg. Everything here is an introduction to the commander’s personality. Reading through, you might have experienced the uniqueness of the commander’s personality and their relationship with their subordinates, managers, and colleagues in the office. 

Furthermore, they are natural-born leaders and charismatic in whatever they do. They achieve whatever they want to do because of their ability to think strategically. Interestingly, their strong will to succeed makes them face any challenge and find possible ways to overcome such challenges. The commander personalities are impatient, ruthless, and insensitive to others as long as they have set out their goals.

Their friendship with those around them builds on ideas or those who share the same vision with them. Nevertheless, they can be highly critical and smart, especially when challenges arise. Despite this, the commander personalities are great to work with as they challenge you to be active and achieve every objective.

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Commander Personality (ENTJ)

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