How to Write Coming Late to Work Email?

How to Write Coming Late to Work Email

Sometimes, due to various situations, you get late to your office, and if you don’t want yourself to get fired, then here is the easy solution that you can go for is to draft the email work letter. For example, there could be a situation you are stuck in and due to which you are running late for your office. They could be an urgent meeting, or you may not have so, but regardless of this situation, your boss will not be happy if you are late. And in this scenario, here is exactly a solution that you can go for.

Late to Work Email Step By Step Guide

*Firstly you need to know how to write a coming late mail work!

  • Reaching Office as Early as Possible: If you are getting late then you must inform your office mates through your phone or message. Also, try to reach your office as early as you can. If you are traveling from your house to the office via train and you are being informed at the station that the train is going to be late for 20 minutes then pick up your phone and inform your boss right then and there. If you already received a notification on a message regarding that the flight you are traveling is delayed for some reason then you must write a note regarding this and send it to the supervisor’s head before going to bed. If you find that the children, siblings or any of your family mates are not feeling well and you need to take them to the doctor then ring a bell to the manager of the pause and state regarding the same or even you can send a message in your situation. One thing that you must keep in your mind is always informing them 20-40 minutes before you are getting late as you always have some idea so that your manager or the boss can manage any urgent or important meeting. 

  • Avoid Lying: Do not make any fake stories to convince your boss of being late to the office. Rather than this pile up all the things are the reasons that happened due to which you were late to the office, as there is a great risk of getting caught if you are lying and if by chance you are caught then your reputation is gonna fall in front of the boss.  So avoid saying any lie or fake stories and go for telling the actual truth as there are no chances of getting proved wrong. So opting for honesty even if it is quite terrifying to state a situation where you kept on sleeping as your alarm does not ring or your car was out of fuel. They may state you as careless but once you start reaching your office regularly on time they will forget this mishap or the mistake.

  • Asking for an Apology: If you have missed something or caused any problem to others due to your carelessness or your fault then you should apologize and acknowledge your mistake. So if you are late for your office then you must apologize to your boss and co-workers as due to your lateness it affects the work of others too.

  • Pay Attention That You Are Gonna Correct Your Mistake: You are already late for your office and this is what you cannot control. Other than sending a proactive note, you need to make it very clear that you are ready to compensate for all your small mistakes and would try hard not to repeat the same mistake. And there are various ways through which you can compensate for your mistake. That is you can reply or answer the emails while waiting for your train as it is delayed. Or coming up with an immediate solution to fix the situation where you have missed an important meeting by knowing the important facts through the office mates who have attended it or if the meeting is recorded going through it would help you to know regarding the important or key highlights whatever you find that will impress your boss or your senior, overlook or avoid the inconvenience caused. Also, when you Converse with your manager, tell them about the tasks that are expected to be completed in the expected timeline. Also, make sure that you are very clear with the expected set timelines to avoid any hurdles.

  • Thanking Them: If the end is well everything is good so you must thank the Boss at the end of your day for understanding you and the reason behind you getting late for office.  Acknowledge them as they have adjusted with your mishap. Being aware of how casually you are late. Getting late for your work generally happens with everyone and if it occurs once or twice it’s yet not a big problem. but if you are late to your work regularly then this will make you someone, who is always careless towards their job timing. And due to this you are gonna lose the respect in front of your boss. So try to build yourself punctual and sincere towards the job timings and for that set, your alarm on full volume leaves your house 20 minutes earlier and if you are not able to do so talk to your boss so that they can reschedule the timings for you. 

What does a late for work email look like?

The way you contact your manager, that is, through a phone call, or an email text, depends upon the relationship you own with them.

If you find that sending an email is an appropriate a suitable way to explain your situation, then here’s what you can include in your mail:

When do you have a valid reason for being late?

Hello [Name of the boss],

I want to inform you of this (reason). Unfortunately, I am running (minutes) late this morning. However, I would try and hope to get into the office by this (time)—I sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. To assure you, I would have plans(idea) to complete all the projects(name of the project) that are supposed to be completed by today, and we’ll deliver them to you.

Please let me know if there is any other probable work that I could opt for in the meantime – I will be available through to (phone/ email )until I get into the office.

(Your name)

When are you late to the office because of your reasons and fault?

Hello [Name of the boss],

I am very sorry, but I am (minutes) late this morning. I know this will cause great inconvenience for you, but I would make sure that this mistake is not going to repeat.

In the meantime, I am still trying to complete all the projects that are due for today, and we’ll make sure that these are submitted to you by today.

I will also be available in the meantime. You can contact me by phone or email until I reach the office.

Sorry again,

[Your Name]

When something important missed by you?

Hello [Name of the boss],

I am sorry, but I am late (minutes) and would certainly arrive at the office by (time).

I know that a meeting is already scheduled for this time. So, if I will not reach you, I will probably join the meeting via call or get notes from my office mates attending this meeting or try to revisit the discussion in a one-to-one meeting. 

I will also make sure that all the projects are submitted by today.

[Your Name]

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What to include in the letter for arriving late? Apologize and state all the causes & reasons that were somehow responsible for the scenario. Promise & commit that you are not going to repeat the same mistake and state that you have regretted the inconvenience caused by you. Finally, try to suggest ways to solve this mishap.
  2. Suggest some English phrases that could be used when you are late? Some phrases that sound amazing are:
    • I am sorry
    • I will be there in 15 minutes
    • Thank you for waiting
  3. How to inform my boss that I will be arriving late?

Hello( name of the boss )

I want to inform you that due to the (reason) I will be coming late to the office. However, I will try to reach the office as soon as I can(minutes). Thank you for understanding.

  1. When to call, and when to? There can be some situations when you find yourself contacting the Boss through an informal letter rather than mailing them. And texting or calling them would be a better option if you want that your message is conveyed to your boss immediately. So if you are looking towards writing a message go for this: Hello (Name), I would like to inform you that I will be late to the office due to (reason). However, I will try to complete all the targets for today. Sincere apologies. 


Nobody wants to get late to the office. Still, sometimes due to certain scenarios, we may get stuck and in this situation, informing our higher authorities is a good decision to avoid any problem.  Always try to be humble and polite to the authorities while informing them regarding a situation, as they are affected by the inconvenience caused by you. And apologizing in this situation would help you avoid any circumstances leading to depletion in your reputation.

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How to Write Coming Late to Work Email?

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