Best Products to Relieve Stress While Working From Home

Best Products to Relieve Stress While Working From Home

While the pandemic raged last year, inducing lockdowns by governments across the world, one of the most important shifts which happened was people transitioning their workspace from the office to the comfort of their homes. Or so they thought! Working from home is by no means a new concept but never did people in their wildest imaginations think that almost the entire working population of the world will be on this together. We will mention products to relieve stress while working from home.

While businesses have endured, not everybody has thrived. The initial burst of the joy of working from home for employees has been replaced by stress borne out of a result of a lack of planning. No set hours result in most of them overworking. Clash of personal and professional space leads to the personal and family commitments being sacrificed at the altar. This is leading to increasing tensions within families and employees thereby exhibiting irritable behavior.

Products to Relieve Stress From WFH

We can all agree now that working from home is the new normal, at least for the foreseeable future, and staying here. With the pandemic rearing its ugly head with newer mutations, we can never be sure as to when one could expect to go back to the office and mingle with colleagues as in the good old days, or if that would ever happen at all? We cannot control things outside our sphere of influence, but we can certainly take actions to make us cope up better as we adjust our lives to the new normal.

  1. PERSONAL DIARY: Most of us go on with our lives, hardly reminiscing what we would have experienced throughout the day. One would be mightily surprised at the amount of information passing by if they care to notice. Maintaining a diary has been a practice of many but consistently followed by only a few. Not only does writing the important things of the day help us jog our memories, but it is also an incredible stress buster too. Putting our feelings and experiences into words and jotting them down on paper helps one vent out their feeling in a way they best want to, thereby triggering a feel-good response that positively impacts overall well-being.
  2. AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSERS: A pleasant scent can do wonders to uplift most people’s moods. Research has suggested that aromatherapy has medicinal effects on the human body. It helps bring down the levels of stress and anxiety, but it also helps one lead a better quality of life and sleep better. Aromatherapy diffusers are a convenient way to relieve stress at home as they are easy to use. A mixture of water and essential oils works like a charm as the diffuser releases this fine mist into the air, thereby giving a pleasant smell that helps one immediately feel relaxed and de-stressed.
  3. MUSIC: Few things appeal to the soul as much as good music does. Music is a universal language and has the potential to heal and overcome boundaries. While people can listen to the choice of their favorite tunes anytime, they want to. It might not come in particularly handy when one is stressed. Soothing meditational sounds, nature sounds, and something with a slower tempo would go a long way in soothing frayed nerves after a stressful workday. While there is no one size fits all and people would have their preferences regarding music. Listening to rock and heavy metal might not be a great idea if you are looking to alleviate the day’s tensions, but hey! If that’s the way somebody prefers it, they might as well go ahead. The key here is to be in the moment and enjoy it rather than to force yourself into it.
  4. TEA: Nothing can beat the warmth and comfort which a hot cup of tea can provide. The very thought of having tea releases a rush of feel-good hormones in the body which would immediately make one’s mood better. A cup of green tea would be the best option to have after a hard day at work. Add in some ginger and lemon for that extra effect, and voila! The concoction will immediately help calm the nerves, which is a much required and potent antidote for stress.
  5. HEAD MASSAGE: One cannot underestimate the therapeutic effect of massage on the body and the soul. You need not hit the nearest spa for this, especially considering the situation prevailing currently. Heat the oil to a lukewarm temperature and use it in gentle circles on your head and around the neck for maximum effect. Ensure that the movements are gentle. Taking the help of a partner would be the ideal option, but one can do it themselves too.
  6. MASSAGE CHAIR: Too tired to find somebody or give yourself a massage? Let a massage chair do the job for you. You might have to shell out a little bit more money, but then it would be worth the buck. Massage chairs come in varied budgets and have a plethora of functions available for one to choose from. After a loaded day at work, there can be fewer ways to destress yourself than sitting in the comfort of a massage chair.
  7. BUBBLE BATH: Bubble baths have been a popular way of relaxation for a long time now. True, a bathtub is the best place to get one, but one could also make do if they do not have one. The essence is in the ingredients and bath salts, which, when mixed with water, relaxes the muscles and makes one feel the stress of the day literally melting away from the body. One could soak themselves in a bathtub and lie there for hours together, wandering with their thoughts and be at peace. Easily, one of the best ways to destress is through a bubble bath.
  8. STRESS BALLS: One of the most common yet overlooked ways to destress would be having a stress ball by the side. These can be beside you the whole day, take up very little to no space, and are really handy stress busters. Hold on to them and squish them all you want. They help you stay mentally alert and help to focus better on the task at hand. They are the perfect outlet to deal with a stressful moment or day.
  9. FOOT MASSAGE: Feet have thousands of nerve endings, which would explain why a foot massage always feels so good. Invest in a good foot massager or ask your partner to assist you with the massage, and it would be the perfect foil to a stressful day. Foot massage relieves stress by improving blood circulation, diffusing tension, and also relieving any pain. Because of the sensory ending on the feet, they are the ideal place to have a massage and forget all the day’s stress at the end of it.
  10. BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES: With people spending endless hours looking at their computer screens working from home, it is no secret that this adds to the tension building up and adds to the already building stress levels. Blue light from our electronic gadgets, especially the ones in the 450-510nm range, can cause stress and also affect our sleep patterns negatively. Blue light blocking glasses are designed to block out most of this harmful light, thereby soothing the nerves and bringing down the levels of stress.
  11. SLEEP: True, this is not a product, but the benefits of good sleep are plenty and will outshine any of the products you might find in the world which money can buy. The increasing levels of stress due to working from home have ensured that people are getting a lesser amount of sleep which would be far less than required for the body to rejuvenate. The human body repairs itself while we sleep, and an adverse sleep cycle slows down the rate of recovery. This leads to a rise in infections due to a weaker immune system, greater stress levels, a general sense of dissatisfaction, and no sense of well-being. Without proper sleep, if one tries to focus on work, it is akin to running a car without proper maintenance. In such a case, sooner or later, the care will break down, and then we would have to spend a fortune to get it up and running. When we sleep well, we are doing ourselves a favor and preparing ourselves to face another day of challenges in the best possible form we can be.


Work from home is not a new concept by any means, but that it would be done at such a large scale was never imagined by anyone. It is here to say, and it brings with it a new set of challenges, which are still being studied and discussed. While stress cannot be removed completely from our lives, we can certainly mitigate the impact. The various devices and methods mentioned above will help, but the most important thing to remember is to have a positive mind frame. As long we keep our eyes fixed on finding a solution instead of looking at the problem, it is safe to say that stress can definitely be defeated.

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Best Products to Relieve Stress While Working From Home

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