How to become a scrub nurse

How to become a scrub nurse

If you are planning to begin your carrier as a nurse, you need to gain a proper understanding of the nursing specializations. Especially if you plan to further your position from primary patient care to the next level, this article series will guide you to the right position. Within this article, we will provide you the necessary information about the scrub nurse, their responsibilities, academic qualifications, and their salary.

Who is a scrub nurse?

 A Scrub nurse is a nursing officer who works with the surgical team within the theater. They are the ones who assist surgeons during surgical procedures. They are also known as surgical nurses.

They will experience a busy schedule as well as this is an opportunity to experience new challenges.

What does a scrub nurse do?

Scrub nurses are also called perioperative/operative nurses. Because their duty is mainly confined to the perioperative period of a patient.

There are three phases in the perioperative phase. They are named as preoperative phase, operative phase, and intraoperative phase. They provide patient care and their duty is decided within these three phases they are known as perioperative nurses.

The main responsibility is maintaining sterility within the operation theater. They wear a sterile gown and assist the surgeon during the procedure by handling the surgical tools and instruments within the sterile field.

They are responsible for maintaining the sterile instruments within the theater.

Before the procedures, they must disinfect or perform scrubbing. And after wearing the sterile gown they are not allowed to go out of the sterile field.

The scrub nurse is the one who disinfects the surgical site of the patient.

A scrub nurse will prepare all the necessary instruments for the procedure and arrange everything prior to the procedure with the help of a circulating nurse. [Circulating nurse is also a perioperative nurse, who assists the scrub nurse and her/he work outside of the sterile field.]

Scrub nurses should maintain their sterility to the maximum level during the surgeries as the surgeon. They are the nurses who provide necessary instruments to the surgeon. So they must have a good understanding of the surgical instruments. A clever scrub nurse always assists the surgeon before his instructions that means they will have an idea of what is going to do in the next step.

A scrub nurse will check all the instruments and machines early in the morning. The function of all the machines should be monitored prior to the procedures.

They guide the circulating nurse and other nursing staff within the theatre to maintain the inventory.

A scrub nurse must be there in a theater for 24 hour period. Because other than the scheduled procedures there will be emergency procedures.

Today the scrub nurses have evolved up to the specialization. In developed countries, they are specialized in certain types of surgeries such as cardiac. Orthopedic and general.

Scrub nurse should have a good understanding of the structure of the theater and to behave in each and every section accordingly to maintain sterility. Other than that she/he must have an idea about the clean area and disposal area.

Supporting the surgeon to minimize the complication is an important duty. We arrange surgeries to save lives and to alleviate suffering. So it is a scrub nurse’s duty to prevent infections and complications within the procedure.

Once the procedure has started the scrub nurse should stay sterile until the end of the procedure. If in any instance, if the sterility is broken the scrub nurse should be honest enough to inform the surgical team and appoint the next one immediately to the procedure.

the perioperative nurses must have good communicating skills to develop a good relationship with the surgical team. Other than this critical thinking and decision-making skills are important when working as a scrub nurse.

They need to develop their skills in identifying the cardiovascular ad respiratory failures within the theater. And immediate actions are necessary for such situations.

How to become a scrub nurse.

Initially, you must focus on becoming a nurse. To start your carrier as a nurse you must complete a bachelor’s of science in nursing degree or an associate’s degree in nursing. After completing one of these degree programs you can Sit for the NECLEX-RN exam to register as a nurse. After all, you must gain the necessary clinical experience by working as a registered nurse.

the perioperative nurse will be specially trained for advanced surgical scrub techniques. After completing all of these steps you can apply for the scrub nurse position.

Scrub Nurse Certifications

After completing the above-mentioned requirements a scrub nurse can ask for certification only after working 2400hours. Certification Board for Perioperative Nursing will name you as a certified scrub nurse only if you get through the exam they conduct with the above-mentioned requirements.

How much do scrub nurses make a year?

They will earn around $65 000 per year. But this can vary according to the work experience and working hours.

Different between the scrub nurse and the circulating nurse.

Both can consider as perioperative nurses. They both work within the theater. But a scrub nurse will always directly involve with the surgery, While the circulating nurse works out of the sterile field within the theatre and assist the surgical team to maintain the sterility.

Normally they will work as a circulating nurse when necessary.

What type of nurses get paid the most?

A certified registered nurse anesthetist is a highly paid nurse in the current world. And also it is not easy to become a nurse anesthetist. They must develop and advance their skills than the other nurse.

Becoming a scrub nurse is a great responsibility. We can save a life at the same time a small mistake can kill a patient. So we must be honest within the theater. If you are willing to be a perioperative nurse identified the important duties and responsibilities as well as try to develop your clinical skills and soft skills.

Within the theater as your concern about patient safety must consider your safety. Consider each patient as an HIV-infected patient, this will help you to protect you from infections. Correct sponge counting and correct handling of equipment will enhance patient safety.

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How to become a scrub nurse

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