Amazon Star Method-Know More About It!

As there are many companies in the market and some company has their way of conducting interviews. Just like other companies, Amazon also uses different methods to hire employees. In the hiring process, Amazon uses a STAR method, which is used in the interview round. It comes under behavioral questions asked to the interviewee. It helps the interviewer to understand the basic behavior of the interviewee during the job.

Amazon uses a method in interviews to ask behavioral questions and the answer should be in a formulated way. The method is called the STAR method. Amazon recruiters ask the interviewees to prepare for this type of question. It is a way to easily tell your story, incident, or achievement simply and efficiently. This method is designed to be efficient and time-saving for both the interviewer and the interviewee. This method combines the Situation, Task, Action, and Result. When using this method, the interviewer wants to know if the interviewee is enthusiastic, excited, positive, and if they have a positive attitude, good eye contact, talking properly. You have to make sure you impress the interviewee with your answer and if you were prepared for the behavioral questions, then it will be easy for you to get success in the interview.

If you want to know what the STAR method is, how to prepare for it, in detail, and some examples of different types of questions and answers, then keep on reading this article.

Amazon Star Method-Know More About It!

What Is the STAR Method Used In Amazon Interview

The STAR method is used to answer the behavioral questions asked in Amazon interviews. It is a simple and efficient way of answering the behavioral question asked in interviews. The recruiter asks the interviewee to prepare the answers in this method to make sure the time is not wasted on anyone during the interview. In the interview, the interviewee will be asked about their past situations in the workplace and how they behave in those situations. This method is designed to save time and make it easier for the interviewee to tell their stories, achievement, incident, and other things. 

The STAR method combines

S- Situation- Context, Background, Condition.

T- Task- Issue, Problem, Complications.

A- Action- Process, Plan, Activity.

R- Result- Outcomes, Lessons, Findings.

Situation-The interviewee first needs to explain the whole situation of the story, and the post of the interviewee, etc. 

Task-In the second step, they need to explain what was the situation or problem of the situation was and the responsibility of the interviewee.

Action-In the third step, they have to explain the whole process of them solving and controlling the situation in short. 

Result-In the last step, they need to explain the result of the whole situation and the lessons they learned because of the situation.

How to Prepare For This STAR Method?

For some individuals, preparing for this method is difficult as they don’t have any experience of this type of interview. Below are some steps that you should follow to get yourself prepared for the behavioral interview questions. The steps are as follows:-


Researching about the company before going to the interview is the basic rule for the interviewees. For this method of questions, you have to research the company thoroughly. Read up on the history of the company, watch videos online, read magazines, articles, and news on them. Ensure that you remain updated about the company.


Take some common examples of STAR questions and answers, and practice those questions with your friends and colleagues. Prepare your questions about the real scenarios and be prepared with those too. Take notes on the weak point of yours and try to fix the errors. Try not to lie about the situations and be confident. Start the practice before you get the date of the interview. Do not wait till the last day to revise your answers. Revise your answers daily.


 If you are not able to practice the answers with your friends and colleagues, then practice in front of mirrors and record yourself. Watch your recordings and check for any mistakes that you are making and correct those mistakes. Check your body language, attitude, face impressions, and other important things. Try being polite and enthusiastic.

Be Optimistic- 

When practicing, try not to be boring, be confident and show your enthusiasm. Try not to repeat yourself and speak calmly. Don’t be aggressive and move now and then. Trust your research and try to use all of the research in the interview. Try to speak louder when practicing as it will help you to remember the points easily.

Types of Behavioural Questions and Answers

There could be many questions formed as behavioral, and every single question has a different answer. But some questions have some similarities and these questions and answers are given below for you to understand. They are:-

Personal Customer Interaction

Question-Tell me about a time you were able to turn an upset customer into a regular one. 

This type of question could be asked in many ways. Try to be honest and just tell the interviewers about a time you helped a customer in any way. 

STAR method example- 

Situation-One day I was working with stocking the shelves and one customer was shouting on the other side. He was saying that he called the store before coming to make sure that we have the desired product in stock.

Task- The desired product was not on the shelves and he got hyper and started shouting that the person on the phone said that the product was in stock.

Action- I immediately started to move the crowd away from there and tried to talk to the customer. He was not listening at first, but afterward, he explained the situation. It was found out that he called another store and ended up here. But luckily we had some of the products he needed in the back and I helped him at least get those products.

Result-He left the store happy and even though it’s long-distance, he still comes occasionally to the store. 

Working In a Fast-Paced Environment

Question-Tell me about a time when you had to change the way you work without any options.

For answering this question, don’t tell them about any extra work you have done or extra shifts. Tell them if something changed about the store or you. 

STAR Method Example:-

Situation-During Christmas, a new condiment product was launched and there were fewer people to work due to the holiday season.

Task-I was appointed to take care of the advertisement of the new product in the store with only two more colleagues.

Action-Me and the other colleagues knew that we could not finish up the decoration work and the advertising work on time. So, the three of us work late at night finishing up the decoration work and also making the condiment tasting table in a single night. 

Result-The work was done on time and I also learned more about teamwork and earn some extra money working late.

Working with a Team

Question-Tell me about a time when you were in a team.

This is a simple question which you could easily answer and show your skills as a team worker. Tell them about your friendly qualities and decision-making skills.

STAR method example:-

Situation-When I was joining the X Company, there were a lot of people that joined with me. 

Task-The work was assigned to us as a team but the work was not the match for us. The work didn’t fit our profiles as we were new to the job.

Action-We were not ready to give up on our first task, so we planned and divided the work into shifts and everyone got different jobs and we changed the work every day and finished under the time allotted to us.

Result-We became friends and we are in touch until now. We also learned how difficult work could be easily completed with a team. 

Mistakes and Dispute at Workplace

Question-Tell me about a time when you made a mistake at work.

Don’t tell them about a big problem that you created, simply tell them about a silly mistake, and dispute at the workplace is common. So, tell them about a situation combining both the topics.

STAR method Example:-

Situation-The manager of the store was upset because of some personal problems and he was shouting at everyone’s little mistakes. 

Task-I accidentally dropped some liquid soap in peak time that created a mess.

Action-The manager came and observe the situation, moved the crowd, and allow me to clean the floor without saying anything. He called me in his office after the shift was over and told me that I am fired. I was confused and asked for an explanation, but he refuses. The next day I came to the store and talked about the situation with other officials and they were confused too. Afterward, the manager was shifted from the store to another store because of bad behavior. 

Result-With my little mistake, I learned that it could have cost me my job and I have never reported for a mistake again.

Projects at Work

Question-Tell me about a time when you couldn’t finish what you started.

This question could be asked in many different ways, and you could answer this question honestly if this type of thing happened to you.

STAR Method Example:-

Situation-There was a project assigned to some of the employees, and I was included. The project was to help the other company branch that was opening in two weeks.

Task-The manpower that was needed to do the work was not enough.

Action-The work that we have to do was not simple, and we have to move very heavy items on our own. When I was helping move one of the items, I dislocated my ankle, and I was hospitalized for a few days, and couldn’t do any work for a month.

Result-I was careless, and it caused my team members a very hard time.

What to Do When Answering With STAR Method

There are some things that you should keep in mind when answering with this method. Some tips are below:-

  • Take a short amount of time when explaining the situation and answering the question. This method is designed to explain lengthy information in a short time. 
  • Sit straight and talk confidently.
  • Be precise with the information and mention only relevant points.
  • Only answer if you have an experience with similar situations, and let them know about it.
  • Maintain eye contact when answering the question or else they will think that you are lying or not interested.

What Not To Do When Answering With STAR Method

You need to be careful of many things when answering with this method. Some of the precautions are below:-

  • Do not lie about situations. If you don’t have any experience with the asked questions, let the interviewer know, don’t lie about the fake experience.
  • Do not repeat yourself when answering the situation.
  • Do not make fun of any colleagues or superiors of the last job. 
  • Do not be aggressive when answering the questions.
  • Do not use long and detailed answers. The answer should be short and precise. 


The Situation, Task, Action, and Result i.e. STAR, is a brilliant way of answering behavioral questions which could be long and dramatic. This method is not only better for the interviewee but also for the interviewer. This could help you to get the job if you answer the question as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the STAR method and the PAR method?

Answer-STAR method includes Situation, Task, Action, and Result whereas PAR method includes Problem, Action, and Result.

2. How should I dress for this type of interview?

Answer-You should wear the usual formals that you wear for a typical interview.  

3. Are there any personal questions?

Answer-No, they will only ask about professional experience.

4. How much time does this STAR method answer should take?

Answer-You should take at least 3 to 4 minutes to answer and don’t try to rush the answer.

5. How many questions are asked?

Answer-They usually asks 2 to 3 behavioral questions.

Amazon Star Method-Know More About It!

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