Amazon Job Application Under Review- Meaning

Amazon Job Application Under Review

The job status of ‘Under Review’ indicates that HR is reviewing your application. The eligibility of the candidate or an applicant will be examined or determined by the recruiter. All applicants are informed of this status. It also indicates that no candidate has yet been chosen. Today’s topic- Amazon Job Application Under Review.

It’s vital to remember that Amazon is a massive corporation with 1.3 million workers. As a result, they receive a large number of job applications. Each application takes a long time to review. Candidates normally receive the status of “Under Review” after submitting their application. The hiring procedure has now been initiated. HR is analyzing your application and determining whether it meets the employment requirements. Every candidate can see the message “Under Review.”  This doesn’t mean that the applicant or the particular candidate has been selected for the job role at amazon. 

Similarities Between “Under review” and “Under Consideration” 

Many people believe they are two different things, while others believe they are similar to each other. It is always reliable on the company’s decision for which the candidate is requesting. Both phrases have different implications for some businesses. Some, on the other hand, have almost the same predictions at the end. In the case of Amazon, the two phrases have the exact meaning. It indicates that the application is examined by the recruiter of the company. It’s neither a good nor a terrible indicator. Applicants should wait patiently and regularly check their email for the phrase “Amazon Job Application.”

Application Status Showing “Not Moving Forward”.

On some job applications, the status reads “Not Moving Forward.” It indicates that you have been removed from the further process of examination of the job request. However, this does not indicate that you are unfit for the position that you are applying for. You may be the best candidate for the job, yet your application is denied due to a variety of causes. If the job application is refused, the applicant will receive an email concerning the same. 

Amazon Response to the Application of the Job 

Unfortunately, there is no predetermined time frame for the approval of your application. It is dependent on the profile for which you are applying. Some people will receive a faster response when compared to others. But, in most cases, it will take around two weeks or even months. The process moves considerably more quickly after the interview. You should expect to hear back from recruiting within five business days of your interview.

Is the interview and application process the same for all vacancies?

No, not all employment roles have the same application and interview process. Because different positions have varied requirements, the recruitment procedure for each differs. Always keep visiting Amazon’s official website as wells as your inbox for the most up-to-date details.

Reason Behind the Rejection of the Application 

  • You may lack sufficient experience in the job profile for which you are applying.
  • The other candidates have more experience and certifications in the field.
  • According to the job you’re seeking, your application was inadequate.
  • You failed to adhere to the Application Guidelines and Directions.
  • The position demanded a greater education, which you lacked.
  • You haven’t gone over the application with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Many candidates speed through the application process and make foolish errors. This leads to rejection as well.

External factors

Sometimes you have all of the qualifications and experience that the job requires, but you are still turned down. It happens frequently, and you are not at fault. Your application is denied due to internal corporate or recruiter factors. It’s possible that the business needs have changed, or that they hired an internal applicant to fill the role. So, don’t give up on your hope and continue to seek jobs. You can always request that your resume be forwarded to other recruiters through HR.


Now it is clear that the status “Under Review” is not something that implies the application of the applicant is rejected or accepted. From this, applicants can be sure enough to patiently wait for the results of their application to be displayed in time. It’s great if your application is accepted. It’s also fine to be turned down. Always hold your hopes high and always make an effort to set reasonable goals for yourself. You’ll continue to improve your skills and attempt again. This could undoubtedly aid you in breaking into your chosen career path and landing your ideal job.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is it true that your Amazon Job Application status of “Under Review” means you’ve been chosen? 

No, being reviewed does not imply that you have been chosen. All candidates are informed of this status. The email will be sent inviting you to the interview, and your application’s status will change.

  1. My applications are tied to various email addresses. Is it possible to combine my accounts? 

Amazon, unfortunately, does not allow you to merge your accounts. You must continue to use your various email addresses.

  1. For weeks, my application status has remained unchanged. What is the next step?

The Amazon panel is periodically updated to reflect the most recent status information. Please be patient as it takes 14 to 45 days for the results to be announced. The application results will undoubtedly change, but it will take time. Frequently, keep visiting your inbox to know the details.

  1. My application has been archived from active status. What does this status indicate? 

Unless a final decision has been made, your job application is active. The application is switched from Active to Archived if the Applicant gets a new job, withdraws the job request, or is not being considered.

  1. Instead of creating a separate application profile, how can I use my customer login?  

Amazon values the confidence and security of its customers. To ensure that the information of both candidates and customers is kept secure, customer and candidate data are kept separate. As a result, you must create a different application profile when applying for the job.

  1. What are the stages of an interview on Amazon?

The Amazon interview has two stages a telephone and a personal interview. The results can be expected in five days after your interview.

Amazon Job Application Under Review- Meaning

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