Adjectives starting with D- Positive and Negative Adjectives

Adjectives starting with 'd'

Are you feeling dull and dubious about your vocabulary drill? Today we are digging into some distinct adjectives starting with ‘d’ that you must use every day. Let’s develop your drooling English to that of the divine. Here are the Adjectives starting with D.


In simple words, we can define an adjective as something that describes the noun. The adjective comes before the noun. To further simplify, Adjectives qualify nouns. They add quality to the noun. For example, We are living in a small house. 

The above sentence is complete even without the adjective ‘small.’ The adjective ‘small’ is added before the noun ‘house’ to describe the quality of the house.

Must use adjectives starting with d

Distinct– unique and noticeable. Ex. There is no compulsion for a son to be like his father. Each and everyone has their distinct features.

Daily– Regularly; every day. Ex. Lucy reads the Newspaper daily.

Disgrace– Shame; Disrespect. Ex. The American Government’s atomic damage of the Japanese is a disgrace to the people of the world. 

Dubious– state of being unclear. Ex. Pip was arrested for his dubious activity in the streets.

Desperate– hopeless, miserable, and devastated state. Ex. The U.S citizens desperately looked forward to the presidential election results.

Destitute– broke; impoverished. Ex. The scholarships are intended to benefit destitute students.

Direct– Straight; no deviation. Ex. Direct sunlight is good for the growth of plants as sunlight helps in the process of photosynthesis. 

Deep– Very extreme; go down. Ex. Readers must read between the lines to understand the deep meaning delivered by the text.

Dear– salutation to describe affection. Ex. Rosa is a dear friend of mine. We have been friends since our childhood.

Positive adjectives starting with d 


Demulcent is used as a noun and adjective. The adjective form of the word refers to the substance that helps in reducing pain and irritation. Ex. There is a sudden increase in the usage of demulcent agents. People should not take these medicines without a prescription.


Devout means being very righteous or extremely religious. Ex. Mrs. Hudson was a devout Christian.


Diaphanous is used to denote light and soft textured fabric. Ex. Kelly Adams wore a beautiful diaphanous coat for the movie release.


Didactic means teaching with moral purpose. Ex. We grew up reading didactic pieces of literature.


Diligent means are dedicated to working. Ex. Elderly workers are not diligent in their work. So, industries are looking for young workers.


Docile means being obedient and submissive. Ex. He was generally a docile and gullible person.


Dominical denotes Lord’s day and Jesus Christ as Lord. We had a dominical supper every Sunday in our chapel.

Negative adjectives starting with d

Demented- existing with dementia

Ex. She was a tortured and demented soul.

Demagogic- malevolent person.

Ex. He was a demagogic speaker and a feared leader.

Depilatory- creams or lotions designed to remove unwanted hair from the body.

Ex. We see a lot of advertisements for depilatory creams lately.

Derelict- in poor condition due to neglected state.

Ex. We saw a derelict Indian burial ground when we visited India.

Despicable-obnoxious and disreputable. Ex. Hitler was a despicable person.

Disgruntled-dissatisfied; unhappy.

Ex. She was disgruntled with the way her husband treated her.

Dowdy-not in trend; unfashionable and unstylish look.

Ex. Do not wear a dowdy outfit to a professional meeting.

What are some happy adjectives?

Delectable means are delicious, ravishing, and gorgeous. For example, Linda prepared a delectable handmade croissant for the birthday party.

Divine is used to denoting heavenly and elevated feelings. For example, Hans Zimmer’s music compositions are divine. I especially like the one from the movie Interstellar, and I consider it the most divine of all.

Delightful denotes the feeling of happiness, excitement, and entertainment. For example, Disneyland is a delightful place to visit for both kids and adults.

Droll refers to comical amusement or unusually exciting emotion. For example, Charlie Harper from Two and a Half men has a droll sense of humor. 

What are some sad adjectives?

Dingy is a synonym for dark, dull and dirty. For example, We went to a dingy inn in Scotland. The dingy look gave the inn the appearance of an ancient building.

Dire describes bad effects like seriousness, poor quality, and criticality. When we experience a bad situation, we say we had a dire situation.

Dirty means substances containing dirt. Other synonyms include soiled, messy, and foul. For example, Best Friends take each other’s dirty secrets to the grave.

Dizzy means dizziness or feeling weak. For example, Mary used to take pills during dizzy days.

Discrete comes from the Latin word discrete. It means disconnected or detached. For Example, Companies have discrete entrances for their staff members.

Common adjectives starting with d

The ten most commonly used adjectives starting with ‘d’ are delicate, demand, dense, devoid, devious, dark, dry, ductile, and drunk.


The word demand can be used as a noun and as a verb. When we add ‘ -ing ‘ to demand it becomes an adjective. Demanding means asking for something in an unsatisfactory manner or an insistent request. Ex.


Dense as an adjective is used both formally and informally. The formal meaning of ‘dense’ is a substance or thing that is packed together closely, making our vision crowded. Informally, dense is used to denote the person who is air-headed or stupid. Ex. You may get lost in the forest as they are dense and uncared.


Devoid means without, lacking from the full or you need something to make it whole. Ex. Our vehicle stopped in the middle of the lane and we were devoid of any extra fuel. 

Devious– Devious means not focused, out of the way, not being truthful. Cunning, deceptive, wily, beguiling are synonyms of devious. Ex. One significant quality of villains is their deviousness.

Dark– Dark is the state of absence of any light. Ex. Iceland is stuck in the dark due to the volcanic eruption.

Durable-Durable means long-lasting and persisting, anything that can withstand damage. Ex. Products made of durable woods are known for their quality and 

Dry– Dry means lack of moisture. Barren State. Ex. Vaseline is recommended by dermatologists to treat dry lips.

Ductile– Usually refers to metals that can be changed into different forms without losing the original qualities like toughness and flexibility. Ex. Most metals are brittle and ductile.

Drunk– Drunk denotes the person intoxicated by alcohol eventually losing control of themselves. Ex. My father is abusive whenever he is drunk.

Adjectives starting with D- Positive and Negative Adjectives

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