Lowe’s Careers- Job opportunities, And their Salary

Lowes Careers - Job opportunities, salary, requirements, age, the application process, benefits the complete guide


Lowe’s Companies is a well-established American home improvement retail brand. It deals with everything related to the proper functioning of one’s home. It has several products under its brand ranging from appliances, furniture, patio, tools, animal and pet care, things for the outdoor utility of home, etc. They have also stretched their business to grocery items, supermarket chains, and also apparel. Here, let’s know about Lowe’s Careers.

Lowe’s sells all the products mentioned above,  but the main feature of the brand has to do with home furnishing and improvement. In this category, they sell all the products from heavy appliances to even small items of daily use. It gives a tool to people to make their home a warm and cozy place that will provide them with a space to relax after work. 

Lowe’s headquarters is in Mooresville, North Carolina. L.S. Lowe founded the company in 1921 as a store for hardware. Subsequently, after World War II, the construction of houses was on the rise after the mass displacement of people and the destruction of their houses. This destruction infused the thought of home improvement in the mind of L.S. Lowe. Lowe then changed the hardware store into a home improvement and furnishing brand.  Now, Lowe’s is the second-largest hardware chain in the United States as well as the world. 

The Strategy of Lowe’s 

Lowe’s focuses highly on customer satisfaction. Their world revolves around providing a quality experience to the consumers of their products. There are four pillars of strategy that Lowe’s works on. Following are the pillars- 

  1. Transformation of the Supply Chain 

Smooth delivery of products, maintenance of the website, enhanced interaction with the customers, and proper management of everything constitute the new techniques of supply chain transformation.  

  1. Excellence of Merchandise

If a brand wants to reach the masses, it should focus on merchandising. The company tailors the products and their branding following the target audience. The customization of products gives them an edge over other brands.  Lowe’s also has a smooth e-commerce handling site which instills the faith of customers into the products. 

  1. Efficiency in handling the operations

Simplification of things in the store makes it easier to navigate for the customers. It also helps the associates in handling things better. 

  1. Customer interaction and engagement 

The aim of Lowe’s is to attract customers to the stores and the products it sells. Bringing the customers to the store is done by simplifying the online and offline interaction between the customers and the associates of the brand. 

Careers at Lowe’s

For looking at the various fields of career at Lowe’s, visit (https://corporate.lowes.com/careers/career-areas/stores)

Lowe’s offers several vacancies for positions in management and retail. There are also openings for a team of merchandising, technicians, and service providers including plumbers and electricians. 

There are also vacancies for the post of Sales Associates, Customer Service, Field Leadership, Stocking and Cashiers. 

Lowe’s also provides students and graduates with 10 week paid internships. These internships will allow the students to have a closer look at the culture of Lowe’s. There will be field internships too. 

Hiring Age 

The minimum hiring age of employees to work at Lowe’s is 18 years. Most of the positions are entry-level in which no prior experience is mandatory. 

The candidates who are applying should have a sound knowledge of the company and the job functions of the post they are applying for. They should believe in the mission and vision of Lowe’s. If they possess these qualities, then their application could get accepted even if they do not have any prior experience. 

Skills Needed

  • The candidates should be driven and clear in their attitude and goals. 
  • They should have passion for the company and the products that they are going to work for. 
  • They should invest all their focus on the customers and their satisfaction. 
  • They should be able to bring forth their original and innovative ideas to the table. 
  • They should be well organized and collaborative in their methods of working. 
  • They should focus their attention on the customers and also learn from them. 
  • They should also be good listeners and good communicators depending upon the situation. 
  • They should be solution-oriented. 
  • The candidates should be punctual and friendly. 

Salary and Roles of the Employees

  1. Managerial and Supervisory Positions– They have to make sure that the product and sale deadlines are matched by the company. They supervise all the activities of the store. They make sure that the store is running smoothly. They can get paid anything from $16-$25 per hour. 
  2. Plumbers and Electricians– they work as technicians to help the customers in the installation of the products. They ensure that the products are delivered properly. They should do their work in a friendly manner. They need to possess practical knowledge of plumbing and electrical work. They get paid $17 hourly. 
  3. Merchandising and Servicing Team– They ensure that all the products are kept properly in the correct places. They also make sure that the correct pricing is there on the tags. They provide certain decorum to the store for the customer’s easy access and smooth experience while shopping. They get paid $11-$17 per hour. 
  4. Sales Specialists– They help the customers in being aware of the specifications and features of the products. They aim to give great customer service. They interact with the customers and tell them about the sales and their advantages so that the company can sell the products during the sales time. The Sales specialist can earn from $14-$21 per hour. 
  5. Stocking and Receiving– They make sure that the store is well-stocked. There should be no shortage of products. They help in loading and unloading the products to help them deliver to the respective stores. The Stockers and Receivers can earn from  $11-$16 hourly. 
  6. Customer Service– They make sure that the customers’ needs are met. They help the customers in answering their questions with clarity and promptness. They help the customers cross the hurdles they encounter while shopping.  Customer Service Associates get paid from $10-$15 per hour. 
  7. Cashiers– They ensure that the customers are satisfied with the shopping and the prices. They prepare bills and provide a smooth sign-out process to the customers. The cashier gets paid $10- $15 per hour. 
  8. Field Leadership and support– These people work in various stores of the brand in collaboration with the Store Leaders. They address the grievances of the stores and provide support and solution. The average salary of field leadership and support staff is $17 per hour. 


  • There is competitive pay for the employees. 
  • Employees get provided with Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance.
  • Insurance of Life and Disability is provided
  • For financial planning, health savings accounts are set up.
  • The company cares for the employee even after retirement. Hence, retirement plans are also provided. 
  • Employee Assistance Program is also in place. 
  • The aim is to maintain a work-life balance.  
  • Support Programs for Education, tuition and scholarships are also provided. 
  • Free counseling for different needs is there. 
  • Employees get special discounts at Lowe’s.
  • Accident Insurance for Business Travel is in place. 
  • Maternity and Parental Leave.
  • Assistance for Adoption

Application Form

  • To search job openings, visit- https://corporate.lowes.com/careers/search-apply.
  • Enter the state and country you want to work in, choose the career type of your preference. The preferences will filter the results and alter them according to your needs. 
  • After selecting the required job that you want to apply for, click on apply now. Then the details of the job will show up.   
  • You have to create your profile by signing up.
  • Once you log in, you will need to fill in the details- personal and professional, including education history and employment history. 
  • After completing the details, click on submit. 

What after submitting the Application Form?

The candidates who are selected will be asked to come for an interview by the hiring managers. There will be a personality cum interview test that will check your professional and personal potential. Irrespective of the position you applied for, you will have to undergo an interview process spanning 30-40 minutes. The questions will be related to your personality, strengths, weaknesses and also based on scenarios related to customer services. 

Interview Questions that are frequently asked at Lowe’s

  1. What makes you an ideal candidate at Lowe’s?

I believe that for any business, the most important thing is the customers. So I consider myself to be customer-centric. I am friendly, have good communication skills, and am also solution-oriented. 

  1. How would you deal with an angry customer?

I will try to be neutral and focus on the solution. I would try not to blame either the company or the customer. I would handle the situation with calmness, patience, and a presence of mind without being impulsive. 

You can also mention an example from real life where you were successfully able to handle an upset customer. 

  1. Would you be able to work in a team setup?

Yes. I can work and cooperate with other members of the team. I can put forth my opinions respectfully and also provide a space for others to bring their views to the table. I can observe the strengths of each member and encourage them to make use of the strength. 

  1. Do you possess leadership skills?

I think, yes. I always believed in taking initiative. Mention an example where you made use of your leadership skills in college/school/ professional setup. It could be anything from teaching a fellow student to helping a co-worker with some work. The company is looking to gauge that you are introspective and know your skills well. 

  1. What do you consider are your strengths?

Say something related to the job. Mention a strength that can help you prosper in the job you are applying for, something that can bring the positive side of you.

  1. What are your weaknesses?

Say something that would not hamper your possibility of getting selected. Mention a weakness that you are trying to overcome and working towards. 

  1. If you are having a difference of opinions with your manager, how would you approach this situation?

I think talking things out is the most effective way to deal with anything. So I would have a conversation with the manager, tell them my side of the thing, and also listen to theirs. I would be respectful and also have no issue in apologizing if I am wrong. I aim to grow personally, so I will accept whatever is beneficial for my growth as a person. 

  1. What is good customer service according to you?

Good customer service constitutes a smooth interaction between the associates and the customers. The customers should be able to find the things they came to the store for. They should be satisfied with the products and the experience around them. 

Tips for Interview

  • Dress semi-casually as it is not a very formal job. Wear what you feel comfortable in, at the same time the outfit should not look drab. 
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and be confident in answering questions. 
  • Try to follow up after the interview as it will demonstrate your interest in the job.
  • Be genuine and provide examples from real life wherever possible. 
  • Listen carefully before speaking. 
  • Go after learning the basics of the company. 
  • Be kind and keep smiling. 
  • Keep your energy high; don’t appear complacent. 


Lowe’s is a well-established brand that works for the welfare of its employees and customers. It is a home furnishing and home improvement brand that has several options available for customers to buy from. The ethics and values of Lowe’s are well-defined and mandatory to follow. This is what brings the customers with faith to the company. 

There are several career options at Lowe’s. The employees are expected to follow the code of conduct of the company. Lowe’s is looking for motivated, full of energy, and skilled employees who can interact with the customers and provide the customers what they are looking for. 

The application process is simple.  And the interview process gauges well the personality of the candidate. 

Lowe’s provides a good opportunity for both part-time and full-time jobs in the retail field. 

Lowe’s Careers- Job opportunities, And their Salary

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