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Accenture plc, founded in the year 2009, is an Ireland-based multinational service-based company that specializes in IT service and consulting. Initially, Accenture was the name given to the technology consultancy division at the firm, Arthur Andersen. A split in the firm later on divided the firm into two parts – Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting. A series of events led to the breaking of all ties between the two parties involved, which ultimately led to the formation of Accenture. The company has changed its headquarters quite many times before settling at its present headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Let us know ‘Accenture Competitors’.

Accenture Competitors

Accenture Competitors

Accenture offers its services in a highly competitors field. A large number of service-based companies have come into existence in the last few decades, leading to healthy competition between all the parties involved. This has resulted in bringing the best out of each of these companies, and results in the overall benefit of the customers and employees, alike.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at some of the competitors of Accenture in a list format.

  1. International Business Machines (IBM)

About IBM: This is an American multinational technology company with its operations expanded in more than 170 countries all around the world. This figure makes IBM a bigger company in terms of employee strength but in terms of facilities and services offered, these two companies are in direct competition with each other. IBM specializes in app optimizations, providing functions for the use and support of mobile development, cloud development work, and management of APIs. 

Comparison between both: 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

  • In terms of facilities offered to employees, Accenture and IBM are almost even but Accenture manages to pip its competitor in a few criteria like Compensation and Benefits, CEO approval rating, and positive business outlook. 
  • Employees and industry experts have found IBM to be better in work-life balance management and senior management. 
  • However, the vast size of IBM simply means that one has more probability to get into the company than one has to enter Accenture.
  1. Cognizant

About Cognizant:  This is another multinational technology company of American origin that gets into the list. Found in the year 1994, Cognizant entered the Fortune 500 companies list in the year 2011 and is presently at the position of 185. Just like Accenture, Cognizant specializes in providing business consulting, outsourcing, and information technology services. At present, the company has around 320,000 employees all over the world. 

Comparison between both: 

  • Accenture seems to hold the edge over Cognizant in their head-to-head battle with the employees rating Accenture above Cognizant in most of the aspects like career growth, salary packages, benefits offered, etc. 
  • Accenture professionals are known to be the best in the market owing to their sound training and expertise in the subject matters. But, the training in Cognizant is not that great and is virtually rendered useless when an individual leaves the company. This results in a practical waste of someone’s valuable time if they decide to leave. 
  • The clients at Accenture are generally happier with their work than they are with Cognizant. This is reflected in the Global Top 1000 brands list, where Accenture is ranked 123 and Cognizant comes at 422.
  1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

About TCS: TCS is an Indian multinational technology company that offers its service in the areas of information technology and consultancy. With its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – TCS is the largest IT company in the world in terms of market capitalization. TCS is known for providing a variety of offshore and online support with their main source of business being to work with contracted freelancers for providing onsite AMS support. Clients prefer TCS due to the company’s ability to provide better delivery and execution. This is also regarded to be one of the best companies to work for because of their friendly work environment and the reasonable salary packages.

Comparison between both: 

  • In the head-to-head comparison between Accenture and TCS, Accenture seems to be having the edge over TCS in many areas like career opportunities, senior management, and positive business outlook while TCS edged out Accenture in the areas of work-life balance and job security. 
  • Both the companies fared similarly in all the other aspects involved in the business, though clients do tend to go to Accenture for their projects provided they have the budget.
  1. Deloitte

About Deloitte: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, popularly known all over the world as Deloitte, is a United Kingdom-based multinational network of professional services. Deloitte was founded in the year 1845 in London, England, and has undergone massive expansion throughout its lifetime so much so that now it has branches in more than 150 countries around the globe. This company is a part of the acclaimed Big 4 in the US and is known for its excellent relationship management with clients and employees, alike. 

Comparison between both: 

  • The head-to-head results between Deloitte and Accenture again result in Accenture emerging as a winner. Accenture managed to score better than Deloitte in the areas of work-life balance, cultural values, compensation benefits, and positive business outlook
  • Deloitte received a better rating for their career opportunities and senior management. In terms of client reviews, both the companies are at par as they have succeeded in providing excellent and top-notch services to their clients for many years.
  1. Boston Consulting Group, Inc.

About Boston Consulting Group Inc.: This is another American company that has made the list of being Accenture’s competitors. Found in the year 1963, the company is currently headquartered in Massachusetts and employs more than 21000 people in 85 offices around the world. This is primarily a firm that offers consultancy in the managerial department, although, the company’s employees are known for their expertise in a variety of subject matters ranging from financial services to industrial goods. This is one of America’s largest private companies and has a formidable reputation among all its clients that including some of the world’s largest companies, mid-sized organizations, non-profit organizations, and even government agencies.

Comparison between both: 

  • In the head-to-head battle between Boston Consulting Group and Accenture, the former manages to edge Accenture in terms of career growth opportunities, CEO approval rating, senior management, and positive business outlook.
  • Accenture is placed ahead in terms of work-life balance and cultural values. The clients seemed to be preferring both of the companies when it came down to handling their projects to anyone between these two, a clear indication of the excellent services offered at both of these places.
  1. Capgemini

About Capgemini: This is a French company, headquartered in Paris, France, and serves clients all over the world in technology services and consultancy. With over 290,000 employees in more than 50 countries worldwide, Capgemini aims to be a global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. The company had been ranked 9th in the Top 100 IT Companies in the World list of 2021 and has made a formidable reputation for itself among clients and employees alike. 

Comparison between both: 

  • In the head-to-head comparison between Accenture and Capgemini, it is very difficult to separate between the two. Accenture manages to edge out Capgemini in areas such as compensation benefits, positive business outlook, and cultural values. 
  • On the other hand, Capgemini has the upper hand over Accenture in areas such as work-life balance, CEO approval rating, and senior management. Owing to the near-identical performances of the companies in the comparison, it is really difficult to choose between the two. 
  • In addition to that, the services provided by these companies are identical, too, which is a testimony to the fact of how competitive this field is.


Thus, we see that Accenture has made a formidable name for itself in a fiercely dominated market and continues to make further inroads every new year. Accenture plc attracts thousands of applications each year. This is due to the tremendous facilities offered to its employees that include smart compensation packages, career growth opportunities, friendly work cultures, etc. In addition to that, Accenture always succeeds in providing top quality reports to its clients at reasonable prices. Though the number of companies in the IT field will be expected to grow, leading to more fierce competition between the companies, Accenture has shown enough to convince us that the company would continue to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We took a look at some of the most asked questions on the web about Accenture plc and its competitors. In this section, some of those questions have been answered appropriately.

What makes Accenture better than its competitors?

We have already seen that Accenture operates in a highly competitive market. However, a survey conducted in 2016 concluded that many factors put Accenture ahead of its competitors. A few of these factors are deep category expertise in the associated fields, industry-specific experience, robust technology being used, and a global network for delivery. The report from the survey also pointed to the fact that the clients generally praised Accenture for their flexibility, commitment, and integrity towards meeting the necessary objectives.

How can I get a job at Accenture?

There are five different departments in the company – consulting, strategy, technology, digital, and operations. There are two ways in which one can apply for a position:

  1. Apply through LinkedIn/ any other job portals: Many websites notify people about job openings and offer candidates the chance to apply for these positions directly.
  2. Apply through Accenture careers: Head over to the website and look for the position you think suits you the best, and apply for it. The application is recorded in the databases of the company and you’ll be contacted in case your profile manages to impress the Hiring Managers.

Does Accenture pay well as compared to others?

Accenture provides salaries for all the positions which are much higher than the average salaries for similar positions in other companies across the United States of America. Additionally, Accenture provides smart benefits to all of its employees. These benefits include facilities such as investments in stock and equity, insurances, compensation packages, and more. Accenture ranks among the top 10% of companies in the world in terms of payments and is also widely regarded for its work culture and treatment of its employees. 

How difficult is it to get a job at Accenture?

It is quite difficult to land a job at Accenture, as the interviews are known to be pretty challenging and a little different from the interviews which are generally being conducted for the large corporates. The question formats are specifically designed for the employees at Accenture. Coding questions are mainly asked on topics such as DSA and development. There are a lot of resources available on the internet that can give an idea of the type of questions usually asked in the interviews. One can crack the interviews quite easily if they prepare adequately and smartly.

Accenture Competitors – Know More

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