Accenture Job & Internship Acceptance Rate

Getting a new line of work or an entry-level position can be just about as troublesome as deciding the best school for you, which is an endless assignment. Assume What is the main goal of their businesses? ng you’re searching for a task in the counseling business, you’ve probably known about Accenture. You’ve likely considered the stuff to find a new line of work or an entry-level position at Accenture eventually. Is it troublesome, or is the buzz brought about by the worldwide brand? In this article let us see Accenture Job & Internship Acceptance Rate.

Accenture Job & Internship Acceptance Rate

Incidentally, fortunately getting a temporary position for a task at Accenture is basic.

We’ll likewise exhibit how to examine the method and what Accenture’s acknowledgment rate is.

In any case, as a matter of first importance, what precisely is Accenture? What is the organization’s set of experiences? We should begin by finding out with regards to the organization, and afterward, we’ll get to the principal question.


Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Accenture (the global brand): 

Accenture an Irish-based professional services enterprise that offers consultancy, was established in 1989 by Arthur Andersen. Previously called Andersen Consulting, it was renamed Accenture in 2001. Because of the company’s increasing productivity and growth, the founder, Arthur, wants a new name to represent the global brand. 

But what exactly does a professional services firm do?

What kind of individuals do they need their employees to be?

These thoughts may cross your mind as you research Accenture and its job and internship opportunities.

Professional services can fall into a variety of categories, so it is up to the company and its business proposition. Accenture, for example, primarily provides consulting services.

As you can see, Accenture offers a wide range of career opportunities, from entry-level positions to senior management positions.

You are treated as a full-time employee and given difficult opportunities to demonstrate actual value. Accenture encourages an open, collaborative, and useful culture. Employees are generally happy to provide recommendations and assistance to interns, which can lead to more in-depth mentorship opportunities. As a result, make an effort to the community with and examine out of your friends and colleagues at some point during your Accenture consulting internship. Interns are also invited to regular Executive Talks, where executives give presentations on topics relevant to any aspiring consultant.

Many people want an Accenture internship to land a full-time job after graduation. While this may be true for some, you should not overlook the fact that the internship is an opportunity to determine whether or not this is something you want to do. Individuals should use their time at Accenture to assess their fitness and fit for the consultant role, as well as their connection to Accenture as an organization.

Trainees are assigned real-world projects to work on, and some even travel to developing countries to assist NGOs (non-governmental organizations). So don’t expect it to be simple or relaxing. So, if you want to be productive and have someone looking over your shoulder, the Accenture internship may no longer be for you.

So let’s talk about what are the chances to get a job or internship at Accenture:

1. Scenario 1:

If you perform well in the cognitive assessment and then in decoding round two and if you are confident enough for your interview then your chances are more than 95% to get the placement at Accenture.

2. Scenario 2:

If you perform well in the cognitive assessment but you didn’t give your best in the coding round you tackled one code and your interview was also good then the chances to get a job or internship at Accenture is 60 to 70%.

3. Scenario 3:

If you did not perform well in the cognitive assessment and your coding ground is also not expected but your interview went well then there is a 50% chance that you will get your job or internship at Accenture.

Increasing Your Chances of Getting an Accenture Internship

Accenture internship salaries are relatively rewarding, and that they often offer an uplift to human beings early in their consulting careers, so openings are extraordinarily competitive. In this manner, you`ll need to do the whole thing feasible to grow your worldwide competitiveness as an applicant. Here are 5 powerful recommendations that will help you land a task as an Accenture intern. Accenture Wants to Hire You as a Student

This includes ensuring that your GPA rises. 

Get Active on Campus

 To illustrate your match for the Accenture employee culture, you should cultivate a wide variety of on-campus initiatives.

Begin Working and Volunteering Right Away

It’s a mistake to think of your internship as the start of your consulting career. If you want to be hired for the Accenture summer internship, you should think of it as a step forward in your consulting career. This may imply pursuing a different internship to gain experience as a stepping stone to a future position at Accenture. But don’t worry—internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students at all stages of their education.

Become a member of or start a consulting club at your school.

Numerous academic institutions with strong business schools already have undergraduate and graduate-level consulting clubs. This can provide you with real-world experience with the types of work and clients you’ll encounter as an Accenture employee. 

Networking and contacts

By joining a consulting club, you will be able to collaborate with other aspiring advisors as well as possible future associates. You can also contact former and current Accenture employees to build relationships and pick their brains for advice on how to improve your chances of being hired. Accenture is likely to hold recruiting and networking events on your campus.


Accenture is well-known for being the best in its field for a reason. Employment and internship opportunities are plentiful and not difficult to obtain; however, the candidate must be among the best to be considered. Accenture has many internship opportunities for freshmen and undergraduates, and these internships promote employment and exploration learning. Many students look for an Accenture internship as a stepping stone to a successful consulting career. However, for the vast majority of students hired for the internship, it is simply the next step in an already established consulting career. 

Accenture Job & Internship Acceptance Rate

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