7w6 Enneagram Personality And Best Jobs For Them

Finding the ideal career path for yourself that perfectly suits all your needs and satisfies your desires can be quite a task. Luckily, you can use your very own personality traits as a guide to finding a job that will surely keep you fulfilled! Let’s know 7w6 Enneagram Personality And Best Jobs For Them.

7w6 Enneagram Personality And Best Jobs For Them

This article focuses on the 7w6 personality type which is one of the Enneagram personalities. We will delve into what it means to identify as not only a personality type 7 but what it means to fall into the 7w6 category. The strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, and characteristics of the 7w6 personality will be explored. Most importantly, the jobs that have been commonly identified as best suited for people of this personality type will be shared.

So, whether you are a 7w6, trying to figure out if you are a 7w6, or are just interested in learning more about this, we encourage you to keep reading as you might just learn something insightful about yourself or something that could generally serve as a guide to your life decisions.

What Is the Enneagram Personality Model?

The Enneagram personality model is a representation of nine personality types that people generally embody. This system indicates the core and periphery behaviors, habits, fears, desires, and many more characteristics that one can have. The personality types are identified and represented by numbers one to nine.

Though there are nine distinct personality types, the Enneagram is depicted in a way that shows us that individuals cannot be limited to just one personality type. It shows that all the nine personality types can be linked to each other in one way or another.

The Enneagram displays how complex people can be. One can exhibit traits or habits that can be found in two different personality types – as opposed to being boxed in or restricted to once personality. Yet, as complex as we all are, there tends to be at least one personality type that our behaviors and characteristics can be linked to the most.

With that said, the Enneagram personality type 7 will now be explained.

Enneagram Type 7 Personality

The type 7 personality type is commonly coined to be “the enthusiast”, “the adventurer” or “the visionary” of the Enneagram personalities. People with this personality type tend to be extroverted, vibrant, versatile, energetic, inquisitive, and quick thinkers. They are thrill-seekers who enjoy partaking in new experiences and are always eager for an adventurous feat.

One of the worst things you could do to a type 7 is to keep them boxed in or to limit their options. They do not like feeling stuck, restrained, or trapped. Type 7s are likely to get bored or lose interest under circumstances that restrict them, their freedom, and their autonomy. They are, therefore, known to be option seekers.

Type 7s are commended for their ability to take something relatively negative or displeasing and turn it into something worthwhile or positive. Their optimistic nature is evident and admirable. However, this can lead them to completely avoiding or dismissing instances that they perceive to be unpleasant. This can be an issue in cases where they need to be able to directly fix or face a crucial problem or obstacle that could hinder their progress.

The type 7 personality is known to be quite avoidant of experiences or situations that make them anxious or fearful. They would much rather evade their negative feelings than face them head-on and work on them. In this, they may turn to distractions such as material objects, relationships or even use humor to deflect their problems or worries. They are likely to live in denial so long as they can find some silver lining to cling to.

Otherwise, people with the type 7 personality type love to have fun and enjoy indulging in life’s fruitful offers. They are known to be multi-talented, creative, and open-minded. This makes them big fans of entertainment and are great entertainers themselves. They possess an undeniably high level of energy and youthfulness.

Type 7s tend to be future-oriented and can be quite impatient in situations where they are kept waiting. This personality type actively seeks out adventure or thrill in the activities they put themselves to. People that fall under this personality type easily get restless if they feel they are not experiencing much excitement in their lives. 

Type 7s generally just enjoy being entertained and activities that make them feel energized. The average type 7 does not like to feel like they are missing out on the thrills of life. Spontaneous and daring, people with type 7 personalities enjoy trying out new things and putting themselves through exciting endeavors. 

A weakness they may struggle with is that they are prone to second-guessing themselves and others. They might occasionally let other people’s opinions affect them negatively too. They are likely to not always finish what they started, as they may lose excitement for what they are doing or get sidetracked by things they perceive to be more interesting. Despite all this, type 7s know what they ultimately want from life and will go out of their way to pursue their goals.

What is a 7w6 Personality Type?

A 7w6 personality type is called a “type 7 wing 6” in full. The “wing” stands for additional personality traits that are not typically found under their main personality type. Wing traits are found in the two personality types that are next to the main personality type in the Enneagram model. This simply means that people who identify as 7w6s have core attributes that resonate with the type 7 personality and also have characteristics or mannerisms that can be found under the type 6 Enneagram personality.  

The other wing that a type 7 can have is wing 8 because it is the only other number besides 6 that is next to 7. If one identifies as a type 7 Enneagram personality type, they may exhibit both wing 6 and wing 8 traits over the course of their life. So, while the main personality type – a 7 – cannot change, the wings – 6 or 8 – can change in their level of dominance in someone’s life.

Focusing on the 7w6 personality type, 7w6s are called the “the entertainer” of the Enneagram personality types and understandably so. People that fall under this specific personality can be expected to be extroverted, creative, playful, charming, fun-loving, and outgoing. They are full of energy, very likable, and are great with other people.

They can be very responsible, loyal, and committed – all while upholding their adventurous side. For this, they also get called “the pathfinder” of the personality types. This, however, creates room for conflict within themselves as they may struggle between staying true to their existing commitments and seeking new exciting experiences.

Best Jobs for 7w6s

7w6s are sure to be an asset to any team because they are cooperative, enthusiastic, and considerate of other people. Their optimism can keep them motivated even through challenging tasks and jobs. They can think quickly which can come in handy in many work environments.

They appreciate the versatility and new thrills in what they do because they otherwise might become bored or demotivated in their work. This personality type believes in genuinely enjoying their work and having fun. They will, thus, avoid jobs that offer dull and repetitive experiences.

People with this personality type treasure goals that will grant them immense gratification and fulfillment. They like to have careers they find worthwhile and exciting.

Work that has to do with exploring creativity, working with other people, and encountering exciting challenges may just provide the ideal career for a 7w6 personality type. The following are jobs that are best suited for 7w6s:

  • Photographer

This is a great role that leaves plenty of room for adventure and exploration for 7w6s to enjoy! As a photographer, 7w6s get to indulge in creative work that grants them limitless options and many opportunities to work with other people. They will get to actively work with aesthetics which is something this personality type particularly finds satisfying.

  • Media Planner

As a media planner, 7w6s will be much appreciated for their enthusiastic and creative nature. Being the quick thinkers they are, they will be able to identify and bring forward solutions that optimize advertising campaigns for all sorts of companies. The work is sure to be versatile and exciting enough to keep 7w6s on their toes and having fun.

  • Travel Agent

Here is an opportunity to put that adventurous spirit of 7w6s to productive use. 7w6s in this role will be put in the position to organize thrilling adventures for other people. Their future-oriented instincts make them great planners who will be able to effectively meet their clients’ desires and demands. Their work is likely to bring a load of variety into their day-to-day responsibilities which is a much-appreciated factor for 7w6s.

  • Journalist

With the charm that 7w6s embody, the role of a journalist can be quite a great job recommendation for this personality type. Their thrill-seeking nature is sure to lead them to fascinating discoveries and quests they can use in their work. They will also enjoy how much they will be at the forefront with other people which will put their people skills to great use.

  • Travel Writer

Being a travel writer will grant 7w6s the endless opportunities and adventures that they frequently crave. Travel writers have the pleasure of traveling to different places all over the world which are bound to bring immense variety to the life of a 7w6. They are highly unlikely to get bored in this line of work as they get to plan and arrange their own work goals, all while enjoying unique experiences and sharing about them through their writing.

  • Pilot

Another great job that ticks off the desire for adventure on the list of 7w6s! Their great energy and sociable attributes will make them an excellent addition to any flight crew. They can also be trusted to remain calm in tense situations and think quickly where necessary. This job can keep 7w6s from feeling bored or limited in their work.

  • Life Coach

As established, 7w6s are enthusiasts with a high passion for the thrills of life. Who better than someone of this personality type to be a life coach? They are sure to infuse their contagious energy in their work and effectively motivate their clients. Not to forget, their optimism will be a much-appreciated characteristic that they can exercise in their work.

  • Publicist

7w6s are known to have an eye and flair for aesthetics. This makes them phenomenal publicists as they can formulate effective publicity moves for whatever entity or whomever they are working for. Their versatility, adaptability, creativity, and social nature will take them far in this career. They are sure to find some new and thrilling challenges along their way.

  • Coach

People with the 7w6 personality type possess characteristics that could make them successful coaches. Their optimism will keep their teams or clients in optimal and high spirits. 7w6s will bring a unique enthusiasm towards their field of work which would make great influencers. Their ability to work very well with people is another great reason 7w6s make for excellent coaches.

  • Tour Guide

Tour guides take on a highly interactive and versatile role. The ability 7w6s have that enables them to be considerate of people and to execute a distinguished level of the charm makes them great candidates for becoming tour guides. Their quick thinking is sure to also come in handy where the job requires them to adapt to unpredictable occurrences or changes.

  • Flight Attendant

Access to frequent travel and engaging with diverse groups of people is highly likely to help quench the thirst 7w6s have for adventure. This personality type will make for great flight attendants due to their charismatic attitude and considerate approach towards others. They are also excellent in emergencies and efficient problem-solvers which equips them with more of the helpful skills that flight attendants are required to have.

  • Bartender

This is a job that places 7w6s as a core point of contact for all sorts of people. They are bound to have some fascinating encounters and even form new connections on the job. This type of job can keep a 7w6 energized as there is quite a lot of versatility they are bound to experience from the job. They also have the adaptability skills that will enable them to be prepared to cater to unpredictable customers or occurrences.

  • Personal Trainer

7w6s would make fantastic personal trainers. Their drive and enthusiasm towards whatever they put themselves to are exactly what will help clients stay energized and motivated to achieve their fitness goals. The job will keep 7w6s moving up and about which will cater to the restlessness that they tend to exhibit when seeking new things to do.

  • Detective

Being a detective will open doors to numerous unique adventures for 7w6s. Their problem-solving abilities will shine through in this position alongside their ability to think quickly. Their people skills are also bound to be an asset on the job as they navigate through their tasks and investigations.

  • Dog Trainer

If you are a 7w6 who adores animals, then consider being a dog trainer. 7w6s are found to be great with animals and possess qualities that would make them successful animal trainers. This is a job 7w6s are sure to find enjoyment in, all while contributing effective plans and solutions to dog owners for their dogs.

  • Interior Designer

With their eye and taste for aesthetics, 7w6s are capable of becoming top-notch designers. Their perceptive skills and ability to understand what other people want will help them execute designs that will leave their clients happy or impressed. As interior designers, 7w6s also have the opportunity to show off their creative side.

  • Personal Stylist

This is another great recommendation that allows 7w6s to play around with all sorts of creative concepts. They get to experiment and explore multitudes of fashion ideas in their work which should keep them from getting bored in the long term. Their adoration and pursuit for novelty may also make them successful in this field as they create fresh ensembles that could influence the masses.

  • Actor

7w6s will likely have fun with an acting career. Their adventurous nature will thrive in the spotlight as they take on a diverse range of characters and roles. With acting, they will have plenty of options at their disposal which will save them from feeling trapped in a repetitive role or job. Their charm and energy are also sure to make them magnetic performers who draw in audiences of significant amounts.

  • DJ

As a DJ, people with the 7w6 personality type are opened up to a world of immense versatility and excitement. They will not have to struggle with mundane work or limited options. In this line of work, they get to be adventurous in their music and work environment. They will likely be surrounded by people who share similar tastes and enthusiasm towards the craft. On top of this, DJ 7w6s will get to have fun as they work.

  • Teacher

Holding the influential position of a teacher would be well suited to the nature of 7w6. They exhibit commendable levels of responsibility and trustworthiness. 7w6s would be able to consider their student’s needs and capabilities and adjust their learning material and plans accordingly. They would also be very likable because of their people skills and undeniable charming nature.

  • Therapist

This is another role that shows just how great 7w6s are with other people. They can apply a level of perception to their clients that will enable them to provide substantial solutions and advice. Their optimism would also be a fantastic asset in this role where they can help instill positivity into their clients’ lives.

  • Event Planner

Being the excellent planners they are, they can be entrusted with the job of an event planner and successfully meet their client’s demands. 7w6s would be able to conceptualize and bring their client’s visions to life due to their creative skills and receptive skills. They are also likely to enjoy working on the different types of events they will be tasked to work on which will bring that exciting sense of variety that they treasure in their work.

  • Entrepreneur

This role gives a refreshing amount of freedom and autonomy that saves 7w6s from being boxed into a restrictive job. As entrepreneurs, they will be energized and optimistic to explore different ventures, meet new connections, build brands, and delve into many more opportunities. The world will become a 7w6’s oyster, beaming with numerous prospects and adventures for them to experience.

  • Fitness instructor

This job is sure to keep 7w6’s busy enough to keep them from straying away and seeking other opportunities. It presents them with the chance to frequently interact with people which is something that naturally energizes them due to their extroverted nature. Another way their enthusiasm and drive get satisfied is through the physical work they will have to do constantly.

  • Sales Representative

There is no doubt that people with the 7w6 personality would make excellent sales representatives. They have the persistence, energy, enthusiasm, and determination to be successful in this field. Additionally, their people skills are sure to keep them at the top of their game as they engage with different types of people throughout. Their optimism will also keep them adequately fueled for the job as they will be able to keep their head up even in the face of rejection.

Worst Jobs for 7w6 Personality Types

7w6s must avoid jobs that keep them in a relatively mundane and routine state. They will quickly get bored of such type of work and seek out more enticing opportunities. Jobs that keep them away from other people are also likely to leave 7w6s unsatisfied because they thrive around working with others. Additionally, people with this personality should not opt for roles that restrict them in their choices or roles that bring out their fears and anxieties.

The following are jobs that are likely to be unpopular amongst 7w6s: physician, surgeon, doctor, administrative work, accountant, electrical engineer, technician, customer service representative, and actuary. 


7w6s are part of a dynamic personality type that brings a lot of thrill and excitement to the table. They are daring fun-loving optimists that are always on the lookout for their next adventure. They do not want to be tied down to limiting opportunities or spaces that instill negative emotions in them. They strive for careers that put their outgoing, fun-oriented, and charming nature to good use.

Considering now that we have fully acknowledged that 7w6s do not like to be limited in their options, we would like to clarify that you can still go ahead and pursue whatever careers you please.

We hope you enjoyed this read and managed to take a thing or two away from it. For our 7w6s out there, we wish you all the best on your next big adventure!

7w6 Enneagram Personality And Best Jobs For Them

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