Xylem Office Locations And Headquarters


Xylem is a water technology company best known for its operations. Their services are divided into three elements. Applied water for the manufacture of equipment like valves, next is for treatment of water and the other to customer and family needs. Let us know ‘Xylem Office Locations And Headquarters’.

Xylem Office Locations And Headquarters

Xylem Office Locations And Headquarters

Xylem is a water technology company established in 2011 and is headquartered in Rye Brook, NY. It specializes in the design, development, and use of specialized solutions for the water system in over 150 countries.

Water Supply, Industrial Technology, and Monitoring and Control Services are the firm’s three main divisions. The Conveyance, Purification, and Checking of Water Sector division concentrate on the transit, care, and examination of water. The Practical Water section includes all water-related products and services, with an emphasis on the business, household, and production end sectors. The Measuring and Control Services division involves the development of technology solutions that enable the efficient use and preservation of key water sources, as well as quantitative apparatus for filtration.

Xylem Office Locations

Xylem, Inc.

Rye Brook, NY, United States.

Xylem Water Solutions USA, Inc.

Suwanee, GA, United States.

Xylem Inc

Seneca Falls, NY, United States.

Xylem Water Solutions USA, Inc.

Charlotte, NC, United States.


Morton Grove, IL, United States.

Xylem Auburn – Goulds Water Technology

Auburn, NY, United States.

Xylem Chicago – Pump Rental & Sales

Mokena, IL, United States.

Xylem San Diego – Pump Rental & Sales

San Diego, CA, United States.

Xylem Bridgeport – Pump Rental & Sales

Bridgeport, NJ, United States.

Xylem Heat Transfer

Cheektowaga, NY, United States.

Xylem Memphis – Pump Rental & Sales

Memphis, TN, United States.

Sensus, a Xylem brand

Morrisville, NC, United States.

Xylem Atlanta – Pump Rental & Sales

Cartersville, GA, United States.

Xylem Inc

Woburn, MA, United States.

Xylem Company

Chanhassen, MN, United States.

Xylem Inc

Zelienople, PA, United States

YSI, a Xylem brand

Yellow Springs, OH, United States.


Atlanta, GA, United States.

Xylem Design

Fort Collins, CO, United States.

SonTek – a Xylem Brand

San Diego, CA, United States.

HYPACK, A Xylem Brand

Middletown, CT, United States.

Xylem, Ltd.

Cordova, IL, United States.

Xylem Tree Experts

Norfolk, VA, United States.

Xylem pumps

Swedesboro, NJ, United States

Xylem Source

Fort Collins, CO, United States.

How To Contact Xylem Company For Complain, Suggestions, or Business 

To contact Xylem Company, you can call them at one of the aforementioned offices, or go to their homepage and complete a contact form, making sure to include all of the relevant info, such as names, company email account, and mobile number.

You can also write them an email, and they will respond to your demand as quickly as possible. All cases and comments should be emailed to the following addresses:

Xylem Phone Numbers and Emails

Customer Service Number:

(914) 323-5700

Xylem Contact Information

Xylem Website: www.xylem.com

Xylem Help Center: Visit the contact page

Corporate Office Address:

Xylem Inc.

1 International Drive

Rye Brook, New York 10573

The United States.

Others are as follows:

  • The Sensus United States of America. 
  • Jason consultant Uc. USA
  • Tideland signal corp. USA
  • Pure technologies u.s inc. USA
  • O.I corporation. The United States.
  • Xylem water solution United States of America.
  • The United States, Morrisville 639 Davis Dr
  • College Station, TX, USA.

The Company Operations In Its Office Locations and Headquarters 

Xylem is a major water technology business dedicated to solving water problems via the development of creative and smart technological solutions to fulfill the world’s water, wastewater, and energy demands.

Product growth, engineering, and water services are provided by Xylem Office Locations and Headquarters to startups, mid-sized businesses, and large corporations.

The Corporation is a water development and review aids organization that provides comprehensive water supply and other aids to tech firms and product performance, as well as integration aids to their technology clients’ users, through its universal delivery centers.

Xylem offers unique water innovative solutions across the hydrological cycle in a world of ever-increasing difficulties. Their technological strength in the water life cycle is unrivaled.

They are high-efficiency water technologies, manufacturing pumping systems, and infrastructure capacity that not only use less energy and minimize costs but also enhance sustainability. From collation to recycling and revert to disposition, they are extremely effective water systems, factory pumps, and application solutions.

Working Hours At The Firm

They work 8-hour shifts each day, Monday through Friday, in Xylem offices nationwide and administration, and their productivity is assessed at 98 %.

Supplier Development services provided by Xylem’s nationwide delivery centers allow companies a zero-cost expansion to their Research and Development committees, reducing the time to demand and improving overall performance and cost.

They help with end-to-end holding and excellent results. As a result, when problems arise, the company admits the issues, accepts full responsibility, and proceeds to resolve the issue. They acknowledge that doing just enough isn’t enough.

They are committed to doing what they say to achieve distinction. In the face of adversity, the company remains optimistic and creative. They make use of tools and aids that make people’s lives easier, and they provide excellent service consistently.


Xylem is a very good firm one can call for services. So, having to find a xylem branch close to you has been made easy by the company. All you need do is go to their website, find the page that says find a location, and then fill in your details correctly, and then you get a xylem office close to your location.


1. Does xylem give a warranty. 

Yes, the company gives a warranty for their product and services. For the former, 30 months period is given from the date of delivery to the one that makes purchases, while for the latter,  a validity period of 24 months is given, from the date of purchaser’s acceptance. 

2. Does xylem take responsibility for defects in products?

 The company liability is prohibited to defects noticed at the time. That’s a year from the beginning of the goods or a few months from the time of shipment, whichever comes first. Unless it is signed on paper by the Supplier, the time is shorter.

3. Does xylem partner with other suppliers? 

Xylem collaborates with businesses and has the government ensure that their services and products can be easily assessed outside xylem’s local distributor. You can get xylem’s products and services from other businesses not owned by xylem.

Xylem Office Locations And Headquarters

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