6w5 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs for Them

6w5 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs for Them

There are numerous personality indicators out here that help us understand ourselves more and can somewhat serve as a form of guidance in our daily lives. One popular personality indicator is the Enneagram personality test. In this article, we will discuss the 6w5 Enneagram Personality and suitable jobs for them over here.

While there are several personality types you can find from the Enneagram test, this article focuses on the 6w5 type specifically. Do you identify as a 6w5 enneagram personality type or know someone who does and could use some insight on their career path? We have put together an article that is sure to help you better understand and learn what it means to be a 6w5 personality type. The article will also bring forward suggestions on jobs that may be best suited for people that have this personality type.

So, first things first, what is an enneagram personality type?

The Enneagram Model

The Enneagram model is a personality indicator that displays nine personality types in a visual figure where individuals can identify the characteristics and personality traits that they resonate with. The word “Enneagram” itself is derived from the Greek words “ennea” and “gramma” which translate to “nine” and “drawn.”

The Enneagram displays the personalities in such a way that they all intersect with one another through lines that are drawn to connect them all into one circle. This indication shows that as humans, there is no one specific personality or extreme we just fall into, we are multidimensional and can have traits that can be found across several other personality types too.

However, there is bound to be one particular personality type that one resonates with the most. This is what is then assigned to be your Enneagram personality type. Your personality type encompasses your most core behaviors, attributes, fears, weaknesses, and desires. Each personality type is identified by a number from one to nine.

Proceeding, we will now look at the type 6 personality.

E6w5 Enneagram Personality

This personality type is referred to as the “loyalist” or the “skeptic.” People that fall under this personality type come across as reliable, compassionate, and generally pleasant to be around. They tend to be logical and considerate thinkers. Type 6 is noted to be one of the most commonly found personality types.

Type 6 individuals crave a sense of security and can be quite fearful of unfamiliar situations. They are people that like to be well prepared because they tend to think through everything that they put themselves to. Their dislike for feeling unsafe or not being secure makes them great planners who are likely to be excellent in emergency situations.

It takes a type 6 quite a while to trust others which makes them relatively skeptical people. They are likely to be highly analytical and very detail-oriented people which may result in them being overthinkers. This could also make them struggle when it comes to making decisions. People under this personality type can be very inquisitive and like to think ahead or see things for what they are in order to be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

An interesting observation on the type 6 personality is that they are likely to be skeptical that they belong to the type 6 personality in the first place! People with this personality may even question the accuracy and reliability of Enneagram itself.

However, as mentioned earlier, our focus is on the 6w5 Enneagram personality type specifically. We will go over what it means to be a 6w5 next.

So, What Is A 6w5 Enneagram Personality?

Delving further into the Enneagram personality types, you will find that they are all divided into what are known as “wings”. Wings in the Enneagram are essentially the numbers next to your main personality type number. They represent additional traits and behaviors that you exhibit that are beyond your core personality type but mimic characteristics of other core personality types on the Enneagram.

For a type 6, one can be a 6w5 – meaning they have a personality type 6 with a wing 5 – or they can be a 6w7 – meaning they are a type 6 wing 7. Focusing on the 6w5, this means that people with this personality type have dominating personality traits that come from the type 6 Enneagram personality while having a blend with some characteristics that are commonly found in the type 5 personality.

In addition to the general traits of type 6 personality types, the 6w5 individual is likely to be very perceptive, intense, and outspoken. The type 6w5 is well organized, hardworking, and exhibits seriousness in what they do. They have great self-control and tend to hold high values when it comes to moral or ethical values. 6w5s are likely to stand up or fight for ethical or political causes that resonate with their values. People with 6w5 indicators are commonly called “the defenders” or “the guardians” due to their defensive, protective, and loyal nature. 

People with this personality type are attracted to knowledge systems and therefore tend to be intellectuals. They are practical problem solvers who can work out solutions to complex problems efficiently. They also display immense independence and are susceptible to isolating themselves from others.

They do not do well with rejection or inconsistency in their relationships or daily lives. 6w5s prefer environments where they can commit themselves to and feel stability in.

We will now look into the type of jobs that 6w5 are likely to find motivating and fulfilling.

Best Jobs For 6w5

While anyone should be able to pursue any career, they want without feeling boxed in or restricted, it might be helpful to pursue careers that complement one’s natural abilities and traits in order to achieve a sense of satisfaction and contentment in their work.

A 6w5 will be an asset to a job that requires thorough planning, analytical thinking, high commitment, and consistency. They value security and stability in their work. They can be trusted with complex responsibilities and to deliver effective communication.

For 6w5s, jobs in caretaking, law enforcement, teaching, and medical services would be a great fit seeing that these fields provide established parameters that will give 6w5s the sense of reliability they treasure and opportunities to help others. Work in analytics and emergency services would also be great for 6w5s as it will draw on their strengths of problem-solving and analytical thinking skills.

The following is a list of jobs that have been commonly identified to be a great fit for people with the 6w5 personality type:

  1. Teacher

Those with the 6w5 personality enjoy pursuing knowledge and so are sure to thrive in the education field. They will enjoy a career of teaching because they will be able to support, pass on, and share their knowledge with others. Another benefit about this role is that teaching enables a consistent and stable routine which gives 6w5s plenty of opportunity to plan their work effectively.

  1. Paralegal

This role gives 6w5s an organized and reliable work environment. People with this personality type will thrive with the responsibilities of a paralegal.  They will get to exercise their talents for preparation and planning. Their crucial support to lawyers is sure to keep them motivated in their work. 6w5s will also benefit from the security that the job provides them.

  1. Professor

This is an authoritative role that will offer 6w5s an intellectual working environment that grants them fulfillment and satisfaction. Individuals who have this job will be surrounded by fellow knowledge enthusiasts in their field. They will play supportive and guidance role for many while opening themselves up to the opportunity to accumulate more knowledge as they assert themselves as an expert in their field.

  1. Doctor

Set to work within a refined and established set of rules and routines, a doctor is a job that will let a 6w5 enjoy their work without having to worry about security or stability. This role eliminates the occurrence of unnerving inconsistencies that a 6w5 is fearful of since it is a methodical practice. 6w5s will also find it to be motivating to have work that helps improve people’s lives in all sorts of ways.

  1. Marketing Analyst

6w5s who find themselves in this role will like the thrill of putting their analytical and problem-solving abilities to productive use. They will have the platform to work with others in order to bring a company’s vision to life through marketing strategies. Their exceptional planning skills will grant them the capability to foresee how well different marketing strategies will work for the company at hand.

  1. Nurse

This is a classic caretaking role that will show off how caring and compassionate 6w5s can be. As a nurse, 6w5s can perform tasks that allow them to directly help others and play a significant supportive role in their field of work. 6w5s with medical interests or qualifications stand a great chance of finding meaningful and purposeful benefits from taking on this role.

  1. Banker

6w5s have been known to hold excellent financial skills. So why not consider being a banker? The job provides immense job security and consistency. Individuals that identify as 6w5s will have the satisfaction of having a well-planned and thought-out routine and set of responsibilities. There is also great potential for career progression which is sure to keep a 6w5 driven and energetic towards their work.

  1. Administrative Assistant

As a 6w5, one is most likely to be introverted and this is a role that is great for people who do not want to be heavily working with others. Their organized approach towards their work will make them excellent administrative assistants. They will be able to implement their detail-oriented skills towards their preparations and plans for their work which is sure to make them deliver great results.

  1. Firefighter

Another excellent choice that puts 6w5s in the position to assist people in need. They are reliable enough to be in an emergency response role and to be able to carry out the required procedures to carry out their job. People with this personality type normally proceed with caution and care when they execute their work which would be highly beneficial in the case of firefighting.

  1. Chemist

This job allows 6w5s to thrive and flourish in a stable and controlled environment. They have access to technical resources and knowledge which is bound to keep them on their toes as there is always room for continuous learning and discovery. Their problem-solving abilities will make them notable contributors in their field, and they will also have the opportunity to become experts in their field as well.

  1. Detective

The skeptical and inquisitive traits of someone who identifies as a 6w5 will come in handy for a job like this. Required to pick up on details, analyze situations and formulate solutions, 6w5s will probably enjoy doing the work of a detective. It also helps that this job lets 6w5s act on their heroic instincts to play a supportive and helpful role in their community. Their skeptical nature will also make them hard to mislead which is great for detective work.

  1. Web Developer

With their ability to work independently in play, 6w5s would make for excellent web developers. People in this role need to be able to be to pay attention to detail and communicate well. Additionally, it is recommended that web developers are logical thinkers who can solve complex technical problems. 6w5s are able to meet all these requirements simply because of who they naturally are. This makes them great candidates for web development.

  1. Special Agent

This investigative role will give 6w5s thrilling challenges and opportunities to master their field. It taps into their analytical and skeptical nature, helping them put their core traits into productive use. Their problem-solving skills are a much-required asset to the role of a special agent which makes them well equipped to take on the job. On top of this, they get to show off how well they can work independently and with a team if required.

  1. Business Consultant

Being the trustworthy intellectuals they are, 6w5s would make great business consultants. Their passion for guiding and helping others will keep them motivated in their job. 6w5s will have the opportunity to share their gathered experience and knowledge with like-minded individuals. The position also grants them the opportunity to gain control of how they work, what clients they work with, and where. This is sure to cater to the 6w5s need for control and stability.

  1. Lifeguard

As a lifeguard, 6w5s have the chance to really make a positive contribution by helping save people’s lives. They are exceptionally reliable, can handle a crisis well, and are fittingly organized. Their attention to detail is also greatly beneficial in this role as they will be able to keep an eye on crucial developments and be able to identify what needs their intervention in their work environment.

  1. Engineer

This is a career under which 6w5s can build their expertise. If they pursue engineering, they can also experience rewarding career progression that is sure to have them satisfied. Their great communication and thinking skills equip them with some crucial attributes that make for successful engineers. The 6w5s attention to detail will also make them distinguished engineers if that is where their interests lie.

  1. Budget analyst

6w5s in this position will be entrusted to examine an organization’s budget and formulate ways in which to improve the efficiency and profits of the company. A 6w5s analytical and problem-solving skills are particularly useful in such a job. Their ability to also pay attention to minor details will also make them excellent budget analysts.

  1. Financial analyst

Another analytical role that will help 6w5s put those highly analytical skills to productive use. As a financial analyst, a 6w5 will be put in a critical role to assess a company’s finances. Their detail-oriented tendencies will enable them to pick up on details or discrepancies that could help make a huge difference in the financial performance of a company. They will also get to utilize their problem-solving and planning skills in this role.

  1. Counselor

This role gives 6w5 the fulfillment they crave from helping other people. Not only will they be a guide and advisor for others, but they will also get to put their critical thinking skills to use in this position. The job has the prospects of meeting and satisfying the inquisitive and thoughtful nature of 6w5s.

  1. Electrician

This job requires the caution, attention to detail, and problem-solving attributes that 6w5s naturally exhibit. As Electricians, 6w5s stand a chance to gain ongoing satisfaction by providing services that directly help to improve other people’s lives. This job also lets them come up with well-thought-out solutions to what are seemingly complex problems.

6w5s also has the potential to be excellent activists and environmental specialists because of their passion for ethical causes. Additionally, they are noted to make good security guards, au pairs, veterinarians, and executive assistants.

Worst Jobs for 6w5s

6w5s should avoid careers that are likely to induce their fears and anxiety. It is suggested that they avoid environments that are susceptible to inconsistencies, instability, and unreliable co-workers. Highly competitive work environments may also inhibit the 6w5s strengths where they prefer to be supportive and a team player. People with this personality trait also need to see value and meaning in their work in order to feel motivated towards it.

6w5s are encouraged to avoid jobs that involve “energy draining” tasks as they will increase their chances of feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, or stressed. Jobs in sales, accounting, investment banking, programming, and project management.

In Conclusion

That brings an end to our guide on what 6w5 Enneagram personality types are like and what jobs suit them the most. The analytical, skeptical, reliable, and organized nature of a 6w5 enables them to seek jobs or careers that can grant them security, consistency, career progression, and a sense of self-fulfillment.

We wish all our 6w5s out there all the best as they navigate life and their careers.

6w5 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs for Them

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