3w2 Enneagram Personality- And Best Jobs For Them

3w2 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs For Them

Do you think you’re an enneagram type 3 with two-wing? In this article, we are going to learn what 3w2 Enneagram Personality is all about. Afterward, let us review the jobs that are best suited to this personality type.

The 3w2 personality is classified as an enneagram type 3 with a type 2 as the wing.

For type threes, it is natural to be competitive and to have the desire to be productive. 

When paired with type 2 as their wing,3w2 Enneagram Personality tend to be engaging with the emotions of others and are inclined to help. The 3w2 is referred to as “The Charmer” because of its popular and enterprising nature.

Your Core Type: Enneagram Three – The Achiever

Type threes are driven towards a goal. This enneagram type works tirelessly to achieve productivity goals to be valued by others. It is important for them extremely successful in the eyes of others.

A three’s personal goals and dreams can be linked to their childhood. Threes are not willing to readily accept shaking the expectations that others have for them. With that in mind, it is therefore essential for threes to be free from their feelings of self-doubt and insecurity when striving for personal authenticity or purpose in life.

In a difficult pursuit, striving to remain calm and thoughtful about their effective course of action is normally the best option. This is why you’ll often observe threes to avoid listening to their emotions at times to accomplish certain tasks.

Threes are active and energetic people. This is the enneagram type that most likely feels that they are “taking care of everything”. They need more productivity in their life to be satisfied and to be valued by others.

Because they care so much about what others think, type threes are intensely driven to be successful.

Basic Fear

It is the basic fear of threes to be of no value towards others and to be a worthless nobody. Threes are the type that identifies with doing all that they can to be admired, loved, or valued.

Basic Desire

It is a three’s basic desire to feel worthwhile, valuable, and affirmed. They want to be noticed for their accomplishments, and to be admired for who they are.

Healthy Threes versus Unhealthy Threes

Healthy threes are accepting of themselves. They work best when they are well-developed in skills. They also thrive when they can express their great personalities. Threes are well-rounded and accepting of themselves and others. When working towards integration, they aren’t afraid to work on their weaknesses and take action to improve their functioning.

An unhealthy three creates lies or deception in their words and actions so that they can cover up their current status or reputation.

In truth, they are concealing the darkness that they are experiencing inside them. They may become paranoid of the thoughts that others may or may not have about them that they become workaholics. They continuously try to do all that they can to maximize the use of their time.

Keywords for the enneagram type 3: attractive, self-assured, charming, pragmatic, efficient, socially competent, goal-oriented, often extroverted, competitively driven.

Your Wing Type: Enneagram 2 – The Helper

Type two’s are good personalities who are sincerely affectionate. They like having meaningful connections with people and other living things like their pets and plants.

For twos, helping people and sharing what they have to make others happy is what makes them happy. They enjoy feeling good when they are with people they love.

It is natural for them to be considerate towards others, and enjoy making others feel at home. Enneagram type twos are likable people because of their friendliness. They want to reach out to others who look like they are feeling a little blue. They can easily sense the emotions of others and feel the need to make others feel better.

Being generally sociable means that two can have a lot of friends. People can be drawn to them because of their open hearts and cheerful personality.

Twos are the types who will talk to others at a level that’s quite interpersonal. Getting to know someone is a way for them to figure out how to help a person.

An enneagram type two’s existence helps makes others see the light in every situation because twos have the power to make others more positive about themselves. 

Even when things seem difficult or bad, twos have the incredible patience and strength to go on. While they are the giving type, they are also wise enough to know when to exactly stop, just let it go and be more carefree.

Keywords for Enneagram 2: Love, cheerfulness, helpful, affectionate, interpersonal, considerate of others, sincere, supportive, generosity.

Basic Fear

Two’s fear of being unloved. They want to be needed by others so that they can help them and be wanted. When two’s feel that their love isn’t reciprocated, they feel like they are unworthy of love and they are under-appreciated. They may feel like they don’t mean anything to others the same way as twos care for them.

Basic Desire

Two’s basic desire is “to be loved”. They want to be worth something to other people so that they are loved. They also desire to mean something to others. This is where their helpful and affectionate personality comes in. They do all they can to help to gain other people’s love and attention.

Healthy Twos versus Unhealthy Twos

Healthy twos are selfless and compassionate. They readily consider the well-being of others. They have a lot of friends who support them along the way. All they have is love and care in their hearts for those around them. Healthy twos are also great team players who enjoy playing a part in the group because they can be charming when demonstrating their skills.

Unhealthy twos, on the other hand, would be inclined to possessiveness when they feel that a person does not love them back enough. They would try to give more as a way to get the person back, but this will make the two enneagram personality become passive-aggressive and feel anger towards a person who neglects their emotions.

Unhealthy twos may also try too hard to smother people with their care to that point of being like someone who intrudes or pries.

The Personality Type 3w2 – The Charmer

Now that we’ve discussed enneagram types 3 and 2 consecutively, it is time that we put them together and discuss the qualities of the 3w2 personality type.

Charmers can easily make an impact in the world because they make it a business to help others be more pragmatically productive, to believe in themselves, and to be a winner in life. 

3w2 enneagram personality embodies the qualities of enterprising and helpful people which is why they can charm others and be persuasive. They can be influential people.

Their 2-wing pairing is what provides their social connection towards others. 3w2s like being in the spotlight. They have fun mingling with their group of wonderful friends and peers. 3w2 has leadership qualities due to its entrepreneurial skills.

3w2s are often popular because they know how to be “true to themselves” and talk their way through a problem with the use of their people skills. Normally, their cause is not only for themselves but for the well-being of others. They enjoy basking in their life’s success with people in general.

3w2 Strengths

They are driven to improve other people’s life by their power.

They are goal-oriented and success-driven.

They do not give up easily. They rise to a situation.

They are socially adept, with the natural skills of an entrepreneur.

They want to change the world because they care.

Being a good role model for anyone who needs one comes naturally to them.

3w2 Weaknesses

They tend to become obsessed with their public image. It worries them.

They can easily suffer from a slight hit in their self-esteem when they experience a minor setback.

They tend to put too much pressure on themselves to do everything which can make them act impulsively or impatiently.

They may tend to put their emotions away for too long to the point where they forget what truly matters for them while taking pleasure in being a workaholic.

They may work too hard to be socially accepted or admired when they aren’t satisfied emotionally.

Best Jobs for The Charmer – 3w2 Personality

Now that we’ve covered the 3w2 enneagram personality, let us now move on to the best jobs that fit them. Being the extroverted personality and the performer that they are, some jobs are a good fit for this personality type.

The following is a list of jobs that the 3w2 enneagram personality will more likely identify with based on the characteristics of their personality description.


It is not surprising that the 3w2 personality has what it takes to be a businessman and woman. Due to their ambition and talent towards people, it is no wonder that 3w2s find this role suitable for them.

Human Resource Manager

3w2s can be efficient when managing human resources. Due to their good organizational skills and ability to see the potential in other people, 3w2s may find this job quite suitable for them.

Advertising Sales Representative

Being an advertising agency means you have the responsibility of coming up with creative campaigns to sell a product. 

With this job role, you have to be good at being persuasive and being clever in marketing and planning. This type of job also requires creativity and drive to come up with the best proposal. This will mean that an individual must consult a lot of people and have the ability to assign tasks that are crucial for the project.

3w2s are amazing at coming up with fun ideas that can benefit the whole. Due to their great managerial skills, this type of job is, therefore, another suitable fit for this personality type.

Business Coach

3w2s are known for their ability to inspire and motivate people. They are also eloquent and pragmatic people who aren’t afraid to push their thoughts and ideas to initiate a positive, effective change either for an individual or for an organization.

Events Organizer

Being the sociable creatures that they are, it can also mean that “Charmers” are passionate about crafting the perfect event to provide quality for people. 

3w2s may enjoy the leadership role and the creative job of an events organizer as it involves making decisions like selecting what souvenirs to give out, or what’s the theme of the event, or what type of food will be served, as 3w2s like to be confident in their choices and enjoy having people who they can consult along the way.

Television Host/ Newscaster

This job requires the skill to be likable and effective in speech, as well as having the energy to remain poised and organized. Television hosts and news anchors are suitable for the 3w2 personality type because of this personality’s ability to gather an audience and make an impact with the work and service that they provide.


Being a lawyer can be a suitable job for a 3w2 because they have what it takes. 

A 3w2 can put their words as a powerful weapon of defense. As a three, they are driven for advancement in all areas. They are amazing at accomplishing tasks and organizing details. Their 2 wing-type pairing makes them have the concern for social issues as well as the welfare of others. They can defend themselves through the use of their skills. This makes the job another fit for the 3w2 personality type.

Famous 3w2 Celebrities

Taylor Swift, Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, Camila Cabello, Barack Obama, Ariana Grande, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Reagan, John Cena.


The 3w2 personality has qualities that make a very good entrepreneur. This is why in other sites, they are also known as “Entrepreneurs”. They have the charisma and natural talent to be a great personality to have around. But of course, asides from being the entrepreneur, “Charmers” can also pursue other jobs that they want and they strive hard to excel.

3w2’s have made an impact in the world because of their performance at work and the inspiration they exude. They are also often known to be effective and high-performing individuals in the workplace.

Frequently asked questions

To end our article about the 3w2 personality and the best jobs suitable for them, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

1. What are “wings” in the enneagram?

– The wing theory in the enneagram is about how “the wings” can add a different persona to your core type. It is believed by those who professionally discuss the enneagram as a study, that enneagram types must have a wing pairing to discern the two classifications of each core type. So for example in our case, we have the enneagram type 3. Its only known wings are therefore wings type 2 or 4.

Why are the threes’ wings only 2 and 4 and not any other number?

– That is because it is based on the Enneagram Type Model that experts use as a tool to get a better understanding of themselves and other people. It is like a basic rule of enneagram theory. 

2. What is the difference between 3w2 vs 3w4?

A 3w2 will be more easygoing and extroverted than a 3w4. The 3w2 personalities are called “The Charmers” whereas the 3w4 are known as “The Professional”.

3w2s have an enneagram type 2 as their wing type, whereas 3w4s have an enneagram 4 as their wing type.

This will make the 3w4 type more reserved and private because of their four-wing pairing. Those with 2 as their wing are more sociable and people-oriented. 3w2 enjoy providing help for others, compared to 3w4s, who are more concerned about their identity and are therefore not that much inclined to reach out to people.

3. What is the difference between 3w2 vs 2w3?

There is a difference between having your core as a three and having your core as a 2. Threes are generally more competitive and image-driven than sincere, supportive, and kind 2. The 3w2 is more ambitious and competitive, whereas the 2w3 is affectionate and supportive.

3w2 Enneagram Personality- And Best Jobs For Them

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