Amazon Target Market | What Strategy Do They Have?

Amazon offers a wide range of products. In the US, Amazon’s websites are the fifth most visited platforms. Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft come before it, as of 2022. Its subscription services bring millions of customers to the company. However, it uses a pattern to target the audience that requires statistics and strategy. Let us know What are the ‘Amazon Target Market’.

Amazon Target Market

Amazon Target Market

Amazon’s target market depends on age, gender, education, location, and salary. It is also called Segmentation. Then, it examines their behavior, sells products, and creates deals accordingly. Amazon sellers use effective marketing strategies to attract target customers.

Segmenting Amazon’s Target Audience

The following is the target audience for Amazon according to various factors:

1. Age

It targets the younger generation. The age of most Amazon Prime customers is 35 to 45. For a standard Amazon account, the average age of the customers is 37.

2. Gender

Research shows that men get more inclined toward in-store shopping than women. But, in the case of Amazon, it is a win-win situation for all genders.

3. Salary

Online shopping at Amazon gets useful for working people. It targets an audience with an average salary of $51k. It also offers various deals to let them save their time and money.

4. Location

Most sales for Amazon occur in the United States. This amount has increased since 2014. After that came Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the rest of the world.

5. Education

Amazon targets learners through AWS (Amazon Web Services), AWS Educate, and Amazon Alexa. They offer technical courses related to educational institutions and job roles, and conversational or voice assistance.

6. Behavior

This segment helps to determine how loyal the customer is. The company may consider it hardcore, softcore, or not loyal at all. Similarly, the company tries to know whether it is the first time, regular, potential, or ex-user.

Other factors are Demographics, lifestyle, social class, and occupation. So, Amazon creates an avatar for its target audience through segmentation.

Positioning Amazon’s Target Audience

The company found the target audience through segmentation. Positioning helps it to understand how to tackle the requirements. The following are the points it identifies for positioning:

  • Customers may not think of something. But, once it gets released, they understand that they required it. The best examples are Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Comprehend, and AWS.
  • This company tries to fill every gap by selling millions of products with the widest range to target every segment. For that, it examines the changing requirements of the customers and makes changes in the marketing strategy with time.
  • It thinks of the products that will get useful in the future, though not today. For example, Vedaka, Happy Belly, and Core 10.

So, through research, we can say that the movers have the least market size. Mothers are equal in terms of purchasing power, conversion rate, market size, recurring purchases, and online purchasing. Entrepreneurs have the most purchasing power and recurring purchases. Students and yuppies have the most conversion rate. Baby boomers have the greatest market size.

Amazon Target Marketing Strategy

Amazon sellers do internal marketing through Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC, and External Marketing by using platforms other than Amazon. In the case of External Marketing, blogs, forums, and advertising on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc come to the rescue. Amazon also uses return policies, low shipping costs, and genuine product reviews. However, Amazon Prime is not available for all regions.

In the case of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing, the sellers look at the keywords, organic traffic, high-quality photos, attractive features, competitive product pricing, and clear description to attract customers.

In the case of PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, the sellers must use proper keywords to make advertisements on various platforms. They must pay the search engine for every click done by the visitor on those advertisements. However, it will get profitable if the number of clicks gets greater than the total payment.


Amazon shoppers use Android more than iOS. This platform has more than 200 million new customers right now and 101 subscribers are from the United States. Amazon targets adults from upper and lower-middle-class families, especially, those who do not have time to purchase in-store. Selling so many products in a retail store is not possible. So, sellers use Amazon to target their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who Is Amazon’s Competitor?

Amazon’s competitors are Alibaba, Walmart, eBay, and Target.

  1. What Is Amazon Web Service’s Target Market?

Over 60% of AWS customers are Americans. They include both males and females.

  1. What Is The Advantage Of Selling On Amazon?

Selling on Amazon helps you to reach customers all over the world. Your products get recognized and you stand out of the crowd.

  1. What Is Amazon’s Goal?

Amazon aims to learn more about its customers. When customers like the products, they tend to purchase more, and pay more.

Amazon Target Market | What Strategy Do They Have?

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