Thank You Note Messages- Examples To Boss For Gift

Thank You Note Messages


The Boss-employee relationship is often a formal relation. But sometimes your boss takes out some time to wish you for any special occasion and gift something. When something like this happens, it becomes very important to thank them for their gift and time. By paying your gratitude, you can cast an impression that you value others’ feelings. But the problem comes in when you have to write that note. We fall short of words and become confused about what to say to our boss when he or she gives a gift to you. Let’s know some of the Thank You Note Messages.

So, if you are also facing the same problem and looking for some of the best thank you messages for your boss gift, the article is for you. We will start by looking into the benefits of writing a thank you note to the boss for the gift and move to the guide for writing a good thank you note. Lastly, we will look at ample examples to help you understand the process. So let’s begin. 

Why should one write a thank you note for your boss? 

Before doing anything, it becomes important to know the purpose for which you are doing that thing. So here are some reasons why you should not avoid writing a thank you note to your boss on receiving a gift. 

  1. A good Boss helps us in professional development and by thanking them for the gift you can thank them for their time and guidance too. 
  2. When you write a thank you note, the other person feels happy that his efforts are acknowledged. So to express your gratitude towards a person, you should always write a thank you note. 
  3. It is very hard to find a person, who remembers to give you a gift for your efforts. So, if you ever met such a person they deserve a thank you note for remembering you even after having a supreme position. 
  4. A simple thank you note that we have learned since childhood can create a profound impact on our job and bring happiness to other person’s faces. 

Guide for writing a thank you note to your boss 

Gifts can be of different types and based on that you can decide which words to choose for thank you. We have provided you with different gifts that you might have received. Based on that, you can personalize the thank you note. 

  1. When the boss has given you some money as a gift:

If you want to thank your boss for giving some money as a gift, you can use the following elegant thank you notes: 

Example one: Thank you so much sir for keeping me alive in your thoughts. Serving on your team gives me a feeling of fullness and I look forward to learning more from you. 

You can use this thank you note when you want to keep it professional and work-related. Through this message, you can appreciate the boss for all his past efforts and leadership and what place they have in your mind. 

Example Two:  Thank you sir for your thoughtful gift. I am blessed to have this opportunity to work with a boss who is so concerned about the employees. I look forward to learning a lot from you. 

If you want to make the note more heartfelt than professional, this note is a must-try. But the note you write will depend on whether you enjoy a good relationship with your boss or not. These kinds of thank you notes help you to thank the boss for not only his gift but also for the prior guidance and company. 

  1. If you received a birthday gift from your boss: 

It’s most likely to get a birthday gift from others when it is some special occasion or a birthday. You can thank your boss for the birthday gift by following thank you notes. 

Example three: Thank you for the beautiful gift and heartwarming wishes. The special day of my life has further become special with your gift. 

Example four: Heartfelt appreciation for the gift and the guidance that you have provided me. The gift means a lot to me because it shows your big heart. I thank you for thinking about me and giving me this beautiful present. 

Example: Thank you sir for making my day special with this beautiful gift. Your thoughtful gift has added some excitement to my boring day. Therefore I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for this gift and your evergreen guidance and support. 

Example: Sir I can’t thank you enough for this lovely and helpful gift. I hope to take forward your legacy and become a similar role model to others as you are to me. 

Example: Dear Sir, I had heard of your gift choosing skills from fellow employees, but I am so amazed to choose one of the best gifts for me on my birthday. This stationery set (the gift item that you have received) will indeed help me in my future endeavors and make my birthday memorable. Thank you once again for this generous gift. 

Note: This Particular thank you note is best to use when you want to admire your boss for qualities other than business-oriented. Also, if humor is a normal thing between you and your boss, you can personalize the thank you note more. 

Example: Dear sir, although I have had the pleasure to receive some beautiful birthday gifts from you, this gift has once again amazed me. Thank you so much for this heartwarming gift. 

  1. If the boss gave you a sympathy gift on the demise 

Sometimes when you have experienced a loss in your family, your boss is kind enough to present you with a sympathy gift. So you can express gratitude for the kind behavior with the following thank you note. 

Example: Thank you sir for the condolences and this beautiful optimistic gift. Your acknowledgment of the tough times that I am going through has helped me overcome my grief. 

Example: I want to thank you for the heartwarming gift. A boss like you who rewards his employees when they are feeling low is a matter of destiny. I have always enjoyed working with you and hope to meet your expectations in the future too. Thanks a bunch once again for understanding the pain that I am passing through now. 

Example: Greetings of the day, boss. The day today was not very good until I received this heartwarming and optimistic gift from your end. This gift has indeed taken me up from my grief. Thank you so much for the condolences and this present. 

  1. If you have received a festive gift: 

Sometimes you get a beautiful present for festive holidays from your boss. So you can appreciate the efforts of your boss by writing the following thank you note. 

Example: Thank you so much for this festive gift. Your talent for finding such amazing things for me surprises me. The gift has indeed helped me get into the festive mood. Thank you once again for all the efforts and time. 

Example: Thank you, sir, for the amazing gift. Allowing me to work with a dedicated and helpful boss like you was the first present from your side. Now I am ecstatic to receive this wonderful gift from one of my role models. I’ll always cherish the amazing present. 

Example: Hello sir. First of all, I would like to wish you for the upcoming festival (festival name). I am extremely happy to receive such a personalized gift from your end. You have always taken care of my likes and dislikes based on which you chose to gift me this beautiful personalized coffee mug, which is very kind of you. Many many thanks to you, sir. 

  1. Thank you note on receiving a gift on the anniversary: 

Anniversary is also a special occasion for a person. Therefore sometimes you can expect a gift from your boss at marriage anniversary also. So if you wish to thank your boss for the anniversary gift, you can write a thank you note in this manner: 

Example: Dear Sir, I want to let you know that I have become a fan of your humble nature that always inspires me. This gift that you have gifted me on the occasion of my marriage anniversary is further testimony to your generous nature. Therefore as you might have guessed till now, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for this beautiful present and your constant guidance. 

Example: Hello boss. Your gift on this special day has once again made my day. I want to tell you that since my first day in this company, your gifts have been very special and similar is the case today. So I want to take this moment to say a big thank you for all the wonderful wishes and gifts. 

Example: Dear sir, thank you so much for this lavish gift. I can bet that of all the bosses that I have worked under, no one would have ever possessed fine gifting skills like you. I am filled with so much joy in receiving this gift. I look forward to more guidance, motivation, and inspiration from you, sir. 

  1. Examples of thank you note when the boss gives you a gift while retiring or leaving the job 

If you enjoyed a very cordial relation with your boss, you might be lucky enough to receive a gift from your boss on retirement or exit from the job. So if you have received such a warm farewell, it becomes crucial to write a good thank-you note. You can refer to the following examples: 

Example 1: I don’t know whether I’ll be able to put my feeling into information, but I want to take this opportunity to thank one of the best bosses for the constant support and motivation throughout this job. Since I have worked with a fabulous boss like you, I feel blessed. Thank you, sir, for presenting this beautiful gift to me. For all your time, efforts, moral support, and guidance, I would always be obliged. 

Example 2: Dear sir, working as your employee, I have understood the true meaning of leadership and teamwork. You always took out time for praising our efforts, and with this beautiful gift, you have concluded my journey in this job on a pleasant note. I couldn’t be more obliged to have such a great working environment and a supportive boss like you. 

Example 3: Thank you sir for always tolerating my mistakes and taking out time for telling me about the scope of improvement. The lovely gift that you presented to me on the concluding day of my tenure combined with all the experience and support persuades me to take out time for writing this short thank you note. Wish you a beautiful day ahead. 

Example 4: Dear sir, throughout my career, you have been a guiding force. Now on this special day of mine, you were kind enough to bestow me with a beautiful present. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. 

Example 5: Dear sir, on this day, I want to thank you for allowing me to get your guidance and support. I want to admit that working with you was not less than a grand gift itself. Adding to that beautiful experience is this amazing gift that I can always cherish. Wishing you a great day ahead and expressing my gratitude once again, I would conclude this note. 

Example 6: Greetings of the day boss. I want to take out this moment to appreciate you for all your guidance and support including this farewell gift that I have got today. To be honest, even thanking you for the whole of my life won’t equal the time and effort that you have to spend on me. Thanks a bunch, sir. 

  1. If you have received a gift from your boss on getting a promotion in the business: 

Promotion in a job is one of the best parts of professional life. The happiness multiplies when you receive various gifts on your promotion. One such special gift is from your boss. So, if you also want to thank your boss for two joint gifts for your promotion, you can write: 

Example 1: Dear Boss. I want to thank you for all the constant motivation and support which has helped me to get this position. You have provided me with the two greatest gifts of my life, one promotion and the other this helpful watch (or whatever the gift item is). Thank you so much once again. 

Example 2: Dear sir, I always wondered if my hard work is being praised or not, but this one gift combined with this promotion opportunity has said all. Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts of my life. Want to convey my sincere gratitude to you, sir. 

Yours sincerely 


Example 3: Dear sir, the gift that you gave to me on this special day of mine is indeed very lovely. I remember that as a member of the selection panel for the post, you took note of my likes and dislikes. I am so much thankful to you for this beautiful present that purely aligns with my interest.  

If you received a gift from your new boss in whose company you have just joined: 

Some bosses are so much employee-friendly that they greet the new employees with some kind of gift. So if you are also that lucky fellow, you can acknowledge their efforts by writing a thank you note like this: 

Example: Good morning, sir. I am overwhelmed to receive such a heartwarming welcome on my first day, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Adding to such a memorable welcome was your beautiful present, which will always motivate me to work hard. Thank you so much for all these unforgettable memories and such a helpful gift. 

Example: Hello Sir. I can’t tell you how much happy I am to have one of the most perfect gifts from one of the most important mentors in my life. I’ll be always grateful for your gift and guidance. 

Example: Dear sir, I am already overwhelmed to become a part of your team, and adding to that, I am lucky enough to get such a pretty, welcome gift from you on my first day. So I want to thank you for this beautiful welcome. I feel even thanking you for the rest of my life won’t equal your generosity. 

  1. If you received a gift after coming back from maternity leave: 

Motherhood is one of the toughest and delightful stages for a lady. Luckily some employers do acknowledge all the hardships and are genuine enough to gift you with a beautiful present after coming back from maternity leave. So you can express your gratitude for such a kind boss by writing a sweet informal thank you note as below: 

Example: Sir, I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I am feeling to get some amazing baby supplies on my first day after maternity leave. I feel blessed to have a boss like you. I feel I can’t thank you enough for the gift and warm welcome. 

Example: Thank you, sir, for this beautiful present. I have to admit that I’m not too accustomed to gifts. But after receiving this beautiful present on the first day of my return, I am on cloud nine. Thank you, sir, for making my morning and the whole day beautiful. Feeling much-obliged sir. 

  1. If your boss brings a gift for you from some distant location:

Sometimes the bosses go on some vacation or official meeting abroad. While returning, they might bring some beautiful presents for the employees. So you can thank your boss with a thank you note as below: 

Example: Dear boss, thank you for keeping us alive in your thoughts and honoring us with such beautiful Japanese tea sets (or any other item). I know the vacation was completely for you to enjoy but still, you preferred to bring something special for us which is indeed surprising. Thank you once again, sir, for the set. 

Example: Hello Sir, it gives me immense pleasure to thank you, for this beautiful basket set, that you brought for us from Dubai. The basket sitting at my workplace motivates me to work with more dedication and diligence and aspire to become like you. Thank you for the beautiful surprise. 

Some additional tips for writing a good thank you note: 

  • Instead of starting directly, you can also start by greeting. 

Although you can start directly by thanking, it’s advisable to first greet your boss in the letter. 

Example: Good morning, sir. I received your gift on my birthday, and I can’t tell you how much help that gift is for me. You have also provided me with guidance, and this gift further adds to all your support. Thank you so much, sir, for the gift, and efforts. 

  • Keep it short and be honest with the feelings

Since your boss might be occupied with some tasks, it’s advised to keep your thank you note short and crisp. Be honest with what you write because that letter is the best one that truly mirrors your feelings. 

Rounding up: 

Thank you note is essential when someone has gifted you something. But when your boss has given a gift, it becomes even more crucial. Due to the professional nature of the relation between boss and employee, you might feel confused about the words to write in the letter. So you can take the help of the above-mentioned examples to craft a personalized thank you note message for your boss. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): 

Ques 1: What are some of the gifts, that we can give to our boss for their mentorship

Ans: You can gift your boss some personalized accessories that can help him in his office. It could be a paperweight, desk accessory, plaque, pen holder with photo frame, etc. It would remind your boss about you, whenever they will look at that thing. If you share a good friendly relationship with your boss, you can even take them for a special meal. A special meal can also be a great idea if your boss does not like gifts or letters. 

Ques 2: How can we write a Thank you letter to the boss for the donation? 

Ans: While writing a thank you note for donation to your boss, talk about the impact of the donation on society, personalize it with the proper name and address of your boss, prefer to write a full letter for expressing the gratitude for donating for the right cause and give your true feelings. You can refer to the thank you notes above and change the gift to donation. 

Thank You Note Messages- Examples To Boss For Gift

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